Monday, July 27, 2015

Woohoo July 27, 2015

Querida familia,

When ya'll get here, first thing were getting is a Peruvian massage.  And pedicure.  Cause my feet are disgusting.  We've been working so dandy this week, bah dut dum dum dum I'm lovin' it.  Arriving home tired is the best part of the day!  I feel so lucky to finish my mission in this area because its so blessed.  The ward helps just enough so investigators keep coming, and our area is full of people to teach!  Last night we had 2 baptisms and will have 3 more next week- a whole family from the jungle!  And more goodness the following weeks.

Last night was the baptism of Deyvis Juarez and Gian Franco.  It was so beautiful!!  Deyvis is such a changed man!  He keeps every commandment to the dot.  He reads and prays everyday, attends church, and is already going to receive a calling.  I love him so much.  Gian Franco too!  Gian Franco is a 13 year old that we've been teaching who was actually supposed to be baptized next week, but decided he wanted to do it yesterday!  His Father recently had passed away and his step-mom abandoned him.  But we taught him about God¨s Plan of Salvation and he felt so relieved and happy to know he can see him again after this life.  When I baptized Gian, he just fell straight down into the water ha ha and came out with the biggest smile.  In his testimony, he said he knew his Heavenly Father was watching him as he went down into the water, and in that moment made a promise to always keep His commandments.  Yea, I totally cried.  So beautiful!  Cant wait till you can meet these people!

Also, the familia Vargas recently moved here from the jungle a year ago.  They don't really have friends, they're like 80 years old I think.  They're friends are dinosaurs.  Brother Julio and Sister Rosa.  They're grandson, Jeimy, lost his mom and dad a few years ago.  But they already feel like family here in the church and will be baptized next Sunday!

In other news, my digital camera is back in action!!  Wooo!  I got it to work and just bought rechargeable battery s.  Fotos soon to come.
We also watched an old lady die this week of old age.  Super weird.  We gave her a blessing but she passed away.  Never seen that before.  yuffff.  My companion was used to it.  Apparently his job before the mission, to make money for the mission, was working in a cemetery cleaning dead body's.  Makes sense.

Welp on that nooote, have a nice week. :)  and see you in 10!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


Sunday, July 26, 2015

A month worth of letters June 15th-July 20th

It’s been a busy summer and his letters were short and we have been in and out so … you get a month’s worth of letters at once!  Unedited for time purposes!  Good luck on reading!  10 weeks left and we leave to pick him up!  Can you believe it?  Just enough time to write him before he comes back.  (Address on the blog:  The pictures were taken and sent to me from Juan, a young man leaving Wednesday as a missionary in Argentina.
Ry’s Mama

June 15, 2015
Ohh this has got to be the good life
Querida familia,

Not much to report this week.  Just living the chill life as junior comp again :D  I finally have time to catch up on everything I could never do.  Im going to finish the Book of Mormon 2 more times, the bible, my spanish study book (I should have finished like 2 years ago), Preach my Gospel, and all the gospel goodies.  I also got a full 8 hours of sleep last night. Feels weird to be a normal person again.  I kinda like it.

My birfday was awesome.  I have the best compy in the world!!!  After  we saw my convert familia that came to visit me last week, we went to chilis and enjoyed something that wasnt rice and chicken- a normal american cheeseburger.  Then I thought wed just go back and sleep, but little did I know my compy had called several members and close friends of mine and put together a birthday shindig!  There were doughnuts and cake and pizza and alfajores and balloons and chambones and snakes(no not really) and it was a blasty blast.  Felt amazing just to pass it with my patas here in Peru.  Its going to be so hard to say goodbye.  sniff....I promised I wouldnt cry.....

Well hope yall have an amazing week.  I still have 100000000 emails from snakes from last week to answer.  So Ill have something thuper thpiritual for next week.  Love yall, be safe, never be chambon.  Besitos.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

June 22, 2015
Happy Daddy’s Day
Querida familia,

Big shout out to the best daddy in the world, HAPPY DADDYS DAY!!!!  #HollaAtMyDaddy
Here in Peru it was yesterday, not sure if its the same there haha.  But ya Happy Daddys day.  From the way dad spent it, a beter name would be Happy Fattys Day LOL.

Not much this week, the coolest part being the dedication of the new Peru temple!!  In Trujillo, Peru.  Elderes David A Bednar y Dieter F. Utchdorf came and gave excellent speeches.  Hossanah!  Hossanah!  A Dios y al cordero!!!
I love temples.

I love my companion too.  Hes super chill and is kindof trunky, but nice because hell do whatever I want, so I just put him to WORK!

Wow Im getting kicked off already haha, you all wrote awesome leters this week I guess I got carryed away.  Have a good week.  Dont forget, "Read and Pray, Errday!"-Elder Walker

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

June 29, 2015
Me again
Querida familia,

I almost didnt believe gay marriage was legal till I opened my email and it exploded with rainbows.  Taste the rainbow. Love wins again. But let me remind you all Alma 42:25   "What, do ye suppose that mercy can rob justice? I say unto you, Nay; not one whit. If so, God would cease to be God." Love cannot change the eternal law that God has made.

Craig, lo siento por tu flaka.
Cameron, trunkaso.
Marissa, no se.
Big shout out to my fav uncle Johnny- thanks for the "quick note"!!  I was so shocked.  Well at first I thought it was fake cause I hadnt seen the new changes to the note.  But it will be well used ;)  Im sending a letter your way!!

Which reminds me, if anyone wants a letter, last chance!  Lemme know with your address!!

This week was greaat for me.  Hard because my companion is honestly TRUNKASO.  But we recieved about 10/15 references from less actives and we finally have progressing investigators.  I love working and am the kind of missionary that invests everything I have in my investigators.  I pray that Ill get to train next change because I really need a companion that wants to work.  I love my companion to death, we get along great and have alot of fun.  I hope to inspire him and get him refocused in the work.

Today Peru plays against Chile.  Ryan against Mom&Dad.  In 100 years Chile has never won a single championship.  Lets make it 100 years more ;)

Spiritual thought for this week is an awesome scripture I found in Romans 12:21- Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.  In many situations we are tempted to react in 2 ways.  For example Mom tells you to take out the trash, but its Emilys turn.  You complain and insult mom, momma bear fights back and in the end only bad feelings and consequences come.  That was choice 1.  Choice 2.  You complain and insult mom, but Mom, instead of fight back, gives you a big hug and offers you a prize.  Or You choose to just take out the trash without complaining.  Choice 1 is being overcome by evil.  We let ourselves loose control and become selfish/angry and ultimately are just overcome by evil.  Choice 2 is what I call, "KILLING WITH KINDNESS".  Overcome evil with good.  Strangle evil with so much love that it gives up and wants to be loved too.  Instead of complain, be grateful.  Instead of fight, hug.  Instead of give up, find solutions.  Etc.  Just think about it, Im sure you can find your own conclusion on what Im trying to say, and apply it.  But never let yourselves be overcome by evil.  Kill evil with kindness.  Overcome evil with good. :)  And I promise you, life will be so much easier and enjoyable.

Love you all, cant wait to see you in just 100 days.  Im definitely not trunky ;)  Just killing trunkyness with kindness.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

July 6, 2015
Copa comprada
Querida familia,

This last monday was pretty fun.  The Peru vs Chile game was monday night.  Pday ended and at 6 we went looking for somebody to teach.  Well, anybody.  The streets were EMPTY.  Even the dogs were inside watching the game.  It was kind of like Christmas morning when everyone is drunk and wasted from the night before, so the streets are empty and silent.  After being rejected 3 times we finally found a less active that took us in on the condition that wed teach them during commercial.  So we were forced against our will to watch the game.  Dont worry, I didnt enjoy it. :)  De hecho, fue rediculo que tramposo jugaron los chilenos.  Un gol de adelantado.  No lo merecian.  Peru lloro duro ese dia.  Congratulations Mom and Dad and all Chileans, in 100 years got there first Cup (cough-por comprar el arbitro-cough).

In better news, we have 2 new fechas!  Aldo y Juarez.  Aldo, 50, is an alcoholic who wants to change.  Very friendly.  And Juarez, well honestly we didnt even know who he was.  But he came to church and asked us to teach him immediately after the meeting.  He told us the story of his life, about how his wife got baptized in the church, but he got angry and separated them.  Then his life went to trash because he became very prideful and selfish, but at the same time depressed.  So depressed he didnt want to continue.  In time, his friend (member) gave him our number and he called us.  My companion talked to him and said he was crying through the phone becaue he wanted to learn more about Christ, but suddenly the connection was lost (later he told us because he dropped it in the sink).  But that same moment after the phone cut off, Juarez kneeled down and prayed to God for the first time in his life.  He told us  he suffered at first and felt like hell for all the mistakes and choices he had made, but after asking for forgiveness and change through Christ, he finally felt a peace that awakened his soul and calmed his mind.  And from thence, he swore hed change for Christ and for his family.  And thats where he decided to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where he found us.  All he wanted was to have everlasting peace, and an eternal family.  And in the true Church of Jesus Christ, we not only believe, but know that well live with our familys forever if we are baptized and keep his commandments to the very end.  
I cant tell all of his story, but it was beautiful listening to it.  He was so sincere and so set on saving his family that he had torn apart.  He truly had been born of God.  And will be baptized on the 25th of July :)
Are you born of God?  Have you felt to sing the song of redeeming love?  Will you live with your family in a state of never ending happiness?

Well thats all folks.  Also read D&C 88.  Deep doctrine that has blown my mind this week, I love it!!!  Hoope youre all hoppy and keeping the faith.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

July 13, 2015
It’s the longest start, but the ends not too far away . . .
Querida familia,

Welp.  Todays the day!  Theres changes, but you wont know till next week if theres a change, so just stay tuned another week. :)  Today is also the day that I start my last 12 semanas.  My last 2 changes.  My last 2 chances to change as many lives as I can and finish strong.  Not trunky yet.... ;)

Its been an interesting week.  On tuesday, out of nowhere president called to have lunch with my companion and I, 2 other missionaries, and his assistents.  He took us to a Peruvian Parrilla (barbecue), super yummy!  Well go there when you get here.  Still not sure why he choose us though haha, I guess maybe theres something were doing right.

We also went to the temple this week.  It was supposed to be for the wedding of a family I helped reactivate back in my first area, Isabel and Tobius Mallqui.  You guys will get to know them when you come.  Theyre the best. :)  But the night before I called them to confirm and they just said, "Nope!  We cancelled it.  Turns out youre supposed to take classes and talk with the bishop first!"  Wow.  Thought that was kind of obvious and already taken care of.  So we just went to the temple and enjoyed a peaceful day.

The baptism of Juarez is next week.  This guy is AMAZING!  Hes stronger than any current member of the ward.  We taught him tithing and Word of Wisdom and he accepted everything without a single doubt!  Rather, he wanted to keep the commandments and always felt they were true.  He also told a story about how God sent a famine in his life a few months ago.  He didnt have ANY money or food and was humbled to the dust!  But instead of giving up, he knew it was God humbling him because he was super prideful and lived a dark life.  But he feels so much peace and joy already just by going to church and keeping the commandments.  We also taught him about the temple, and his next goal if to fix things with his wife and get married in the temple on his 2nd wedding anniversary.

Thats all folks, stay tuned for some hawt change news next week.  Congrats Cameron for your engagement.  Im scheduling my interview with her first in late October.  Love yall, besitos.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

July 20, 2015
Si me has visto por la noche, yo no fui, yo no fui . . .
Querida familia,

Wooh!  So changes went exactly as I thought they would.  Every companionship in the zone had a change, except for mine.  LOL.  Which is totally kool cause I lalalove my companion.  Weve really learned how to work hard and play hard.  Finding fun in work is usually the hard part.  But when you do find it, everything in life is beautiful!

Surprise, we actually worked super pooper hard this week!  Members gave us 9,000 references because wed bother them till they finally got past their shyness and give us addresses to there brotheres, sisteres, cousins, 2nd cousins, grandmas, uncles, etc.  Everyone here lives within 5 minutes walking distance of their whole family, its cray.  So ya we have a family from the jungle on bap date for the 2nd of august, and 3 other peeps sentenced for the 9th.  WOOH!  Plus the baptism of Davis Juarez is this sunday at 12pm (10am vegas time?) so if you all feel someting magical this sunday at 10am, know that theres a fiesta in heaven for Davis Juarez.  Hes so repented and changed, its beautiful!!  My favorite part of the day is visiting him and hearing how God has blessed him that day.  If we were all so grateful to take 20 mintues each day and honestly thank God for all we have and all Hes done for us in His infinite love, wouldnt each day be more enjoyable?  And wouldnt life in general be more beautiful and glorious?  It is glorious.  Thank you Father.

So Ill get back to work and see yall next week.  Things are about to get WET with all the work were doing.  11 weeks to change as many lives as I can.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker