Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Querida familia,

Sorry Mom, but today actually marks 17 months lol.  Next month we can start the 6 month countdown.

Yaaaayyyy another baptism this week! :D  boooo no fotos.....  lol but just know that it went beautifully as all my other baptisms.  I love Spiritual experiences that come like this along the way.  They make all the muck I wade through for a month worth it.

This week we finally found out who the chambon is and who the ruler is.  Soy yo Señor?  Is it I, Lord?  Nope, I'm still on the right hand. ;)  My comps slowly gotten lazier and it's driving me nuts now haha.  To avoid bad feelings, I always spice things up.  If he doesn't want to work, I'll tickle-torture him or spray him with this disgusting grandma perfume we have (No idea why we even have it).  If he's sleeping, I'll simply throw a water balloon at him.

Fun fact.  A dog bit me in the butt this week.  Scared me so bad I kicked it and it rolled down a hill.  The dogs ok, I'm more worried about teaching lessons with half a butt.

Other weird thing that happened, I met a gringo this week.  He's from the States!!!  From Ohio.  I think his name was Max.  He met a girl on New Years here (lol) and decided to stay.  He's getting married and plans on living here all his life because he likes the cost of living.  I might just get to teach and baptize him, weird!!!  I was just baffled by the fact he's going to live here....  forever....... and ever.................

Welp.  Out of time.  I love you all and enjoyed reading all your cartas this week :)  Glad to hear everything's going amazing back in the Celestial Kingdom.  Keep hazing lo justo.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Officially Ruler

Querida familia,

Mom and Emily are the winners this week.  I'm now down to 2 out of 7 Walkercitos that remember me.  It's cool ya know.  I'll just tell them all the awesome things that happened this week like how I saved a cat's life, 2 new familys that came to church and are getting baptized, and the gang shooting I saw and ran from.  Even though Mom's the last one who'd want to know that.

Yahp.  I got changed.  After 1 transfer.  But I LUVE IT!!!! lololol.  As the title says, I've officially gone ruler as zone leader.  My new area compy is Elder Guzman from El Progreso Honduras.  He's an odd duck.  He's my pata!!  We have so much fun together x)  He's  ALWAYS telling me how freakin' ruler he is (ruler is a missionary super obedient Nazi type).  Everyday we burn each other for whatever small chambonada/disobedience we do.  Wish I could send you all the videos we've made xD.  It's still undecided who's the ruler and who's the chambon.

The worst part of my new area is that you can see the beach from my area.  And when we climb the hill, you can see the airport too.  Over 60 planes land everyday!!  But who's counting...?  Not me, I'm ruler.  My ward is Deseret and zone is Tahuantinsuyo.  It's the same zone as the offices so I'm pretty much in charge of the President and assistants. :)
The saddest part of my area is the bishop.  Freakin' hilarious.  I'm pretty sure he's special.  On Friday I talked to him and told him all about Vegas and my family for 10 minutes and told him if there's anything we can do, he can just let us know, cuz ya know, I'm a ruler.  The next day we were doing baptismal interviews in the church, and I was there studying and searching the scriptures (like usual) the usual ruler business.  He pops up out of no where and tells me what a terrible missionary I am for not helping him sweep the floor (uh I had no idea..) and kicked us out of the church.  Sweet, gunna enjoy my time in this area.  I'm still ruler.

Anyways, I lalalalalalalooove all of you. :D  Write me cuz with only 7 months left you gotta take advantage of writing Elder Quaker while you can!!!  But no funny business, I'm a ruler.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Madness

Querida familia,

As my leaders always say, "Welp, do you want the good news or the bad news first?"  Let's just start with the good.

MaRcH MaDnEsS!!!!  As a zone we put a beautiful goal of 23 baptisms and 23 rescued (23 Michael Jordan!!).  Each companionship has someone on date to baptize and last week we already had 6 dunked.  My hard labor and tears are finally paying off.  This zone hasn't had more than 10 baptisms for many months now, and we finally changed that.  Plus this week we'll have our own baptism :D

Ya pues time for bad news.  I won't be there for the baptism....  The most surprising news I've had in all my mission.  After just one transfer, Elder Quaker is getting changed....  I won't even get to harvest all our sowing :..(  like I said.  #sower4life.

I feel weird inside.  It could be normal good news, or it could be just terrible.  Idk. Ive been the most obedient in all my mission this change and we haven't had problems in the zone.  If anything it was perfect!  Sigh.  March Madness.  Only the Lord knows.  There is a change in assistentes but I highly doubt it.

I'm super sad to say goodbye to my home zone again.  This is where I was born, and I thought I'd be here for a LOT longer.  (you're welcome Mom)  Well,come what may.  Elder Waffles ain't no quitter, I'm going ruler till the end!!!
March Madness.  Wooooh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Thursday, March 5, 2015

:) March 2, 2015

Querida familia,

To answer the family dilemma, the answer is no.  My new snappy fresh camera... is lost in outer darkness.  But it's cool.  Because I have a friend Elder Kramer here on the mission that, even though is the stingiest yet richest missionary I know, might actually sell me his before he leaves next week.

Well, this week has sort of been the downhill week for the zone.  Well downhill, and uphill.  We didn't meet the zone goal of February, but that's ok because all my hard work and sowing in the zone will come out in March. :D  I already knew we wouldn't meet the goal in February, but now in this month we have no excuses to not bautizar DURASO!  We're entering with 12 solid fechas, and apart from that at least 4 families that are just waiting for documents to get married this month.  Pray for us!  I look forward to Dad inviting us all to pizza this month. ;)

Investigator-wise, (cause I know you're all still waiting and dying to know) right now we have 3 solid.  We have have like 4 families in our own area that go to church, but are just waiting for paperwork so they can get married, but that will still take at least month or 2. :P  Our fecha, Tania, is awesome!  Besides the fact that her mom totally kicked us out of her house and never wants to see us again, Tania has a testimony that it's true, and even wants to go on a mission!!!  She'll be dunked this 14th de March.  Oscar is kind of one of those cholitos who live high in the hill that don't really understand things like religion or modern technology.  But he came to church!  hahaaa so I guess that's good enough for this 21 de March.  He actually reads the Book of Mormon and will normally read a chapter 4 times through till he finally understands.  But he knows it's true :)  Just wish his wife would stop working so she could learn too.  Last, John Fernandez is probably my favorite.  Hes a simple guy, 27 years old and works in a sewing house factory business thing.  (Most people in Peru work in sewing house factory business things).  His whole family is evangelist and also Jehovah Witness, so there's actually A LOT of opposition.  Nonetheless he told us we're the only ones that have actually convinced him to really follow Christ and keep the commandments, so he should be getting married this 27th :) He reads the Book of Mormon a lot, and honestly has a testimony of the Restoration.  BACAN!

This week, my convert Freddy got his MISSION CALL!  AHJHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAEHJRPOÑAWIHJERÑFAOWEÑF  I'M SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  Guess where!  Las Vegas Nevada Mission!!  Nah jk, he's going to Pueblo Norte, Mexico!!!!  Aso macho lo maximo!!!  I shed just one tear when he read it off :,)  The Lord´s work is such a beautiful thing.  To think my own convert changed his whole life and beliefs, and is now going to leave everything he has to serve some small pueblo in Mexico and eat burritos.  Even though his parents aren't members, hes doin' it!!!  Sighhh.. so proud :,)

Wow.  Well I've talked a lot haha.  Ill send pics next week.  But today we're going to another MISION PERU LIMA NORTE COPA MUNDIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tune in next week for results ;)

Con Amor,
Elder Walker