Friday, May 22, 2015

Weel 80

Querida familia,

Hola!  Tudu ben en Peru.  Instead of writing another boring letter this week, Ill just answer moms survey and attach my itinerary.  ENJOY! :D

What do you usually eat for breakfast and where?  Lunch?  Dinner?
Breakfast I buy bread from the panaderia and throw ham on it with maybe some hot sauce.  Lunch,l members.  Dinner, maybe a horse-meat hamburguesa in the street.

Do you take your laundry or is it picked up?
I drop it off at the stake center weekly during the district meeting.

Do you ever take taxis or buses?
Taxis only during changes when we have suitcases.  Buses, all day errday.

How are your feet holding up?
Theyre holding up and putting down great.

Do you still have your pedometer?  How many miles do you walk daily?
Si, its still sitting on my counter for the last 19 months waiting to be used for the first time.  Tomorrow Ill use it....

What is the most unique service you have performed?
Delivering chickens.

If we were to bring an extra suitcase, what do the people mostly need?
An estra suitcase for what?  My stuff I wanna take back?

What do you do all P day?  When do you go back to work?
Usually just eat a yummy lunch like mcdonalds or pizza to make up for all the rice I eat in a week.  Then play football or sleeeep.  Back to work the next day.  JAJA!  nah, 6pm maximo.

Do you look for random ways to serve people?
Si.  Always help grandmas carry their corn up 50 flights of stairs or small stuff for investigators.

What are the different sounds you hear there?
The states are super calm and quiet compared to hear.  This is one thing I wont miss about Peru.  In the morning, theres always cocks crowing or dogs barking.  Theres constantly bus and car noises regardless of the hour of the day.  Even worse is the sound pollution- everyone blasts their terrible regaton /weird salsa mariachi music.  Whether it be your neighbor or a car parked in the street.  Theres always music coming from somewhere.

What is your favorite culture thing different from ours?
Nothing really haha.  I enjoy Xmas and New Years.  They really know how to celebrate those days.

Are you wearing a sweater?  Did you have one made there?
Not yet, only on cold days.  But were already in winter here, muy pronto me llevare.  I do have 4 given to me from latinos.  2 handmade.  1 from macchu picchu.

Take a picture of your shoes.
Yes mom.

What do you wish you had more time to do to help the people?
I wish I had more time to put activitys together in the ward.  Stuff to get the whole ward and investigators excited.  I want everyone to be converted together.

What modern  conveniences have you learned to get along without?
A phone.  Music.  Videogames.  Facebook.  I really was more addicted and wasted alot more time than I realized before.  Lifes alot easier and free without those worries.

Any advice for new missionaries?
Take innitiative.  D&C 58:26-29.  God wants missionaries that work; that are smart.  The glory of God is intelligence (D&C 93:36).  So be intelligent.  Dont wait or depend on anyone else to learn or get the job done.

I forgot last week haha even though I had already made the itinerary.  Here you go:
Monday- see you and cry my face off at the testimony meeting.
Tuesday- You come to the cambios and watch how its done, then Im youre forever! :D  Then we can eat lunch and probably go play football if you want in one of my wards.  Eat dinner then head to the hotel.  Hit the jakuzzi!!!
Wednesday- Macchu Picchu and where ever else youd like to go.
Thursday- Templo, Mall, playa, meusems, souvenirs, Llama farms, Water park, Haunted House.
Friday- Areas.  In this order: Canto Grande, Canto Chico, almuerzo con familia Fuentes.  Then Deseret, and we finish in Progreso playing futbol.
Saturday- IM OUT YO!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
PS  This is Ryan's Mom-I am taking an extra suitcase with supplies for the children and any other needs Ryan mentions.  If you would like to help, contact me.  Thank you!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Feliz dia de Mommys

Querida familia,

Happy Mommys Day!!! :D  Hope you had a special day mama.  Sorry my only gift was singing a bad song over skype haha but enjoy!

I.. am... tired.  We have 5 meatings this week!!!  5!!  Rediculous.  I went to bed everynight at 1130 and woke up early 6 everyday.  Tha'ts why I was kind of tired when skyping, but bueno, it was fun.  I'm still loving being a zone leader.  It's a lot of work, but I'm doing a good job and we're having success.  This last month my zone ended with 14 baptisms, just 1 short of the goal of 15.  8 of them were my own baptisms haha.  But this month the goal is 16, and I've already told everybody that if we meet the goal, my daddy is going to invite us to pizza. ;)

Investigators.  After last month, we're kind of dry haha. I have a grandma that can't read and an 11 year old scheduled for baptism the 23rd haha.  Sgunna be siick.

Bueno, that's it.  Today we should be going to the GRAN JAVILLA!!  It's like a mini mini disneyland.  But it also supposably has the world's fattest pig.  Hope ya'll have a beautiful week.  This is your favorite missionary, son, and llama, Elder Walker.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS The answer to last weeks question-  Did Unicorns exist?!  Well, seeing as everyone was stumped by such a hard question no one answered, Im going to leave you all stumped and give you another week to respond. :)
So tell me.  Did unicorns exist?  The answer is in the bible.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Flavor-May 4

Querida familia,

Buenos Dias.  Como estan?  Muy bien. Han leido sus escritas hoy?  Muy bien.  Que tal sus oraciones?  Han orado mañana Y noche diario? Hoy?  Muy bien.  Sacaron un 20 hoy.  Bueno, vamos a hacer una oracion y hoy dia les voy a compartir un mensaje sobre El Plan de Elder Walker.

This week I complete 5 months remaining.  Seems so far away yet so close.  My body hurts haha.  I could really use a real P day or one of those Korean back massages.  But relax, I'm not trunky!  Honestly the closer it gets, the more energy and animos I'm recuperating.  I want to end my mission 100% ruler.  Not that I'm not a ruler right now, I'm demaciado ruler.  But my last 2 changes, I've already committed myself to be the perfect missionary I've wanted to be my whole mission.  Pero aun faulta....

Highlight of my week- my converts!!  Its hard managing 9 converts from last month and trying to keep baptizing.  But the ward is actually helping.  my happiest moment was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and seeing all their smiling faces.  None of them inactive yet.  But the coolest part was watching sister Lurdes and sister Jacquelin stand up ,and for their diligent faith, be called to be the 1st and 2nd counselors of the Relief Society!!!  Subes!!!  WOW!  They're now golden converts.  Almost cried.  Almost.

Our only fecha right now is the sister of Esther, se llama Elsa.  Even though shes 9000 years old, all the kids on the block know her as "El Sabor"  ("The Flavor")  LOL!!  Disgusting.  but hilarious.  She's actually tight!  She jokes around a lot and loves the teaching.  She's my companion's snake haha.  She wants to go to Honduras so bad. xD

One thing I'll miss from the mission is having a companion.  No matter how bad the day goes, we always stay up in bed talking at night and just laugh about everything.

Well that's all folks.  Mom send me the questions from last week again because I lost them haha.  Include them in a separate email porfa.  About Mommy's Day, it should be Sunday like around 3 pm, but I'll call ya'll don't worry.  Tranquilo.  But please all try to be on the same computer, none of this mom from the living room, craig in the kitchen, dad in the shower, etc.  Ruins the connection.  But all friends and family are invited porsercaso ;)  If ya'll wanna see the new and beautiful Elder Walker- talk to my mommy to get on the list!!

Con Amor,
Elder Water

PS.  Answer to last weeks quesh!  Whats the original purpose of the Melchizedek Priesthood?  Bueno, I should have phrased it better- Whats the original purpose of the Melchizedek Priesthood for man?  We already know what it is and what it does, but that's not why it was originally given to man.  2 scriptures to answer your troubles.  John 17:3 first, then D&C 84:19-22. Gods "work and glory" is "to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39).  No one can have eternal life if they're not with God.  John 17:3.  Thus no man could "see the face of God and live" without the Melchizedek priesthood.  That is God's original purpose in giving man the priesthood.

PSS.  Quesh of the week!!  Did unicorns really exist? (such as in Job 39)  Many biblical creatures existed that are nowadays extinct.  

PSSS. To answer Dad's question- what is the condescension of God spoken of is 1 Nepi 11:16?  Well if you could reading, in 11:26-27 it says the answer.  And in Mosiah 15:1-3(-9).  Its basically that God himself came down from Heaven in his perfect state and took upon himself the form of of man, to save man, something worthless, from its lost and fallen state.

Woohoo-April 27

Querida familia,

8/4/2!!!!!! YEA BAYBEEEE!!!!!!! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! 

Bueno.  Let's start at the beginning shall we.

Hermano Andy was officially the biggest fallen fecha disappointment of my mission at the beginning of the week.  We already had plans to leave him and move on.  Something told us to give him one more chance, so we decided to wait until Wednesday for his final final interview.  He has questions about all friquin commandments, but His biggest problem was just not working Sundays.  On Tuesday we had a serious lesson and talked man to man with him about the Sabbath Day.  I hate informal lessons, but I feel like because we stopped being missionaries and talked like men, out of all the lessons it was the one he learned the most from. Not sure how, but when he came out of the final final interview on Wednesday, he was crying and just said, "Welp, you got me.  I want to be baptized Saturday....!" ¿Que? WAHT?!!  I LOVE YOU!!  AHHHhhhhhhhhhhahahaha we hugged and danced and ya.  It was a magical moment.

Then came Friday, my family Bruce and Jessica got Married!! :DD  Super beautiful.  I may have danced for 2 seconds..... until the bishop caught me and burnt me.
Pictures to come.  :)

And last was Saturday- the baptisms!  My companion and I were there- super stoked.  Everything beautiful and ready.  The clock hit 6...  nobody.  Que pasa?!  NOO This can't be happening!!  We come outside and look up the street- PHEW.  There's everybody haha.  Peruvian standard time, arrive half an hour late.  Start an hour late.  Little words can really describe the baptism.  I've never seen a baptism so beautiful and big having 2 whole familias.  Familia uno- Bruce, Jessica (just married!) and Esther (Bruce's mom).  Familia dos- Andy, Jacquelin, and Andy Jr.  I baptized Bruce, Jessica, and Jacquelin.  Almost drowned Bruce.  Dunked a little too hard and water hit several of the little kids watching.  LOL.  The best was Andy Jr.  He came out of the water screaming, "WOW, ESO me encantO!!"  (WOW, I LOVED that!!!).  In the end, I played Come Thou Font of Every Blessings while mi gringasa Sister Karratti sang.  Wish you guys were there.  Both familias turned their lives around and witnessed a huge but beautiful change in their lives. Especially Bruce who used to get drunk and do many things, but now none of that. :)

Bueno.  About your questions mom, please send them next week and I promise I'll respond.  'Im out of time because I did a room check on one of my district leaders and found them dead asleep with apostacia haha.  Una buena quemada.  But next week ill have more time to respond.
I love ya'llll and hope you have a bodacious week.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS.  Question of the week!!  A toughy.  Whats the original purpose of the Melchizedek Priesthood?

PSS Thanks for playing along Mom, dad, Cameron and Craig, I guess I'll keep the trivia goin'. :)  My question about Judas was pure speculation, but I still keep my position that it was according to a plan.  Answer to last weeks- Does God have faith?  Sorry mom but Craig and Dad nailed it.  Read these three verses in order: Alma 32:21, Ether 3:19, and Moroni 7:46.  Faith is not having a perfect knowledge.  We believe in a God that knows all things.  God does not have faith because he knows all things.  He knows what has, what is, and what will happen without a doubt.  Therefore faith is part of our progression to become as God.  Those who don't have faith will never become as God, because they will never know all things, but must remain in the dark.  And as it says in Moroni 7:46, "All things must fail."  but "Charity never faileth".  Even faith will fail.  But charity never faileth.
Have a nice week.
Picssss-enjoy  My compy's camera por ser caso