Monday, May 4, 2015

Woohoo-April 27

Querida familia,

8/4/2!!!!!! YEA BAYBEEEE!!!!!!! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! WOH! 

Bueno.  Let's start at the beginning shall we.

Hermano Andy was officially the biggest fallen fecha disappointment of my mission at the beginning of the week.  We already had plans to leave him and move on.  Something told us to give him one more chance, so we decided to wait until Wednesday for his final final interview.  He has questions about all friquin commandments, but His biggest problem was just not working Sundays.  On Tuesday we had a serious lesson and talked man to man with him about the Sabbath Day.  I hate informal lessons, but I feel like because we stopped being missionaries and talked like men, out of all the lessons it was the one he learned the most from. Not sure how, but when he came out of the final final interview on Wednesday, he was crying and just said, "Welp, you got me.  I want to be baptized Saturday....!" ¿Que? WAHT?!!  I LOVE YOU!!  AHHHhhhhhhhhhhahahaha we hugged and danced and ya.  It was a magical moment.

Then came Friday, my family Bruce and Jessica got Married!! :DD  Super beautiful.  I may have danced for 2 seconds..... until the bishop caught me and burnt me.
Pictures to come.  :)

And last was Saturday- the baptisms!  My companion and I were there- super stoked.  Everything beautiful and ready.  The clock hit 6...  nobody.  Que pasa?!  NOO This can't be happening!!  We come outside and look up the street- PHEW.  There's everybody haha.  Peruvian standard time, arrive half an hour late.  Start an hour late.  Little words can really describe the baptism.  I've never seen a baptism so beautiful and big having 2 whole familias.  Familia uno- Bruce, Jessica (just married!) and Esther (Bruce's mom).  Familia dos- Andy, Jacquelin, and Andy Jr.  I baptized Bruce, Jessica, and Jacquelin.  Almost drowned Bruce.  Dunked a little too hard and water hit several of the little kids watching.  LOL.  The best was Andy Jr.  He came out of the water screaming, "WOW, ESO me encantO!!"  (WOW, I LOVED that!!!).  In the end, I played Come Thou Font of Every Blessings while mi gringasa Sister Karratti sang.  Wish you guys were there.  Both familias turned their lives around and witnessed a huge but beautiful change in their lives. Especially Bruce who used to get drunk and do many things, but now none of that. :)

Bueno.  About your questions mom, please send them next week and I promise I'll respond.  'Im out of time because I did a room check on one of my district leaders and found them dead asleep with apostacia haha.  Una buena quemada.  But next week ill have more time to respond.
I love ya'llll and hope you have a bodacious week.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS.  Question of the week!!  A toughy.  Whats the original purpose of the Melchizedek Priesthood?

PSS Thanks for playing along Mom, dad, Cameron and Craig, I guess I'll keep the trivia goin'. :)  My question about Judas was pure speculation, but I still keep my position that it was according to a plan.  Answer to last weeks- Does God have faith?  Sorry mom but Craig and Dad nailed it.  Read these three verses in order: Alma 32:21, Ether 3:19, and Moroni 7:46.  Faith is not having a perfect knowledge.  We believe in a God that knows all things.  God does not have faith because he knows all things.  He knows what has, what is, and what will happen without a doubt.  Therefore faith is part of our progression to become as God.  Those who don't have faith will never become as God, because they will never know all things, but must remain in the dark.  And as it says in Moroni 7:46, "All things must fail."  but "Charity never faileth".  Even faith will fail.  But charity never faileth.
Have a nice week.
Picssss-enjoy  My compy's camera por ser caso

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