Sunday, April 26, 2015


Querida familia,

Wow sorry it's taken me so long to write y'all already, cause I know you're all still sitting there at your laptops and I pads (my friquin Ipad2 included ((Craig))) just waiting for my email to arrive.  Well await no longer more!  Wow, my English is terrible.  But this random old lady with flaming red hair walked in into internet, and what are the odds, she speaks English.  More fun odds, she's Mormon!  So of course she talks to me about the states and Peru and the church and- I just want to write my family!!!  hahaha...  no offense.

Bueno.  Lets get to the goods.  2 baptisms this week!!  WOOOO!!!  Lurdes Liñan, a single mom (23 años) who went through an extreme depression for about 2 years because her boyfriend just abandoned her when he found out she was pregnant.  It's a beautiful story because she didn't know what she was living for anymore, she just wants her son to be happy.  But the Plan of Salvation, Our Heavenly Father,s plan for happiness, gave new light and meaning to her life.  She's a lot happier now than when we first started teaching her.  Cried at the baptism too.
Anthony Tinoco (lol tinoco) was the guy that called us Sunday telling us he wanted to be baptized.  And last Saturday, he was. :D  I remember when I shut the door, I saw him crying in the font.  Sigh.  This work is so true.

We'll have 5 more baptisms this Saturday. :)  Andy won't be baptized Saturday.  Made me so just... mad and confused inside that he didn't come to church and doesn't want to get baptized with his family.  Chambon.  But it's cool right- were gonna spank him into gear and May si o si he's getting dunked. :)
But as for Bruce and his family- A+!!  The marriage will be this Friday and baptism Saturday.  Stay tuned for pics! :D

I'm also super stoked because, as says the title, 8/4/2 is the norm of excellency of the mission Peru Lima Norte.  Basically means 4 baptisms with 2 familias.  Only a small percntage of missionarys ever make 8/4/2 in all their mission, and I'll be one of them.  ;D

Well many other awesome things happened this week like breaking fasts with snicker-doodles (Haven't had one in forEVER) (yummmm), I DON'T have a change! Ill be staying with Elder Guzman another change, and other shenanigans, but bueno, stay tuned for next week.  Happy Birfdays to my favorite Uncle Johnny (50 years, WOW you're practically a dinosaur now!) and Happy Birfdays to my favorite sister Emily- 12 years old!  A young woman now!  They grow up so fast. :,)  Love and miss you all- stay strong, stay true, stay fresh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS Pregunta of the week-  Does God have faith?
PSS  Answer to last weeks- I honestly can't say if its true, but the evidence suggests that it was according to the plan.  There's a scripture in Proverbs that already said  he'd be sold for money, and just as Peter denied Christ 3 times (but really because he had to be the next prophet, if he had not denied Christ, he'd have died with Him), if Judas had not sold Him, the Atonement would have never taken place.
PSSS Thanks mom for participating.  If no one else responds this week, I think I'll just stop with the fun trivia questions jaja...
PSSSS Joaquin hasn't written me in approximately 18 months and I've decided I'm tired of typing his email... write thou me or ye shall be cast off!!

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