Sunday, April 19, 2015

Up All Night

Querida familia,

Yo.  Estoy.  Muerto.  No durmi por nada anoche.  Aso mami.  Odio numeros jajaja.

Bueno.  The only cool thing I have to report is that we have 8 fechas!!!!  AHH!  This Saturday well have 2 baptisms, and next week we'll have 2 whole families getting baptized; 8 en total.  I never imagined having success as a zone leader, but WOOP.  Originally we were only going to have 1 baptism this week, but IT happened again!!  It.  That magical moment when someone just walks up to you and says- HEY ELDERES, YOU NEED TO BAPTIZE ME!!!  An eternal investigator called my compy last night and said- "Elder Guzman!  -Que??  -Quiero ser bautizado!! -No manches.  -En serio! -ya pues habla bonito, odio tus bromas. -En serio, ven ahorrita, me voy a bautizar este sabado!! -QUE?!  VAMOX!!!"  So we taught him, and it's afishal for this Saturday.  WHOOP.  Do I work?  Or do I work?

Its drivin' me nuts trying to balance the zone, the quemadas from the assistants, and my own baptisms.  But say special prayers for my families this week- especially Andy and Jaquelin because Andy is being chambon.
8 baptisms..  Sgunna be SICK.

Welp.  Hope you're all happy and dandy and safe.  Remember "Read and Pray, Errday!"

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS The answer to last weeks question- Did we know joy before we were born?  If no/yes, what scripture says so?
The answer is no and yes.  In Job 38 and Prov. 26 talks about how we lived with God and rejoiced with Him.  But our joy was not full as says 2 Nefi 2:23-25(I tink).  As it states in D&C 93:33-34, the spirit cant have a fulness of joy without a body.  So this life was necessary to gain a fulness of joy.  But we will never have a full capacity of joy, till we reach the Celestial Kingdom.  We are in a Plan of Happiness.  The Plan isn't finished till our joy is full.
Thanks Mom for being the only one to play along haha.

This weeks enigma- Did Judas really betray Jesus?  Or was it done according to a plan?  Enjoy.

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