Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15-I'm sailing on-Good-bye Las Lomas

Querida familia,

Como estan?  Que bien.

Excitement and pressure are high as changes are TODAY.  Reminds me a lot of when I was with my companion Elder Pizarro.  Super cool guy.  But everyday praying that changes and my day of liberation would come... LOL.

This week was super chill.  I did a few work visits, and members were constantly accompanying us to do visits.  Lessons are a lot more spiritual when you have the testimony of a normal member there.  Therefore,  accompany your ward missionarys!!!  Yet after all my hard work, only 1 investigator came to church.... yup time for changes LOL.

My favorite investigator of all time is Edwin Saucedo.  A fun, relaxed joven 16 years old who's teaching me how to breakdance, but at the same time is converting into a Disciple of Christ.  He understands everything we teach, and actually reads and prays!!!!  Can believe that??  Someone who actually reads and prays by their own will.  He didn't come to church this week.... but its ok cuz he still is progressing haha.  He told us of spiritual experiences hes had praying, and even how God has answered his prayers.  One of them being that his best friend would be protected and make a good decision instead of something that would ruin him, and it came true!  Ever since then hes known that we´re here for a reason and what we teach is true.  Love that guy.

To end this epistle, Ill answer Moms bonus survey.
What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?
The most exciting thing of my week.... going to church?

  What lesson did the Lord teach you this week?
That you cant force the spiritual.  It comes through peace, love, and time.

  What was the most humbling moment?
Most humbling is my own failures that I blame my weak faith for.  I should know and do better and not get lazy.

  What gospel principle did you study this week and feed your testimony?
I was studying in Revelations especially chapter 17 and was hit by a doubt, because alot was exactly what Nefi saw in his vision in 1 nefi 11-14.  I read and compared, and had no idea that Nefi also saw what John saw.  In the end, I honestly felt the Spirit burning in me that it is true, and made my testimony 100 times stronger in the prophets, especially Joseph Smith, and that revelations are real.

  What Peruvian Christmas tradition do you find most interesting and why?
I absolutely love how everybody in the whole town sets off fireworks.  EVERYbody.  Its kind of dangerous.  They also consider it good luck to rub your face with a guinea pig......  I'm going to have a lot of good luck this year ;)

  How does this year compare to last year?
I'm a'lot more mature and not even 100th bit trunky as I was last year.

  Are you and your companion enjoying opening a package every day?
Its amaazzzinnnnnng!

 How is the coloring coming?
Sometimes I forget....  buts its beautiful.

  Did you give the mission president’s wife her gift?
Snot Christmas yet....

Have a great week!!!!  Stay tuned for changes!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
My Fan Club and a better one

December 8, Hoppy Holidays; Merry Fishmas; So much Christmas Cheer

Querida familia!

Woo!  This week was SO excited!!  I saved a cat from a train, stopped an armed robbery, and baptized 50 llamas.

Ok so you already can tell nothing interesting happened this week.  Surprise.  No, to be honest I was a chambon and didn't write anything during the week to tell y'all, so I'll just answer moms questionnaire :)

"Your turn to talk.  Tell us about your experiences this week-by detail.  How do you feel during the discussions?
I feel... pressure.  Well it depends!  I try to be their friends at first and joke around, but most people are boring and don't like my jokes... lol.  So we teach and depending on if they understand the message, I get pumped and start to testify until we are taken away by the spirit and start to sing angelic halelujahs!!    Something like that.

  Has God answered any of your prayers?
Yes.  1% of 100.  He only answers when I actually pray for a good reason and true sincerity.  But when he does answer, its an unforgettable experience/feeling.

  Do you get promptings?
Always.  But mostly when I see pizza half price.

  What’s the most exciting thing that happened? 
Most exciting thing?  When I saved the cat from getting hit by the train.

Baptizing 50 llamas

Turns out you're not allowed to baptize llamas.

Learned I cant baptized llamas anymore.  but they didn't say anything about alpaca...

  Where do you feel the most growth is? 
The most growth Ive felt is the green mold in my toe nails.  LOL jk mom.  The most growth would be my own maturity and testimony of the plan of salvation.  Also that keeping the commandments bring us more happiness than not.

 What have you changed the most? 
Ive changed how lazy and ungrateful I was.  Ill never forget how good we have it in America...  And Ive learned obedience even if I dont understand why.

 How do you like your package?
BEAUTIFUL!!!  HERMOSO!  MUUUUUUUUCHAS GRACIAS!  Que Dios te bendiga!  Es lo maximo!  Everyday I have a little surprise to wake up to.  Thuper cool.

Well that's where the questions end.  For all of those who dont know, the Church is doing (How is it in English?)  "He is the Gift"  En español EL ES LA DADIVA.  Its a super cool video/program to remind the world that besides the gifts and family and holiday cheer, Christmas is about remembering the birth of Christ.  The greatest gift the God gave us.  For God so loved the World the He sent His Beloved Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, the same should not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16.
Remember this Christmas, your Savior.  And what truly matters most.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Pictures:  Exito!!!  So Much Christmas Cheer
*I mailed his package the middle of November fully expecting it not to arrive by December 1st because it usually takes 6 weeks.  The Peruvian post office was even on strike.  I was so surprised when he told me the package arrived December 1st-two weeks later!  I had included a count down calendar with tree, ornaments and something to open daily for he and his companion.  Thus the pictures.  Mama Walker 
Can you see the picture of his girl?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hamsters can swim . . .

Querida familia,

Thanksgiving!!!  How exciting if you actually have friends.  And money. And food. I have none of those so I passed it eating a bag of Oreo with milk filling out the area book.  Whoop.

I got called to migracions again this week,little to my surprise that after 1 year I FINALLY GOT MY VISA!!!!!! Whoop.

The wife and daughter of my family were baptized last Saturday. Such a special day :)  I shed one tear bearing my testimony for added effect.  I gave them a picture of the temple as a gift but sadly will already be in Vegas before they get sealed in the temple... But the husbands getting baptized next month so stay tuned :D

Sorry this letter sucks.  I ate Way too much aji hot sauce last night and payed for it this morning.  Still suffering, but when I get better, thinking Ill go for another round of aji tonight... Whoop.

I love you.

Con Amor,
Elder Wafer

Fam soto lara. My favorite family yet. Very spiritual baptism, wish you could all be there.  The husband will be baptized next month...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 57

Querida familia,

Helloowwwuuuu.  Buenos Dias from Lima Peru.  Merry Thanksgiving to all this week, I will be enjoying a nice chicken rice and potato dinner.  Feliz Cumpleaños to Craigy.  Same day I turned 13 months :)

It's weird being old now.  The time passes by super fast.  In the moment, it seems like forever, but when it's over, I just think wo!  I can't even remember what I just did an hour ago.

My companion is still super lazy, but hes a cool guy and I'm enjoying my time with him.  Funny but sad story.  We programmed a sweet Family Home Evening activity with an inactive family.  They were telling us they'd prepare all this yummy food and stuff to do.  The day comes, and and my companion and I have prepared a nice message and some sweet games with a giant Godzilla as the prize.  We show up at the house ready to knock and just hear loud reggae music.  Uh oh.  Look inside and the family already started their own family home evening without us.  The entire family was drinking and partying inside.  My compy and I just look at each other- Ummm....  Do we knock? I don't know, you knock!  My hands are full!  Fine... I'll knock...  But they never answered.  Surprise.  

If you guys haven't seen it, you should watch the video on youtube about the Mormon Message - armor of God.  As the scripture says in Efesios 6:13, In this world we don't fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, society, and the opposition of evil spirits.  I was pained all week for that family and wondered just how it is they got to where they're at.  We've got to be ready for everything and anything.  The moment we let our guard down- FAH!!!  Satan strikes like a cobra- PSSS!!  And we're wounded and infected.  You all have to put on the armor of God.  Read your scriptures, pray everyday.  But always wear your shield of faith.  A shield big enough to rebound any blow that comes at you.  It's stupid how easy some people forget who they are.  Be proud of who you are.  Don't let anybody, thing, or temptation take away your faith and the special unique person that God made you.

Ok I think I'm done ranting haha.  Sorry about that.  But in good news,  this week was the wedding!  AHHHHH!!!  It was tho gorgeous.  It was in the offices with President, and my awesome family, familia Luis and Yovana Soto-Lara, got married.  Yovana will be baptized this Saturday with her daughter and Luis the 13th of December.  They're future leaders of the church, I just know it.

Wow I have written WAY too much.  Have fun reading all that fun stuff.  Hasta la proxima semana!  Hasta la pasta!  Pasta Lasaña!!  (Hasta Mañana LOL)

Con Amor y besitos,
Elder Walker
Photos:  teaching brother Soto Lara how to tie a tie
wedding!!!! ahhhh!
cake fight!!
district baptism
ice cream, come n get it kids


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 55

Querida familia,

Yup it's officially summer here.  Time to bring out the Christmas lights and fans.  I remember my last summer here, besides being super trunky and lost, it was miserably hot.  Climbing hills, teaching, walking, dying.  Bring it on. One of the greatest inventions of America?  Air conditioning.  I haven't seen that since I got here.  Lol I remember the only air conditioning in my first area was the bishops office in the church, so we'd always break in just to cool off in his office and drink his Inca kola.  Any door in the church here can be opened with a broom if you're a tall gringo. ;)

With a trunky companion, I have a lot more personal study time (for those of you who know what I mean).  I've learned A LOT already and have also taken Dad's advice to read Jesus the Christ.  I got tired of studying Lehi's dream. ;)  Lol nah I'm still obedient don't worry mommy.  My companion super chill and does whatever I tell him.  Just that he won't do a single thing by himself.  He's a cool guy, but doesn't show emotion.  And even though he tries to act in front of everybody that he's tough, I know inside he has a heart of gold. :)  Sometimes I catch him humming songs or playing with children.  One time I could of sworn he was humming Katy Perry...

With investigators, I'll finally be marrying and baptizing a complete family this week!!  The marriage will be Friday, and, well the baptism will be next week because they had faena.  There's something here called faena and its Satan's numero 1 instrumento to keep investigators from going to church.  Because many people live in hills here, they have some sort of legal contract to build a staircase every other Sunday at 9 in the morning.  Pretty sure it should be illegal.  And it's just in time of church.  But anyways!  I'm super happy and excited for my little family. :D  Their names are Yovana, Luis, y ¨Paloma.  And other than that we have 2 snakes- I mean teenagers who will also be baptized this month. :)

There was one moment thuper scury this week as we were climbing the hill to my snake- I mean investigator's house.  Just as we arrived near the tippy top- BWAHHH!!!  The whole hill began to shake and everyone was going loco.  I honestly thought it was an earthquake and said my last prayer.  But it turned out just to be a super temblor.  But I watched it as it went through the whole city and shook the lights.  The whole city was barking and beeping.  I really hope you guys get to see one of these when you come.

Well Happy Hanukah or whatever holiday it is your celebrating back home.  I'll be sending Xmas letters to as many as I can, so if anybody would like a letter from good ol Elder Quaker, send me your name and Ill send one to home base for you. :D   I love you all, miss you all, and ya you know the rest.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Monday, November 17, 2014

Life is like a box of chambones...

Querida familia,

Well, the trunkyness is over.  A new change has come and gone and back to work.  But change is good right?  We said goodbye to Elder Forward and my son Elder Ramirez, and I thought that was that.  I also thought, "Ya know, its a new year and a new chance to work even harder.  Time to cut any slacking off and work 100% obedient with my new companion."  President announced the changes, "And Elder Walker will be working with... Elder Sosa!!!"  Elder who?  Salsa?  WAit... NOoooooOOO!!!!!!!   AHhhhaHHHh  THe last thing I wanted to do to start off my last year was babysit!  Haha.  ah.  I knew from the first moment that he was a chambon and that I would be babysitting for a whole change.

So ever since Tuesday that's exactly what I've been doing haha.  Elder Sosa is actually a really cool guy, and I enjoy my time with him.Hes from Quito Ecuador and a super futbolista.  Hes19 years old and has 10 months in the mish but one could say he's already finished haha.   He's always joking around and doing who knows what.  But that also means he's not focusing on the work.  And if he's not, who is?  Oh ya.  Elder Quaker.    But I do have a bit of happiness knowing that I'm the District Leader and have more time, so I can still take charge without problem.

So ya that's this week and you can expect the same for 5 more weeks haha.  We also moved houses this week.  I was sick of my old house and thought we were winning by moving.  But once all  the stuff was moved in and finally rearranged, I realized it was3 times as small as my last apartment.  Plus no signal plus questionable electricity and water plus cockaroaches plus chickens cockadiddling all night long.  Ya to save time I'll stop there.  Terrible idea haha, plus the members are constantly trying to talk to us.  Get me out of here!!!!!  Nope I've already payed for the whole month.  Great.  Well, that's the joys of the mission. :)

More adventures to come next week.  Don't worry about good ol Elder Wafer, he·ll make it out alive.  Just send as many prayers, letters, packages, and love as possible before Christmas!! ;)  I'll write ALL of you back!!
As we say in the district Las Lomaximas,
Love you BYEeeeeEE!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Another CCM friend
Untamed llama tried to eat me
My new compy, Elder Thotha!!!
Goodbye Elder Forward y familia
Goodbye my beloved son
Goodbye hug

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here we go again

Querido familia,

As I am low on time (surprise) this will be a short letter.  But it's ok because nothing happened this week other than being trunky, trunking out a little more, and finishing the week with trunkyness.


Its not my fault though...  Elder Forward all week has been non stop telling me what he's going to do the week he gets home.  And without announcement, he brought his family to church yesterday for his farewell at church.  It was a very spiritual meeting, as members and many of his converts from all across Peru came to hear him talk.  And I'm not gunna lie, but during the prayer as I sat next to his family, it all just hit me and I lost it haha.  I balled thinking about sitting next to you guys in a year.  But it gave me a renewed attitude to work harder for this last year.  I still hope I can make you all proud.

Mommy thanks for the package!!  I loved the letters from all my friends, but I still didn't get sister Swaffords jokes hahaha.  But I loved all the support and the pictures especially.  My companion was super happy to have a pair of pants.  My son didn't bring hardly anything with him....  But now he can play football in something other than jeans x).

This month we will always be marrying and baptizing a family so I REALLY hope they don't change me.  That's right changes are today.....  wooo  tune in next week for results!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


 There were some kittys abandoned outside of where we play football on Saturdays.... the Lord gave them a home :)
 Elder Forwards Farewell bonfire.  2 shirts were sacrificed that day, his n mine.
Uh oh 1 Yearrrrrrrr the burning of the shirts; on fire 
 Awesome package, thanks mommy.  Me in my broken bed.  supposed to be on top of the wood.
A family baptism in my district
Elder Forwards family came to church....

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I can go the distance

Queirdo familia,

I have often dreamed of a far off place, where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me...  And the crowds will cheer when they see my face, and a voice keeps saying, "Welcome home Elder Quaker!"



So for those who don't know yet, this last Thursday Ryan- I mean Elder Walker (wo ya estoy trunky?), completed his first year in the Lima Peru North Mission.  I end this year with 20 baptisms, many many friends and family here in Peru, much hard work, and hope for more hard work this next year.  No, I didn't do anything fantastical to celebrate it, besides throw a district pizza party, burn my shirt while I was still wearing it, and toilet paper the bishops house.  LOL ya except that last one.  But I did take a moment or hour or 10 to reflect on just... everything.  Basically from when I was born as a lad to the time I received my mission call, the plane ride, the MTC, and each area I've been.  One might say I was trunky.  I prefer the word super indepthly reflective thinking.

Well as I complete a year in my mission this week, I have taken a lot of time to reflect.  And looking back, I'm filled with joy.  I'm joyful that through all the pain, afflictions, and patience I've suffered, somehow in some milagro, I came out alright.  And I'm still baffled as to how I survived.  Its been a huge testimony to me just how real the Plan of Salvation really is.  How real God and His wonders are.  And that pain/temptations are temporary, but happiness is life eternal.  There's so many words I could say to describe this road mark in my life, but words aren't necessary.  I know who I am, and how I got here.  And I know who to thank for it.  I thank the Lord for His endless love.  I thank His Spirit for being my only friend when I was left desolate.  I thank Christ for his example, teachings, and wonderful Atoning sacrifice.  And for all the children of God that have been my friends/family in the road of life.  Before my mission, I always believed that I walked a lonely road, not knowing where it goes, and that it was destined to be my home.  But that's not true.  Believing you're alone is the PERFECT LIE that Satan uses against us.  But its just an illusion that fades away with time.  Turns out the whole time I thought I was walking alone, the Lord was just carrying me.  I don't need to feel alone or forgotten anymore, there's enough of that in the world.  It's time to let my light shine forth to the rest of the children of God who still wonder in the mists of darkness.  I haven't been a perfect missionary, but this last year, I'm going to restart, adapt, learn, and give it my all.  As Nephi said, "My God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep.
 21 He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh...And upon the wings of his Spirit hath my body been carried away upon exceedingly high mountains (Of Peru). And mine eyes have beheld great things, yea, even too great for man; therefore I was bidden that I should not write them.
 26 O then, if I have seen so great things, if the Lord in his condescension unto the children of men hath visited men in so much mercy, why should my heart weep and my soul linger in the valley of sorrow, and my flesh waste away, and my strength slacken, because of mine afflictions?
 27 And why should I yield to sin, because of my flesh? Yea, why should I give way to temptations, that the evil one have place in my heart to destroy my peace and afflict my soul? Why am I angry because of mine enemy?
 28 Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin. Rejoice, O my heart, and give place no more for the enemy of my soul.
 29 Do not anger again because of mine enemies. Do not slacken my strength because of mine afflictions.
 30 Rejoice, O my heart, and cry unto the Lord, and say: O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the rock of my salvation. "(2 Nephi 4:15-35)

His words are my words.  AWAKE MY SOUL!  No longer droop in sin or depression or anger for what other think or how I may have messed up.  The past has past, but God has given us agency in that we write our own future.  The choice is yours, the future is left unwritten and we all have pens of distinct character and colors.  Lift your heads and keep writing, imagining, dreaming, and achieving!  The power is in your hands, and the possibilities are endless.

To end this epistle, Id just like to thank all of you who are reading this.  Thank you for your continuous support in all ways- whether it be prayers, letters, gifts, or even just reading this shows you haven't forgotten about me.  Thank you for being my friend.  And thank you my family for being my anchor while I'm out in the middle of the eye of the storm.  I miss you like a lion cub misses his lions den, and can't wait for the next Christmas where we can all roll up around the fireplace and tell stories.  But I'm here, and will be there in the blink of an eye.  I love you all, remember that.  I miss you all, and.........  see you in a year!!!

Con Amor como siempre vuestro,

Elder Walker
Mision Peru Lima Norte

Till I find my heroes welcome right where I belong......

Monday, October 20, 2014

I've been here before.....Bautizmos! Before and After

Querido familia,

Well, let's just get it out of the way.


Ok I'm done.


Ok that's it I promise.
But apart from all the excitement, Ill save the trunky letter for next week ;) so stay tuned.

Many things happened this week.  Well, many things happen every week, I just never remember them when I walk into internet.  I'm always so excited to tell you all everything during the week, then I sit down on the computer and can hardly remember my login.

Good news, I went to the dentist this week!  :)  It was only supposed to be a checkup on my gum problems, but then I asked her while I was there if she could clean my teeth, and she did :)  No harm done, and it only cost 30 soles (10 dollars) cause she gave me a discount.  There may have been some mega mooching involved and offers to take the dentist to Las Vegas.  But hey, like father like son, right?

I have been SUPER stressed this week.  We had 5 amazing baptisms!  But the cargo was all thrown on me as their district leader.  My companion tells me every morning that I talk in my sleep and teach lessons.  This isn't good.  Sleepy time is the only time I escape from the pressures of missionary work.  Now its infecting my subconscious.  I shout too, yelling at my companion while he's sleeping because he's not saying anything during the "lesson".

Speaking of sleep, I think I'm getting fat.  Last Friday while I was sleeping at 2 a,. I was dreaming about my welcome home party when in my dream an earthquake hit- BWAH!!  I woke up and my little wooden bed just shatters and- PAH!!! I fall to the floor with my mattress and curl up in a ball confused.  I get up... there was no earthquake.  My little bed just exploded and fell apart for no reason.  The only logical explanation is that I've been eating too much rice and potatoes, and now my bed can't even support my weight.  So now I sleep on the floor.  Tomorrow I'll probably wake up falling to the first floor.

Well that's my spiritual message for the week: eat your vegetables, get a metal bed frame, and take your dentist to Vegas.  The baptisms were amazing and wish you all could be here to see them.  It hasn't been easy, but being a missionary is great.  And it's even better because I know the work I'm called to do is true, and only feel more blessed as time goes by and I see the work of God´s hand in my life.  I love you all, miss you all, and pray for you all.  Stay strong, and Ill see you in ONE YEAR! :D   *warning* trunky letter to come next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
8 angels :)  One of the biggest and best baptisms I've seen.  Each one is standing next to the one he baptized.   Yaaaaay

rub a dub dub

Note the differences? :)


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Airplanes, aw Ecuadorrr

Querido familia,

Can I pretend like Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?  I could really use a wish right now...

Well just to clear things up, I only went to Ecuador for like 5 seconds hahaha.  I took a one day vacation to Ecuador to fill out one piece of paper for my visa.  So... I'm back now.  Still in Peru.  Ya.

Recently things haven't been so chill lately.  A lot of turbulence in the mission with disobedience, one of them being my zone.  Me?  I'm all right, I just want to work!!  But I keep getting slowed down by conferences or phone calls or whatever bonus responsibility as a District Leader haha.  But other than that, everything's actually going great!  My companion and I have been praying and looking for golden families that are ready to receive the Gospel and Put Christ as the foundation of their family, and we've had much success in finding about 10 new families in the last 2 weeks that have much potential to get married and baptized next month!  Of course, not all are going to end up in the water, but we've had many spiritual experiences and many are progressing at a good pace for November. :)  Just pray for us that Satan wont somehow ruin these awesome families that we've found!

My recent convert, Michel, told me a pretty fun story this week that I thought was saweet!  He works as a janitor for a company right now, but there's an unusual number of women that he works with.  Well the ratio actually being 50 women to 2 men.  lol.  But the story goes that at lunch the other day the supervisor was trying to burn Michel for flirting with the women and taking it in wrong directions, but Michel confessed that he doesn't think like that about women anymore.  The supervisor didn't believe him so Michel told him that he keeps the "Law of Chastity".  LOL everyone just stared at him cause nobody had ever heard of a law of chastity.  He explained what it was and they asked him, "What are you, gay?"  "No, I'm Mormon!!"  They all kind of laughed at him, but in the end all the women respected him 10 times more for his values, and several actually wanted to date him!  Say What?!  Blessings!!!  The story was hilarious, but for me I was just hit to the heart to see my convert faithful to his values- not just at home but in front of others without shame!  And even more blessed for doing so.

God is faithful  when we do what he tells us.  I am sure of that 100%.  He never forgets the promises hes made, as it says in D&C 82:10 "I the Lord God am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  Trust in the Lord.  Do not doubt if trials come your way or if you don't immediately feel the blessings.  He will ALWAYS come through.  Its a question of faith, trust, and patience/time. 

Con Amoor,
Elder Walker
My dentist office

Zona Canto Grande

Old friends and converts
Back from Ecuador :(

Elders going and coming back from Ecuador


Sunday, October 5, 2014


Querido familia,

Hooooooola.  Yes today is Saturday.  Why?  Because Monday is LA LIMA NORTE COPA MUNDIALLLLL!!!!!  Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!  The teams are by zone, and looking at my zone..... well I'm prepared to have fun watching from the sidelines.  haha.  But its a Pday thuper thpecial, so I'm excited.

I'll admit I have had another stressful week.  Being District Leader, everyone waits 'till you do something.  I guess through either not knowing or just pure laziness, everyone looks to you to tell them what to do or when or how or STOP.  JUST DO IT.  Between missionarys and ward members, I'm not sure how many diapers I change daily.  Kinda stinks.  lol.  But its nice because with me we get results ;)

With investigators, we have to many!!  I love all my investigators and try my best to juggle them with my other responsibilities too.  But the highlight of my week was teaching la familia Marcos-De la Cruz last night.  The husband wasn't there, but the rest of the family and my convert Michel (my baby;)) was there, and together we had a thuper thpiritual lesson about Christ.  I didn't even have to invite them to be baptized, they wanted to!!!  They said many things that made me want to cry haha, including that they know this is the true church of Christ.  WOW.  boom.  I was speechless.  The only thing that worries them in that her husband is pure Catolico and their not sure how he´ll take it.  But its a beautiful family,  and I'm excited to report more good news next week. :)

More thpiritual stories and fun to proceed next week.  I hope you're all taking care of yourselves and staying beaudiful.  I pray for all you everyday.  Sorry to hear that grandpa passed away.  Kind of wish I could be there with the family at the funeral, but we all know I have work to do here.  I'm certain he´ll accept Christ on the other side.  The spirit world is really a wonderful place, and I just pray he's happy.  Someday the whole family will be reunited too.  Thanks to Christ and his Gospel, the families can be together forever.  I wonder if he's already met grandma?
I love and miss you all.  Tell me how it goes.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Ps you guys didn't fall for my email last week.... You aren't any fun.
Ecuador!  Lalalalalala
Chicken foot anybody?  Yum, yum


On the road again (week 49)

Querido familia,

Well, after much hard work, as you can all see in the fotos, my vineyard is now flourishing.  And just as it begins flourishing, I receive a call Tuesday- "Elder Walker!  What do you want??  Pack your bags and come to the offices immediately.  WHAT?  Nah.  Si!  Come right now and don't ask questions!  But- boooooooooooooooop........"

So... without a visa I'm officially in the Ecuador Mimomamo mission!!!  Yayy!!  It was REALLY sad to say goodbye to Peru.  But now I'm officially ecuadoriano and eat bananas todos los dias.

Well more information to come next week.  Stay tuned for more news about Ecuador!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Bienvenidos a Ecuador, my new home!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We are as the army of Helaman

Querido familia,

I'm officially tired.  After 2 more baptisms this week, 2 ward activities,a wedding, and... well I can't even remember what else we did this week.  The work of the Lord is amazing.  Besides all of the boring moments or trials that still come your way even if you don't do anything to deserve it, the fruits of the labor pay off.  Tomorrow is my 11th month anniversary (booooo) and I'm now rounding the corner for my year mark.  I can't wait, because I know I'll be super trunky.  Just kidding.  But I do spend a lot of time reflecting on this last year..... but I'll save my boring sob stories for next month.  Just be ready.  :)

There was a lot of weird turbulence in my zone this transfer.  My zone leader, Elder Lopez, is the most hypocritical ZLs a missionary will  ever see.  I say this because he's been on my back this whole transfer and is the reason I've been so stressed haha.(So now you know why all of my letters this transfer have been lame) I've been working harder than anyone in the zone and had more success than any of them, yet he chooses to focus all of his complaints on me and is constantly checking in on our district.  Why am I telling you all this?  I don't know.  I guess I needed someone to cry with me.  Nah I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  They say the mission is preparation for real life so I'll probably get some boss in  the future that does the some.  So I should probably learn now to not pull jokes on him or call him things like a big angry banana.

The most beautiful part of the week, was of course the baptisms.  There was a ward talent show first (don't get mad at me if you find any embarrassing fotos in facebook) and then right after the baptisms of 2 beautiful daughters of Zion.  More to come in another email I'm sending.

Well, enjoy your week, cause I enjoyed mine.  :)  I love you all, miss you all, and am praying for you.

Con Amor,
Elder Quaker

como padre como hijo; mom wanted a foto of us both.....

Selfie, Peruvian Missionary style:-)


Mas hijas de Dios


Yay for Sister Stefani and Sister Rosmery!

Stefani is the sister of michel (last weeks baptism) and was a little difficult, but after 6 weeks, finally entered the waters of baptism for a quick swim!
Rosmery is a single mom whos kids have been members for a few years.  She never wanted to listen to the missionarys until we caught her in the street playing tag with her kids haha, we were instantly patas and 5 weeks later she became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Aly aly alejandro

this was actually 3 weeks ago lol... enjoy