Monday, November 17, 2014

Life is like a box of chambones...

Querida familia,

Well, the trunkyness is over.  A new change has come and gone and back to work.  But change is good right?  We said goodbye to Elder Forward and my son Elder Ramirez, and I thought that was that.  I also thought, "Ya know, its a new year and a new chance to work even harder.  Time to cut any slacking off and work 100% obedient with my new companion."  President announced the changes, "And Elder Walker will be working with... Elder Sosa!!!"  Elder who?  Salsa?  WAit... NOoooooOOO!!!!!!!   AHhhhaHHHh  THe last thing I wanted to do to start off my last year was babysit!  Haha.  ah.  I knew from the first moment that he was a chambon and that I would be babysitting for a whole change.

So ever since Tuesday that's exactly what I've been doing haha.  Elder Sosa is actually a really cool guy, and I enjoy my time with him.Hes from Quito Ecuador and a super futbolista.  Hes19 years old and has 10 months in the mish but one could say he's already finished haha.   He's always joking around and doing who knows what.  But that also means he's not focusing on the work.  And if he's not, who is?  Oh ya.  Elder Quaker.    But I do have a bit of happiness knowing that I'm the District Leader and have more time, so I can still take charge without problem.

So ya that's this week and you can expect the same for 5 more weeks haha.  We also moved houses this week.  I was sick of my old house and thought we were winning by moving.  But once all  the stuff was moved in and finally rearranged, I realized it was3 times as small as my last apartment.  Plus no signal plus questionable electricity and water plus cockaroaches plus chickens cockadiddling all night long.  Ya to save time I'll stop there.  Terrible idea haha, plus the members are constantly trying to talk to us.  Get me out of here!!!!!  Nope I've already payed for the whole month.  Great.  Well, that's the joys of the mission. :)

More adventures to come next week.  Don't worry about good ol Elder Wafer, he·ll make it out alive.  Just send as many prayers, letters, packages, and love as possible before Christmas!! ;)  I'll write ALL of you back!!
As we say in the district Las Lomaximas,
Love you BYEeeeeEE!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Another CCM friend
Untamed llama tried to eat me
My new compy, Elder Thotha!!!
Goodbye Elder Forward y familia
Goodbye my beloved son
Goodbye hug

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