Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 55

Querida familia,

Yup it's officially summer here.  Time to bring out the Christmas lights and fans.  I remember my last summer here, besides being super trunky and lost, it was miserably hot.  Climbing hills, teaching, walking, dying.  Bring it on. One of the greatest inventions of America?  Air conditioning.  I haven't seen that since I got here.  Lol I remember the only air conditioning in my first area was the bishops office in the church, so we'd always break in just to cool off in his office and drink his Inca kola.  Any door in the church here can be opened with a broom if you're a tall gringo. ;)

With a trunky companion, I have a lot more personal study time (for those of you who know what I mean).  I've learned A LOT already and have also taken Dad's advice to read Jesus the Christ.  I got tired of studying Lehi's dream. ;)  Lol nah I'm still obedient don't worry mommy.  My companion super chill and does whatever I tell him.  Just that he won't do a single thing by himself.  He's a cool guy, but doesn't show emotion.  And even though he tries to act in front of everybody that he's tough, I know inside he has a heart of gold. :)  Sometimes I catch him humming songs or playing with children.  One time I could of sworn he was humming Katy Perry...

With investigators, I'll finally be marrying and baptizing a complete family this week!!  The marriage will be Friday, and, well the baptism will be next week because they had faena.  There's something here called faena and its Satan's numero 1 instrumento to keep investigators from going to church.  Because many people live in hills here, they have some sort of legal contract to build a staircase every other Sunday at 9 in the morning.  Pretty sure it should be illegal.  And it's just in time of church.  But anyways!  I'm super happy and excited for my little family. :D  Their names are Yovana, Luis, y ¨Paloma.  And other than that we have 2 snakes- I mean teenagers who will also be baptized this month. :)

There was one moment thuper scury this week as we were climbing the hill to my snake- I mean investigator's house.  Just as we arrived near the tippy top- BWAHHH!!!  The whole hill began to shake and everyone was going loco.  I honestly thought it was an earthquake and said my last prayer.  But it turned out just to be a super temblor.  But I watched it as it went through the whole city and shook the lights.  The whole city was barking and beeping.  I really hope you guys get to see one of these when you come.

Well Happy Hanukah or whatever holiday it is your celebrating back home.  I'll be sending Xmas letters to as many as I can, so if anybody would like a letter from good ol Elder Quaker, send me your name and Ill send one to home base for you. :D   I love you all, miss you all, and ya you know the rest.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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