Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oops I did it again

Querido familia,

Man how time flies in internet.  I'm already getting kicked off and I haven't even written the MVPs... my family :(

This week... I can't even remember what happened.  We just.... worked.  Weird right?  Last night I realized that I'm letting my new responsibilities get to my head.  By that I mean that I'm dedicating too much time to them, and practically none to myself.  Last week I got zero sleep and went to bed late every night.  And then my companion snored all night haha.  But then while we were walking in the street the other day, a song came on that reminded me of something very important.  "Ya we work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard!"  I realized that I'm working hard.... But I'm not Playing hard!!  Its all about the balance I guess.  So if you find yourself stressed, mad, or completely lost, its because you're not playing hard enough!  Chill out, take some time for yourself, and take time to remember who you are and why you're even doing what you're doing.  We cant be guided by the Spirit in our lives if we never take time to listen to it.

So I guess that's spiritual message for the week.  Always work hard, but don't forget to play hard ;) playing hard is just as important as working hard.

But the efforts payed off as we had 10 investigators come to church with 6 new baptismal dates and a family, in just our first 2 weeks.  I'm content, but this week we'll work even harder.  But when the work is done, we´ll play even harder ;).

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Friday, August 22, 2014

Goodbye Manzanos......

I........ am..................... Tired.  And I can't even type cuz all of the letters on this keyboard are destroyed.

Yes, I was transferred.  And yes I did cry.  And not because I was transferred, but because of President.  We arrived at the offices, no big deal.  My companion and I were having our last laughs and tears when President announced the changes.  Elder blah blah blah will be blah blah blah........ Elder Walker!  Who?  Me?  oh ok.  "Elder Walker will be training!".... Noo.... "as District Leader!"..... No!......  "and opening a new area!!"................................. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
"There's pizza waiting for you inside."
Oh... well that's ok then.

Well I'm officially a daddy.  I've been out 9 months in the field and finally had a kid.  No mom, it wasn't a snake...  His name is Elder Ramirez, and he's... special :)  He reminds me al ot of my trainer Elder Naquiche.  Hes from Piura Peru just like Naquiche and acts exactly like him.  He's always talking or always singing some song, which is kind of makes me trunky lol.  He teaches well and isn't scared at all, but always talks about flowery stuff like the love of Christ and feeling his love touch our hearts.  Me, I never say stuff like that.  But some how it works!  He says it and I think it was just super cheesy, but then the Latinos say "Awww, I would love to feel that!"  What?!  Sweet, whatever works, just get baptized next week, alright?  lol, nah I don't say that.  But If I had one word to describe him, it'd be fruit.  Fruity on the outside, but sweet on the inside.  Sweet guy.  He's really fun tho.  He always wants to do something new, even when I'm super lazy and make him clean my shoes, fill out my district leader paperwork, or make him do contacts.  The only thing that bothers me... just like my trainer... he snores!!!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!  ahhhhhh of all the kids I could've had..... Luckily I saved those ear plugs from mom. ;)

My new area is PURE hills.  Worse than my first area.  It's all really just come down on me at once.  Its a lot of new responsibility and work, enough to make one trunky.  But I'd say I'm handling it well.  Just wish I could get some sleep at night instead of listening to snores....  lol he snores like hes drowning.  Sometimes I think he really is.  
My point is...please pray for me and our new area this week.  There's A LOT to do and it kind of stresses me out sometimes.  I'm alright and still having fun, but an extra push would help ;)

I'd love to include a spiritual message, but I'm out of time from trying to type on a keyboard that doesn't have keys haha.  Next week will be different.  I love you all, and I hope you're all safe and happy. :)  Have a fruitylicious week, and stay tuned for more sweet stuff next week!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 44-August 11, 2014

Querido familia,

To bring this transfer to a close, we had one more baptism. :) The sister of Lorena (my convert from June) Joselyn has been attending church, seminary, reading, praying, and flirting- I mean receiving lessons from the missionaries.  (hey flirt to convert right?  Works every time.)  (nah I'm joking) (Only a little)  And she suddenly felt a strong compelling feeling that everything was right.  And finally her mom agreed to sign her permission form so that she could be baptized (that was an intense lesson).  Wo and behold she was last Saturday night, with a ward activity right after.  One of the best days of my mission.

It is very very likely that I'm changed this transfer, which will be very sad for me.  I've done a lot of hard work in this area, and just as the vineyard was beginning to flourish, this gardener will not get to enjoy the fruit of the harvest.  But in all honesty I already have.  Yesterday during Sacrament meeting, it really hit me how much I love to be a missionary.  Joeslyn was conferred the Holy Ghost, my convert Eduardo served me the sacrament, and I saw the happy faces of all my converts as I gave my last sacrament talk in this ward.  Seeing how much their lives have changed, how active and strong they are in the church, and how happily they look to the future, makes me feel so much joy.  Even if I do get transferred, just knowing I'll still see them in the next life because of all my sufferings to bring them the gospel, makes me happy.  And not the kind of happy that ends.  The kind of happy that just thinking about it gives you jingles and tingles, and fills the holes in your soul.

Stay tuned for transfer news, and have a killer week.  Stay true.  Stay strong.  Stay fresh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Photo Captions:  Ward activity, , Joeslyn, p di hola a taquito, happy birthday to me . . . soy misio ahora, my new sweet raedok shorts, latest fashion, Nothin' like a Dorito Samich while doing weekly planning . . . el peor

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Real Message

Querido lindo familia,

¡Buenos dias!  Greetings from Peru!  Elder Walker here.  Well, lets just get to it.  I'm... Immmmm........... I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I wrote lame letters all last month. 
Phew!  Glad that's over.  Lest get to the good stuff now, ya?

2 weeks ago we had 2 more baptisms.  Two kids named Eduardo and Valentino.  And once again, golden converts.  Man, feels like all I do is baptize golden converts.  lol.  Sure, they are kids, but they are better than any kids of their age!  Eduardo is only 12, but is already making plans to serve a mission, and is already saving his money!  They both read everything we leave them, and participate in all activities.  But above all, they're a complete family now.  They're siblings were inactive, and fighting all the time.  But now they're all active in the church, activities, they pray everyday, they read everyday, they love everyday, peace has been restored to the universe.  I believe one of the greatest blessings of the gospel to be the family.  Nothing replaces family, nor should anything replace the love and support one member has for the other.  But when things of the world replace that bond, it only leads to a dead end. And usually destroys the family.  Its especially sad for me as a missionary here in Peru, because I see it everyday.  Fathers prefer to drink and party in their free time. Mothers work all day and don't have time for their kids.  Kids end up spending all their day in the street, and doing whatever activities they pick up there.  Thus Satan and the world cheat them, and they go their separate ways doing what makes them "happy".  But happiness is temporary.  Families are forever.

On another spiritual note, my investigators are going great!  We are teaching a family right now named familia Becerra.  The father loves his 3 daughters and wife more than anything In the world, and especially loves the fact that families can be forever, thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  It took about a month to really get them to progress, but now they're reading everything we leave 3 times, and praying!  Lo maximo!!  They still haven't attended church, but that's all gunna change this week ;)

My convert, Lorenah, is seriously the best convert in the world.  She is more than active in the church, and is still progressing spiritually.  We've actually talked some deep doctrine too.  She loves to learn more.  Shes really more my friend now than just a convert.  This week her sister should get baptized too.  Stay tuned!!

My companion, Elder Espitia.  Have I told you guys I love him?  Well if I didn't, I love my companion.  He's actually not a very social person, which bothers me because I usually end up talking to the investigators.  But he's da best!  Any scripture you want- he has it!  He also speaks a lot of English.  Oh and every time he sees a dog, he has to tell me some fun fact about dogs.  I usually make fun of him by telling him random fun facts about cats.  Did you know cats can feel the Spirit too?  Did you know if you leave a cat out in the sun, it'll explode?

In personal news, Elder Walker is getting fat.  Not fat fat, but pretty fat.  So I'm kind of fat but not fat fat so pretty fat.  Everyone tells me I'm skinny, but it just makes me feel more fat.  But I guess I am fat, spiritually, everyday I feast upon the words of Christ. ;)  Oh ya and speaking of cats, a cat peed all over my suitcase.  It doesn't bother me, but don't ask me why there's a giant yellow splotch on my big suitcase.  And speaking of poop, I'm so tired of poop.  The streets here are covered in poop.  I wish I could call down a flood like Noah to clean the streets here.  I step in at least 5 piles a day, 3 of them fresh.  But its also funny, because if you see a giant skid mark on the side walk, you can see where someone step in a pile and slid! hahahaaaaa, its funny to me because I've done it daily.  So it's really not that funny, so don't laugh.

I also at some guinea pig this week.  Check out the pictures, and Ill let you guys decide if it was delicious.  Because it was  ;)

There was also a giant fiesta outside our apartment last Saturday night, and went ALL NIGHT.  At 3 in the morning, my companion and I finally decided to call war. Fiesta at 3 in the morning on the sabbath day??  Apostasy!  Using my birthday balloons (thanks mom!) we went to the roof, filled them up with water, and began throwing them at the fiesta full of drunks, to cleanse this apostasy.  Brilliant idea!!  Except not one of them hit the party hahaha.  Disappointed, heart broken, and feeling like losers, we surrendered and went back to bed.

Well, I promise a spiritual message next week.  But I hope this gave you all a better picture of what I've been doing here in Peru the last few months  :)
Have a great week, and remember, you guys are the real MVPs.
Keep it fresh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker