Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 44-August 11, 2014

Querido familia,

To bring this transfer to a close, we had one more baptism. :) The sister of Lorena (my convert from June) Joselyn has been attending church, seminary, reading, praying, and flirting- I mean receiving lessons from the missionaries.  (hey flirt to convert right?  Works every time.)  (nah I'm joking) (Only a little)  And she suddenly felt a strong compelling feeling that everything was right.  And finally her mom agreed to sign her permission form so that she could be baptized (that was an intense lesson).  Wo and behold she was last Saturday night, with a ward activity right after.  One of the best days of my mission.

It is very very likely that I'm changed this transfer, which will be very sad for me.  I've done a lot of hard work in this area, and just as the vineyard was beginning to flourish, this gardener will not get to enjoy the fruit of the harvest.  But in all honesty I already have.  Yesterday during Sacrament meeting, it really hit me how much I love to be a missionary.  Joeslyn was conferred the Holy Ghost, my convert Eduardo served me the sacrament, and I saw the happy faces of all my converts as I gave my last sacrament talk in this ward.  Seeing how much their lives have changed, how active and strong they are in the church, and how happily they look to the future, makes me feel so much joy.  Even if I do get transferred, just knowing I'll still see them in the next life because of all my sufferings to bring them the gospel, makes me happy.  And not the kind of happy that ends.  The kind of happy that just thinking about it gives you jingles and tingles, and fills the holes in your soul.

Stay tuned for transfer news, and have a killer week.  Stay true.  Stay strong.  Stay fresh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Photo Captions:  Ward activity, , Joeslyn, p di hola a taquito, happy birthday to me . . . soy misio ahora, my new sweet raedok shorts, latest fashion, Nothin' like a Dorito Samich while doing weekly planning . . . el peor

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