Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15-I'm sailing on-Good-bye Las Lomas

Querida familia,

Como estan?  Que bien.

Excitement and pressure are high as changes are TODAY.  Reminds me a lot of when I was with my companion Elder Pizarro.  Super cool guy.  But everyday praying that changes and my day of liberation would come... LOL.

This week was super chill.  I did a few work visits, and members were constantly accompanying us to do visits.  Lessons are a lot more spiritual when you have the testimony of a normal member there.  Therefore,  accompany your ward missionarys!!!  Yet after all my hard work, only 1 investigator came to church.... yup time for changes LOL.

My favorite investigator of all time is Edwin Saucedo.  A fun, relaxed joven 16 years old who's teaching me how to breakdance, but at the same time is converting into a Disciple of Christ.  He understands everything we teach, and actually reads and prays!!!!  Can believe that??  Someone who actually reads and prays by their own will.  He didn't come to church this week.... but its ok cuz he still is progressing haha.  He told us of spiritual experiences hes had praying, and even how God has answered his prayers.  One of them being that his best friend would be protected and make a good decision instead of something that would ruin him, and it came true!  Ever since then hes known that we´re here for a reason and what we teach is true.  Love that guy.

To end this epistle, Ill answer Moms bonus survey.
What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?
The most exciting thing of my week.... going to church?

  What lesson did the Lord teach you this week?
That you cant force the spiritual.  It comes through peace, love, and time.

  What was the most humbling moment?
Most humbling is my own failures that I blame my weak faith for.  I should know and do better and not get lazy.

  What gospel principle did you study this week and feed your testimony?
I was studying in Revelations especially chapter 17 and was hit by a doubt, because alot was exactly what Nefi saw in his vision in 1 nefi 11-14.  I read and compared, and had no idea that Nefi also saw what John saw.  In the end, I honestly felt the Spirit burning in me that it is true, and made my testimony 100 times stronger in the prophets, especially Joseph Smith, and that revelations are real.

  What Peruvian Christmas tradition do you find most interesting and why?
I absolutely love how everybody in the whole town sets off fireworks.  EVERYbody.  Its kind of dangerous.  They also consider it good luck to rub your face with a guinea pig......  I'm going to have a lot of good luck this year ;)

  How does this year compare to last year?
I'm a'lot more mature and not even 100th bit trunky as I was last year.

  Are you and your companion enjoying opening a package every day?
Its amaazzzinnnnnng!

 How is the coloring coming?
Sometimes I forget....  buts its beautiful.

  Did you give the mission president’s wife her gift?
Snot Christmas yet....

Have a great week!!!!  Stay tuned for changes!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
My Fan Club and a better one

December 8, Hoppy Holidays; Merry Fishmas; So much Christmas Cheer

Querida familia!

Woo!  This week was SO excited!!  I saved a cat from a train, stopped an armed robbery, and baptized 50 llamas.

Ok so you already can tell nothing interesting happened this week.  Surprise.  No, to be honest I was a chambon and didn't write anything during the week to tell y'all, so I'll just answer moms questionnaire :)

"Your turn to talk.  Tell us about your experiences this week-by detail.  How do you feel during the discussions?
I feel... pressure.  Well it depends!  I try to be their friends at first and joke around, but most people are boring and don't like my jokes... lol.  So we teach and depending on if they understand the message, I get pumped and start to testify until we are taken away by the spirit and start to sing angelic halelujahs!!    Something like that.

  Has God answered any of your prayers?
Yes.  1% of 100.  He only answers when I actually pray for a good reason and true sincerity.  But when he does answer, its an unforgettable experience/feeling.

  Do you get promptings?
Always.  But mostly when I see pizza half price.

  What’s the most exciting thing that happened? 
Most exciting thing?  When I saved the cat from getting hit by the train.

Baptizing 50 llamas

Turns out you're not allowed to baptize llamas.

Learned I cant baptized llamas anymore.  but they didn't say anything about alpaca...

  Where do you feel the most growth is? 
The most growth Ive felt is the green mold in my toe nails.  LOL jk mom.  The most growth would be my own maturity and testimony of the plan of salvation.  Also that keeping the commandments bring us more happiness than not.

 What have you changed the most? 
Ive changed how lazy and ungrateful I was.  Ill never forget how good we have it in America...  And Ive learned obedience even if I dont understand why.

 How do you like your package?
BEAUTIFUL!!!  HERMOSO!  MUUUUUUUUCHAS GRACIAS!  Que Dios te bendiga!  Es lo maximo!  Everyday I have a little surprise to wake up to.  Thuper cool.

Well that's where the questions end.  For all of those who dont know, the Church is doing (How is it in English?)  "He is the Gift"  En español EL ES LA DADIVA.  Its a super cool video/program to remind the world that besides the gifts and family and holiday cheer, Christmas is about remembering the birth of Christ.  The greatest gift the God gave us.  For God so loved the World the He sent His Beloved Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, the same should not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16.
Remember this Christmas, your Savior.  And what truly matters most.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Pictures:  Exito!!!  So Much Christmas Cheer
*I mailed his package the middle of November fully expecting it not to arrive by December 1st because it usually takes 6 weeks.  The Peruvian post office was even on strike.  I was so surprised when he told me the package arrived December 1st-two weeks later!  I had included a count down calendar with tree, ornaments and something to open daily for he and his companion.  Thus the pictures.  Mama Walker 
Can you see the picture of his girl?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hamsters can swim . . .

Querida familia,

Thanksgiving!!!  How exciting if you actually have friends.  And money. And food. I have none of those so I passed it eating a bag of Oreo with milk filling out the area book.  Whoop.

I got called to migracions again this week,little to my surprise that after 1 year I FINALLY GOT MY VISA!!!!!! Whoop.

The wife and daughter of my family were baptized last Saturday. Such a special day :)  I shed one tear bearing my testimony for added effect.  I gave them a picture of the temple as a gift but sadly will already be in Vegas before they get sealed in the temple... But the husbands getting baptized next month so stay tuned :D

Sorry this letter sucks.  I ate Way too much aji hot sauce last night and payed for it this morning.  Still suffering, but when I get better, thinking Ill go for another round of aji tonight... Whoop.

I love you.

Con Amor,
Elder Wafer

Fam soto lara. My favorite family yet. Very spiritual baptism, wish you could all be there.  The husband will be baptized next month...