Tuesday, December 11, 2012

last email MERRY X-MAS.....

Dear World,

I write to you with a heavy heart, but contrite spirit.  I could write about how crazy life still is as a missionary and all the funny stories and miracles we witness each day, but rather I am going to bear testimony of what I know to be true and some things I´ve learned.  I cannot believe this amazing journey I have embarked in over the past year has come to a close.  I have learned soooo much!!!  First of all I have learned the importance of becoming a "Preach My Gospel" missionary.  It works!  I hope to continue putting what I have learned into practice.  As this chapter of my life comes to a close I just want to say thank you everyone for your love and support.  Most of all I am grateful for the love of my Savior.  I know he lives, loves me, and watches over me in every footstep.  I have learned the most about my Savior out here and what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  How interesting that he, like us, had to learn and understand who he was, and about His purpose as He progressed in life.  Through the scriptures, His gifts, determination, and abilities, He learned of His role as the Savior.  In order to qualify as our Savior he had to go through everything we went through and more.  Through my life and mission I have tried to catch a glimpse of understanding His life and Atonement, but will never fully comprehend it.  What I do know and understand is His love for me.  What a great opportunity it´s been to show my love back by serving as His representative for the past year and a half.  I trust Him, and for that I have been blessed.  I have felt His love in my life and much more as I have shared it with others.  I have gone from having a testimony to a rock solid testimony.  One that cannot be shaken.  What is a testimony?  Something you KNOW.  I know the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lifes because I have seen it change my life for the better.  As I have sacrificed worldly things, possesions, and activities to follow Christ, I have learned what is truly important to me.  This experience was the best preparation I needed for my future and my Heavenly Father knew that.  My understanding, appreciation and desire to read the scriptures has grown tramendously.  After several times of reading the Book of Mormon over the course of my mission it becomes more apparent how important this book is, how true it is, and how it can miraculously change ones life.  I now try to imagine what it would be like being there, especially when Christ came.  How would I have approached him, what would I have said to him, what would He have said to me?  I imagine Him pleading to the Father in my case.  I hope He is proud of the job I´ve done out here in Barcelona España.  I don´t know if you´ve seen the movie "Mr. Kruegar´s Christmas" when he´s at the foot of baby Jesus´s craddle talking and pleading with Him?  Well that´s about how I feel right now at this point with all the emotion and thoughts running through my head.  I LOVE my Savior!  He is my Lord and King.  We need to use this time wisely to prepare for His coming, because I know He will come and I know we will see miracles in the process if we choose to follow Him.  I love this church, I love everything about it and KNOW it to be true.  I know Joseph Smith restored the church of Jesus Christ back to the earth.  The way I have gained that testimony is throught the Book of Mormon and Bible.  I know them both to be true books, both testaments of Christ that work hand in hand.  I know that the Priesthood authority (permission straight from God) to baptize was also restored back to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.  What a key role He played in this dispensation so that we could know the truth and follow our Savior with full purpose of heart and finally understand through such confusing times.  I love the Lord and know that He died for us so that we can live with Him and the Father again in their Kingdom.  How do I KNOW these things to be true?  I have read, prayed about it, and applied Christ´s doctrine in my life.  I close my mission saying that I know Christ LIVES!  In the name of our Savior, Lord, and King AMEN.

with love for the last time,


* see ya´ll soon! *
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Toma mi mano

Dear familia,

First things first. Christmas. I think it´s better to skype. I have already found many, but they might change my area this next week so we´ll see about that. But the plan right now is skype at 10 your time 2 my time. If that changes I´ll let you know.

Right now, I feel a bit grateful for the thing I have. And for the letters that you guys write. It really does help. I was just talking to a new Elder (Van Horn). He is from Seattle and is a new convert from about a year and a half ago. None of his family are members and really don´t support him. In all of his 12 weeks, he hasn´t recieved one letter and to top it off, he´s having a terrible time with his companion. I feel for him but I also know that it will make him stronger and into someone that God wants him to be.

The Christmas Season is now starting everywhere. When it rains here, it snows in the mountains right above us. I hear christmas music every so often. Yesterday, all the members (and investigadors) in Cochabamba and a few from La Paz and Santa Cruz came to the temple. We heard about 10 choirs sing while the missionaries work hard passing out stuff, talking, greeting, getting references, and basically doing missionary work all around. I felt like I was listening to middle school choirs the whole time. I was really funny when the tried singing songs in Engrish. Ok, I would say the last choir moved up to High School level when the sang Halleluia by Handel.

``Don´t you know that Leapords don´t change their spots?´´
``Don´t you know that I don´t work with leapords, I work with humans and they change everyday.´´
Remember the words of President Monson that people can change. We have to help them, but before we can, we ourselves have to be helped. Yellow and yellow don´t make green, but yellow and blue.

Chau chau
-Elder Walker

This is me singing Phil Collins at the top of my lungs this morning.
``Como me apena al verte llorar, toma mi mano siéntela. Yo te protejo de cualquir cosa. No lloras mas aqui estoy.
En mi corazón, tu vivirás. Desde hoy será y para siempre amor. En mi corazòn, no importa que dirán. Dentro de mi corazòn estarás, siempre.´´

merry christmas darling...

Dear Family,
All the lights are up and WOW What a crazy week.  It seems like missionaries are always on the go...on the go on the go..onthe go.  And just from that to the colder weather and all the millions of eating citas we have had WE GOT SICK!!!!!  yes first my compy and the day later me.  3 days in bed no work!  It was miserable.  bueno better now then in 2 weeks i guess.  we received a blessing from the elders...thank goodness for the Priesthood!!!  So much for training as well.  I was supposed to train again, but at this rate with none of the Hermanas getting their visas and me going home...my guess is it ain´t happinin!!  ha.  Also so much for music....my i-POD got fried from the voltage here in Spain.  After a good year and a half it just couldn´t take the conversion of the voltage and went crazy one day ruffley the next and now it doesnt even turn on...sad. In the next couple of months we are doubling and the sister will be training 2 at once!!!  AHHH!!!!  so glad i won´t be here.  Also we randomly ran into Americans from utah that are members and they treated us to lunch!  First time in my whole mission....they were hilarious!  they just got off their cruise.

Anyway, President sent me this poem this week with a couple other remarks and I thought you all would enjoy it!!!  It explains a little of what I am going through....

President Pace

Sister Walker,

You are terrific! Thanks for your kind letter and kind words. I think you are right about Hna Johnson. I have never heard her say anything bad about anyone or anything. Really a remarkable attitude.

You are a choice daughter of our Heavenly Father. You are a wonderful missionary. You are a great worker and have blessed so many other missionaries and investigators. I am attaching below a poem that I have enjoyed. You don't having any problem with "hoeing to the end of the row", but I thought you might enjoy it also.

Sister Pace and I love you so much and will always be grateful for the privilege of knowing you and serving with you. You are going to do great things in the service of the Master throughout your life.

Pte Pace

Hoe to the End of the Row!

Bill Brown made a million,
Bill Brown, think of that.
That boy you remember,
As poor as a rat.

He hoed for the neighbors,
Did jobs by the day.
And Bill made a million,
Or near it they say.

He worked for my father,
You’ll maybe recall.
He wasn’t a wonder,
Not that, not at all.

He couldn’t out-hoe me,
Or cover more ground,
Or hoe any faster,
Or beat me around.

In fact, I was better
In one way that I know.
One toot from the kitchen
And home I would go.

But Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

We used to get hungry
Out there in the corn.
You talk about music,
What equals a horn?

A horn yellin’ dinner,
And tomatoes and beans,
And pork and potatoes,
And gravy and greens.

I ain’t blamin’ no one
For quittin’ on time.
To quit with the whistle,
That ain’t any crime.

But as for the million,
Well, this much I know.
Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

- Anonymous


Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

up down turn around

Dear family,

I really don´t have much on my mind to write about especially in comparison to the last couple weeks. But thanks for your prayers, help, and other stuff you guys do for me. It really does help the work along.
There was a holiday (or something like that) this week here in Bolivia. It was called ``dia de peaton´´. I really liked it. Cars, trucks, taxis, etc., are forbidded in Cochamba for one day. There were blockades throughout all the streets so no one could drive. It meant that everyone was on bikes (some on their motorbikes which i didn´t like) or walked. It was cool seeing everyone on the streets. Very peaceful. I also got on camera. The T.V. station filmed my companion and I walking. But it´s not like it´s anything new for us.

In Marissa´s final days of the mission, she´s probably feeling a little bit on the trunky side. How do i know? Because I´m sitting next to some Elders that are going home in December or January (it´s seems like everyone I know in the mission are going home and i don´t know anyone) and they are trunkier than the fattest tree in the world. All they talk about is going home. And it really doesn´t help that they´re playing techno music in the backround of this internet place. I just hope I´m not like that in a year. Marissa, finish it off strong!

You know what´s weird, the more I share the gospel, the more desires I have to do it. The less I share it, the less. Maybe it does make sense. But the thing is, when I just start talking to people in the streets, buses, houses, etc., I want to just share it with everyone. Then there are some days when I don´t really feel like it, and thats when I start losing the desires that I once had. Sounds pretty simple, but at the same time, it´s really deep if you ask me. It´s like light and truth. We gain light and truth by being obedient and applying the things we learn in our life. Everyday, we´re gaining and losing the light and truth by doing or not doing the things of God. Think about. Re-examine your life to see if everything you do is in harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And that´s the way the cooking crumbles
Elder Walker

Random lunch date . . .

We are members from Utah and we ran into your daughter in Barcelona and invited 
her to lunch. Here is a picture of her.  She is doing great! 
Butch Johnson