Saturday, December 31, 2011

First E-mail from the MTC from Craig!

Hola mis familia, 
oh man, I only have 23 more minutes. I've been trying to figure this 
thing out for 7 min. Also, this keyboard is disgusting, greasy, the 
shift button harly workds, and i can barely see the letters.... 
Anyways, I am having a great time in case you guys want to know. The 
mtc is great! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. 
For the plane ride the first day, I sat next to that elder whom we met 
in the airport. I see him everywhere so apparently he's on the same 
schedule as me. William Lovell sat in front of me. After I sat down on 
the plane i closed my eyes and the next thing I knew, we were landing. 
I guess i was tired. I still am. I probably will be everyday. Yep. 
When I got off the plane, guess who was there to greet me? It was none 
other than Elder Holland!!! OK, that wasn't exactly true. But we did 
see him and he said, "welcome home elders." Little does he know that 
we are just beginning. The first day was different because I was just 
meeting everything and checking out the whole MTC. Also, my teacher 
only speaks in Espanol. 
Everyone keeps saying that I should just wait until sunday, then 
everything goes faster and time flies. Yesterday (friday) was really 
hard because we had to teach an investigator in espanol!!!! It's only 
been two days! It was like first riding a bike. My teacher Hermana 
Jardine pushed our bikes down a hill with no training wheels. It was 
intense. However, after all the awkward pauses of thinking how to say 
stuff and what to say, I feel it was a sucess because we invited him 
to come unto Christ by teaching him how to say an oracion. We made an 
appointment for Monday and we'll follow him up to see if he has been 
praying. I feel like my espanol has quadrupled since being here. 
Apparently, our teacher said that we are two days ahead of schedule! 
cool! My district and companion are great. My companion, Elder Knight, 
is an exact replica of Tanner stoker. He looks and talks like him. 
Their personalities are the same. 
My time is shortening by the second - literally. I wish I had more 
time because I have more things to say. Yo se´ que Dios es nuestro 
Padre Celestial y podemos regresar a Dios a medio la expiacion de 
Jesucristo. Yo se´ que Jose´ smith estaba un profeta cierto. En el 
nombre de Jesucristo, Amen 
-Craig Walker 
P.s. My p-day is thursday 

Craig is off!

We all rolled out of bed at 5:30.  Craig had to be woken because he set his alarm for "pm".  We found an Elder friend at the airport taking the same flight and same shuttle.  Elder Loveland from the Anthem Stake.  Mom forgot her ID after lecturing the day before about always having your ID on your body.  They would let everyone else through security to the gate.  A little bit what it might be like in Heaven if you aren't prepared.  Elder Loveland's mom took some photos for everyone. 
All packed at last, short two shirts:)
Family at airport
Ryan smiles because he is getting my shirts:)

Just before security
Flew with new found friend Elder Loveland

We took the same flight and shuttle

Boarding the plane
Last look and a thumbs up!  It will be okay.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New and Last Area

Dear Family,

My week was an excellent one. I am really excited to be in my new ward. It is a wonderful ward even though it is in one of the oldest parts of Rio. We are in the very first stake in Rio, but even though many missionaries have already worked these parts, there is still much more work to do! 

I met my new companion in the bus station and we were really excited. He treated me really well. He had cleaned off my desk and made a bed for me and everything. Elder Nascimento is really special. He is one of the most famous elders because wherever he goes, he baptizes well. I am excited to learn a lot from him. I have already noticed that he is really sincere in everything he says. He really teaches the people and not the lessons. He teaches to build their faith and not just to convince them that we're right. He always offers to help. There was one day that we literally spent hours helping people carry groceries and other things up the giant hills and stairs, but it really pays off. They take the time to listen to our message after we help them. These contacts are much better than regular contacts because they are already willing to accept our message. I love Elder Nascimento.

The first problem I noticed was the bad habits in the house. The house has and had a few elders who were going home, so a lot of elders didn't follow the missionary routine. The house was a mess. There is a ton of stuff to be thrown away. We will have to change things little by little. My desk was being used as the kitchen table and had little ants all over it. I changed that quickly. It can hurt a little bit at the beginning and I have to be a little  annoying, but it is well worth the fight. Last night I had a very special moment when one elder who is going home next month thanked me for the changes I am making in the house. I'm glad they can feel the difference. After all, The home is the only place that compares in sacredness to the temple. We can have a good time and still do all the things we're supposed to do. 

We are preparing a young woman to be baptized. Her name is Gerlane and she has already been to church with her friend who is a member. She readily accepted the invites and was going to be baptized on Christmas, but when we got there Sunday morning, she was sleeping. We never actually talked to her, but her friend said that he had woken her up and talked to her. He said she didn't want to go. We trusted him. Turns out, he lied. She called us at church crying and asking if she could still be baptized. Unfortunately, there wasn't any more time. It was hard for us too knowing that she really wanted to be baptized. It will be even better next week. Think about it. New Year, New Gerlane. Perfect. 

There are so many more investigators that we are working with including a less active family and a non-married couple. The couple will get married soon and we are really excited. They are elects! We are going to do a family night with them tonight.

I'll have many more details next week.

Lesson of the week: the two most important words: Thank You. It goes a long way. The little things we do make a big difference in the lives of others.

Love you all,

Elder Walker

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

YEs in deed we had a white Christmas!  Evans was baptized.  Miracle.  Ya know he is such a special guy.  Very emotionless, but humble.  Had to be baptized more the once, due to someone learning how to baptize for the first time, yet the spirit was so strong there!  so strong!  Then on Christmas his confirmation.  He received the holy ghost.  When he came back he had this HUGE grin on his face.  PRICELESS. 
We have many other investigators, but it seems as many are firing us during the holidays.  Lots of cancels, but we continue to stay strong.  It is also hard to get ahold of people this week.  Everyone is ignoring us, but in the meantime we´ve received lots of contacts.  The whole town is a ghost town this week.  Everything, EVERYTHING shuts down here for the holidays.  I feel like I´m on that movie with Will Smith, I am Legend.  Not a soul in the street or noise.  It was a very peaceful Christmas. 
Christmas has taken on a new meaning out here on the mission.  I mean all the presents were great that you sent mom, thanks, you did a great job this year, very simple and creative, but nothing beats the gift of serving all day then ending on a skype call with your family.  You all looked great, healthy, and happy.  Best gift ever!  Even after 5 months we can all just be our goofy selfs around each other, I love it and am so blessed with the family I have!  My companion even loved the Walker show, she thinks were hillarious haha.
We were fed by many members and friends.  Best part was at the Wolfart´s house.  They´ve become our best friends here in Zaragoza.  They are a half German half Spaniard family.  Good friends of the Uchdorfs actually.  The spirit is always so strong in their home.  They  gave my companion and I the opportunity to play Santa Clause (Papa Noel) this year.  It was so fun and the way they celebrate is so different. 
 I realized this week that a mission is the best marriage/family prep course you can get.  I feel like a mother taking care of a bunch of children, all of Heavenly Father´s children.  But I love it and am learning to be more responsible.  It´s really made me appreciate my own mother a ton!  So thanks mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Well I know the church is true.  I know my Savior lives and loves each and everyone of us.  How great it would be to be at the birth pight of our Savior that night.  Craigy,  GOod luck!!!!  I know you´ll do great and be a better missionary then both I and Cameron.  You´re way more prepared, since you were the one that pretty much gave me the mission prep low-down and had to explain everything to me in class haha.  You will make a swell missionary.  So no more advice from me.  Just know that it´s hard and you´re going to have to work, but you have to know how to make it fun or you´ll go crazy!!!  So find joy in the work, yea for simple joys in life :)
-Hermana Walker
ps i will have to send photos next week because there is no outlet here on the comp.
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Transfer back to Rio

Phone call -I'm being transferred. I don't know. Let's plan to skype 3:00 brazil time.

I still haven't received the christmas package, but my new zone is where the office is at, so when it arrives, I'll have it.

Dear family,

I am leaving Nova Friburgo. I am being transferred once again to
Rio de Janeiro. I will be in Andarai stake which is the stake in the city itself. I'm talking Christ redeemer statue, Copacabana and all that. I will probably end my mission there. 

The week was wonderful. We were limited on time due to mission conference in another city (Petropolis). Being short on time we did our best to talk with everyone and anyone we could just to teach a lesson with the hope that they would go to church on Sunday. We left Nova Friburgo on Thursday with no one that promised to go to church. Our travels only permitted us to get back on Saturday. When we finally returned, I had to do splits to do a baptismal interview which left Elder Assis , my companion, to be the senior in our area. elder Assis doesn't know our area too well. We were very unsure if he could manage it, but I figured it would be good for him to get to know the area a little better. He actually pulled it off rather well. He found every house and managed 5 people to promise to go to church. He also ran into his first bible bash and didn't know how to handle it. oops. On sunday two of the five were at church. They are a couple which means that we are in the process of baptizing a family. We actually had three investigators at church. This couple showed up, then ten minutes later another man showed up that we took to church last week. This other man isn't married. The funny part is that this man and the husband of our couple are brothers! Neither one knew that the other would be at church. We are in the process of baptizing a very large family. The members were excited to welcome a family. The bishop was impressed. I was happy. Then came the stressful part. Bishop called us out of our classes at church to talk about the family, but he had another surprise for us: two surprise talks! I had no idea what to say. A christmas talk? I gave a terrible talk. I pretty much just went up there and rambled on about christmas memories and missionary work. Never again! 

The conference was also a lot of fun. We commemorated birthdays, and I had forgotten about my birthday. I was slightly shocked when my name was called.  It was nice to see a lot of old faces: Elder Munns who says that mom still hasn't written him back, Elder Branco, Elder Cragun, and much more.

Well, I'm off to another area. I'm excited, but a little sad that I am leaving such a wonderful ward. However, I am happy to get out of here before the rain comes and floods the city again. 

Love you all and the church is true.

River running through town

Cam with scorpion

Muddy road
Companion with scorpion?
Elder Walker

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad! 
I am soooo excited to talk to you next Sunday!  It is still going to be at 6pm our time and 9am your time right???  Can´t wait.
So I am being deported out of the country and going home for Christmas....can you pick me up at the airport on Wednesday??  Just kidding!!!  But I am being deported back to Madrid.  Yes just until my fingerprints and paperwork are done.  Supposedly Zaragoza is the hardest place in Spain to get residency.  So just to get an appointment with them back in October was for Feb 7th.  But now so I don´t get deported has to be this week in Madrid.  Kind of exciting because we get to go with the Senior couple here whole are like our grandparents that take care of us and we´ll get a temple session in.   Always on the road it´s fun!  We also had our mission Christmas party in lleida.  2 hours east from here.  They showed a video of the year, which there were pictures they got that I don´t know how they got mom!  haha.  We had a white elephant gift exchange, in which of course me with my sense of humored gift, was the hit of the party.  President and Hermana Hinckley told stories and traditions of the Hinckley family the whole pizza dinner, which is a tradition of Grandma Hinckley, pizza dinner on Christmas with an ornament to hang on the tree.   Lot´s of laughing and fun, spiritual thoughts, they´re great!!!   
We did a lot of contacting this week.  Lot´s and lot´s and lot´s because we were fired from so many lessons.  My companion has a hard time contacting because I think she just either talks herself out of it, is shy, or maybe just a little trunky since she´s at the same point as Cameron in the mission.  She goes home in March.  But as long as I´m daring her and giving her motivation she does it.  We did over 50 contacts at least a day.  Just left and right.  Found a lot of families that will be great to teach.  It wore me out though.  I just crashed today and am a little sick with a sore throat from talking so much.  Oh great news, Juan Pablo my first convert wants to serve a mission!!!!  Ah I thought, this is why we do what we do, so we´ve been meeting with him a lot and taking him on visits a lot to prepare him.  His dad in new york city is going to hopefully help pay for it!!!!  So exciting to really see him change these past couple of months.  We also had a branch combined activity.  It was interesting and we´ll just leave it at that....haha.  But I played the piano at it for the primary.  We both sang in the choir, then everyone was begging me to dance.  I told them no that they´d just have to come to the states to watch me haha.  I was not going to get up there as a missionary spin around with my leg above my head in a missionary skirt and attire haha.  But Hermana Church got right up and tap danced, it was cute. 
I wanted to take the rest of the time to acknowledge my 3 brothers Ryan, Craig, and Cameron.  Yep yep time for a little sissy talk from your big sister!   I want to start by taking the time to say how much I love each of you dearly and am so proud and honored to be your sister.  Thank you for always staying worthy of the Priesthood and sticking up for the right.  I appreciate your desires as well to serve the Lord.
Let´s start with Cameron.  Elder Walker hang in there!  You got it.  I know exactly what you´re going through because it´s exactly what my companion is going through right now.  Whatever you do, hang in there!  Stay positive and look for ways to continue to loose yourself in the work.  A good friend used to always tell me, anytime you get homesick, it just means you´re not working hard enough.  Now I know you´re a hard worker.  Just continue to stay in the mind set so once you pass the goal line, you can feel on top of the world and say yes I served with all of my mind, might, heart, and strength!  Go the extra mile now, that is when you build character.  Rely on the Lord.
Craigy Baby!  I love you, you´re so cute with all of your comments you send me.  I miss you and Cameron at BYU with me!  You make me laugh.  Some advice as you enter the MTC little Elder Walker is that you focus on reading your language BOM, all of it in the MTC.  As a representative of Jesus Christ at this time, I am here to promise you as you do so the language will come faster then anyone in your district.  A lot of my Bolivian friends here say to tell you good luck and a lot of other things that I don´t have time to write.  Good luck Elder!
Ryan, my baby brother.  Remember when Craig and Cameron would pick on you all the time and I would be there to defend you?  I love you never forget that.  Here I am now to say defend your grades and continue to commit yourself to prepare for your mission.  My MTC president gave a lot of good advice for good grades.  1 - sit on the second row off to the right and sit in the same place ever time  2 - Participate in class discussions   3 - take notes and summarize daily and weekly.  4 - arrange a good schedule etc etc 5 - study early  6 - hand in ALL papers ahead of time.  7 - study for tests from the summaries  8 - PRAY!  and never miss class!!!
Love you all, Happy Holidays! 
Hermana Walker

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission

John and Kenya's baptism
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
What a beautiful time of year it is to really remember the birth of our Savior.  He has prepared the way for us.  All we need to do is follow his example.  Once we have dedicated our life to the Savior and have chosen to follow him and know thee, we must share that beautiful gift with everyone else.  So that´s exactly what we did this week, we were able to bring 2 souls unto CHrist this week.  Kenya and John.  John is 9 and Kenya is 13.  The baptism was a little stressful because they´re hard to get out the door and going and it was the first time I had to be in charge of everything I felt like!  AH!  Somehow I always pick up all the responsibilities or it won´t get done.  What a great opportunity to learn and grow from, how thankful I am.  This family has grown so dear to my heart.  I really feel like we´ve taken a broken family and turned them into a functioning family again.  A couple of years ago they lost their dad who had a heart-attack while driving, then died.  A month later the twins, who were babies and the youngest died in a house fire.  The oldest daughter, who is being rebellious right now and we think is pregnant, tried saving them but was burnt in the process and suffers with a big old scar up her now.   It´s just devastating the whole situation.  They´ve been inactive forever but we finally got them to church and blessed their family with baptism and the spirit.  The youngest was scared of the water so it took him forever to get in the water, but once he did, I just starting tearing up as I helped him step by step down in the water.  It was an emotional and stressful day, but sooooo rewarding!!!!!!  True joy.  The miracle to this story is the example John was to his sister.  As he showed his desire to be baptized his older sister Kenya, who never wanted to participate or be baptized, finally came around.  She never wanted anything to do with us and for lack of better terms was very disrespectful and bratty with us.  But the week of her brothers baptism she happened to be sitting there listening to the lesson and was answering all the questions we were asking her brother John.  As we simply invited her to be baptized she was smiling and at peace and says "Si!"  What a miracle.  All she needs is love.  Love that from her Heavenly Father and Savior knowing that everything is going to be alright no matter how hard her life has been.
As missionaries we travel a lot.  I feel like I´ve been to a lot of different cities in Spain and really been able to embrace the culture.  This week we had the priviledge of going to Barcelona and hearing a member of the 70 speak.  Incredible!  How neat it was to get on the tram there and join a huge army of missionaries coming from all over the mission.  It was fun and very exciting!  I´ll send a picture in front of the Sagrada Familia.  I also got to see my MTC companion and we stayed the night with them and other sisters, it was a huge party and sleepover as we all united.  Lot´s of fun!!! 
We went caroling last night on the bridge by Pilar as a way to say goodbye to everyone because transfers are today.  It´s so sad to see everyone leave, I almost cried!  These people really become your family out here.  One set of Hermana´s left, and one set of Elders, the zone leaders.  My trainer Hermana Fuentes, mi madre, my security blanket is gone.  The Elder´s, man so many good times, definitely my best friends.  They really did a good job about welcoming me and helping me adjust to the culture.  Now that it´s just me and Hermana Preston and the other Elders, well the senior couples still here, but there is A LOT of work to be done!!!!!  I am the oldest in this area now and it is now my responsibility to teach all these new missionaries the ropes here and directions, investigators, ahhh...lots to do, but I love it.  I am officially done with training!!!  Woo-hoo I´m a big girl now.  Only thing that´s different is that our schedule as missionaries changes a little bit. 
Some things I have learned this week.  God likes change.  He doesn´t want us to be too comfortable with where we are at because then we become at a hult and don´t progress as much as we could.  This work comforts the afflicted and makes the comfortable feel afflicted.  Everything we do now is just a preparation for the next.  Love you all, take care!
Happy Holidays!
Su hija 

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
ps-john isn´t in this picture because he was busy being shown the water by the Elders so he wouldn´t be scared....
next picture is sagrada familia
last picture is after caroling in front of Pilar, the hot spot of the city

pss-did you ever get my letter with that picture in it?

After Caroling at Pilar

Pilar, hot spot of the city

Smile brings a Baptism

This man was the man the elders baptized 3 weeks ago that I contacted my first day here by just smiling at him...president likes to use this story a lot as an example that a smile can go a long way.  President and his wife attended the baptism. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the rain came down, down, down

Dear Family,

I am so exhausted. No one said that the mission gets easier as you go. As the end approaches I feel more tired and I think more about home. It's not that I want to think about home, but it's so close that I can calculate exactly how much time is left without even thinking about it all that much, and thinking about his brings up other questions: What will I do after the mission? What will be my major?

The week was once again very difficult. The rain is very discouraging. It just doesn't stop raining in this city during this time of the year. We are trying to talk to people on the street, but we aren't getting the results we desire. We actually knocked doors this week. I don't ever want to do that again. In Brazil that sort of work is associated with the Jehovah's Witness which many people don't like here. Anyway, so we were sitting there in the rain with no idea of what we should do to find people prepared to hear our message. Then I had an idea to read our planners under the section "Ideas for finding people". We read the list and discussed many different ideas. Ultimately we decided that the best idea would be a drawing class. Elder Assis draws really well, and a few members of the ward noticed it and complimented him on it. The next day we asked the bishop, and the bishop approved and we made the flier. On Sunday we announced and everyone got excited. I too am very excited to see the results of this class. This is only the beginning of our ideas. Our first class will be this Tuesday. Wish us luck!

We had training for leaders on Wednesday. I had the privilege to take the long bus ride to Rio and back. The training was excellent. A lot was said about the goals we set and how we should set them. There is an excellent quote in Preach My Gospel by Elder Ballard about goals. Learning the principles of goal setting is something that will change our lives a lot. 

On Sunday, we finally got Rosane and Adriano back at church. Adriano is still unsure about baptism. He is very indecisive like any other adolescent (I was too. mom and dad can confirm that. I believe one of my favorite lines used to be "I don't know"). Slowly we'll get him. He just has to open up a bit. Rosane is excited to chat with Mom. They have already traded several comments on facebook. Tomorrow I will go to their house and invite Adriano once again to be baptized. I will not leave without at least a baptismal date goal.

Any last words of advice for the boy (Craig)?

Um, there is quite a bit to say. I would have to repeat what Ray Fast said to me before i left. Speak the language in the MTC. There will be a lot of americans and really cool people, but that doesn't mean you need to speak english. The elders who spoke the mission language in the MTC are way better prepared. Don't be afraid to speak. 

Also, follow Preach My Gospel. Read it. Learn it. Love it. EVERY DAY. Learn and apply the doctrine of Christ.

Respect leaders, other missionaries, everyone. Don't get upset over little things. Always think: In five years will this really matter? Whether it be rain, something your companion does, anything little.  Most of it won't matter in five years.

A successful missionary studies the doctrine of Christ and applies it in his life.


Elder Walker

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pictures of Marissa's first Piso, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations

Oh Happy Day!

So we finally got to have our delayed Thanksgiving dinner.  I think the most we did and had on Thanksgiving was a turkey sandwich!  The Churches, the senior couple, invited the whole district over all ten of us for a big dinner!  It was so good.  Mom I made your mashed potatoes and everyone loved them!  We´ve been so busy it´s hard to keep up with ourselves.  Today we played sports to let out all of our energy before everyone in our district is transfered.  Yes everyone is leaving except for my companion and I and one set of Elders.  I am SOOOO sad because I have really come to love these people and working with them.  All day my heart ached.  But I know that right when we get comfortable with people that´s when the Lord likes change. 
Funny story of the week, gas alarm went off at 9am during personal study.  Hermana Preston goes to just unplug it, then back to her studies.  haha.  Hermana Dalton and I were like um there´s a reason that the alarm is going off.  So we evacuated as it went off again.  I ran back in with my breath plugged to open windows.  We called our Dueño and the Elders.  The Dueño came over and thought we were blonde or something because he checked the place, nothing wrong.  Come back in he says.  Hermana Preston kept saying I think it´s all the hairspray from Hermana Fuentes.  We laughed at her and said no that can´t cause it.  Well sure enough we tested it and it was going off from hairspray in the room.  hhahaha, it was Hermana Fuentes because everytime she walked by it would go off.
Exciting news.  Abel and his wife, who are rich, invited my companion and I to a Spanish ballet.  We called President and he said as long as it wasn´t during procyliting hours, it is so we can´t go.  But they showed it to us on video instead, very nice of them.   They also took us out to fancy Spanish restaurante´s this week.  Very nice.  My companion says they favor me because they invited I and my parents after my mission to come back and go to a show in town with them.  haha.  They´re nice.
Miracle story of the week.  Evans, the one who was in the hospital sick but had a baptism date next week, is better!!!!  He received a priesthood blessing and we told him as he made the time to read and pray we knew he would be healed so that he can come to church and be baptized.  Well that next week after the blessing he never read and actually got more sick.  Then one day we went to go visit him and he wasn´t there, he was better.  It took us days to find him but once we did he said he had read and prayed his last day in the hospital. Then the next day he was feeling better so he was released.  WOo-Hoo!  I know miracles happen as long as we exercize faith and act upon our faith.  Faith without works is dead.  I meet so many people a day that say there is no God.  Well I am here to testify that there is and he loves us.  Nada es por casualidad.  Nothing is a coincidence.  I´ve seen way too many blessing and miracles through this work.  I meet Athiest more than once a day that ask, Well what about evolution etc?  I´m sorry but there is a reason God doesn´t want to give us all the answers right now.  THis life is a time for testing our faith, a time for experiences, a time to prepare to meet our Father and Heaven and His son, our Savior who is Jesus Christ the Lord.  Simple as that, having faith in them.  God is the father of our spirit´s and he knows us better than anyone else because he made us.
 I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is true!
-Su Hija
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Rain, rain and more rain

Dear Family,

This week was very interesting. We are being hit with rain off and on. We do our best in such conditions, but not much happens. No one likes to be outside in the rain. 

Rosane is doing better this week. We had a few talks after becoming discouraged that they never go to church. But she shared some good news with us. She will get married in the next few months. Now, in Brazil it takes two months for the marriage to happen after you've started the process.  It will take a while. Wednesday was Adriano's birthday. We went to a restaurant with their family. The food was great, but the company was better. We were the only guests they invited. They really have a love for us, and I hope this love can change to be love for the church. They were out of town this past Sunday, so one more Sunday without going to church. My goal for this next week is to take the two sons to soccer at the church and take Rosane to the family history center. She would love genealogy. 

On Thursday we did splits. Our zone leader helped us a bunch with finding a good are to wrok. The best part is we found ten couples in that area, some better than others. We will work with these couples to get tot know the church and talk about marriage and baptism. Marriage isn't the most popular thing in Brazil. I am excited to work with these couples.

That's about it for this week. Not too exciting. I promise a more exciting week next time.

I know the church is true and that Joseph Smith is it's restoring prophet. He indeed translated the Book of Mormon. I taught a lesson yesterday and taught the Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson they had several unrelated questions, all of which I answered using a scripture from the Book of Mormon. It truly has all the answers. You just gotta look.

Love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Walker