Monday, December 12, 2011

And the rain came down, down, down

Dear Family,

I am so exhausted. No one said that the mission gets easier as you go. As the end approaches I feel more tired and I think more about home. It's not that I want to think about home, but it's so close that I can calculate exactly how much time is left without even thinking about it all that much, and thinking about his brings up other questions: What will I do after the mission? What will be my major?

The week was once again very difficult. The rain is very discouraging. It just doesn't stop raining in this city during this time of the year. We are trying to talk to people on the street, but we aren't getting the results we desire. We actually knocked doors this week. I don't ever want to do that again. In Brazil that sort of work is associated with the Jehovah's Witness which many people don't like here. Anyway, so we were sitting there in the rain with no idea of what we should do to find people prepared to hear our message. Then I had an idea to read our planners under the section "Ideas for finding people". We read the list and discussed many different ideas. Ultimately we decided that the best idea would be a drawing class. Elder Assis draws really well, and a few members of the ward noticed it and complimented him on it. The next day we asked the bishop, and the bishop approved and we made the flier. On Sunday we announced and everyone got excited. I too am very excited to see the results of this class. This is only the beginning of our ideas. Our first class will be this Tuesday. Wish us luck!

We had training for leaders on Wednesday. I had the privilege to take the long bus ride to Rio and back. The training was excellent. A lot was said about the goals we set and how we should set them. There is an excellent quote in Preach My Gospel by Elder Ballard about goals. Learning the principles of goal setting is something that will change our lives a lot. 

On Sunday, we finally got Rosane and Adriano back at church. Adriano is still unsure about baptism. He is very indecisive like any other adolescent (I was too. mom and dad can confirm that. I believe one of my favorite lines used to be "I don't know"). Slowly we'll get him. He just has to open up a bit. Rosane is excited to chat with Mom. They have already traded several comments on facebook. Tomorrow I will go to their house and invite Adriano once again to be baptized. I will not leave without at least a baptismal date goal.

Any last words of advice for the boy (Craig)?

Um, there is quite a bit to say. I would have to repeat what Ray Fast said to me before i left. Speak the language in the MTC. There will be a lot of americans and really cool people, but that doesn't mean you need to speak english. The elders who spoke the mission language in the MTC are way better prepared. Don't be afraid to speak. 

Also, follow Preach My Gospel. Read it. Learn it. Love it. EVERY DAY. Learn and apply the doctrine of Christ.

Respect leaders, other missionaries, everyone. Don't get upset over little things. Always think: In five years will this really matter? Whether it be rain, something your companion does, anything little.  Most of it won't matter in five years.

A successful missionary studies the doctrine of Christ and applies it in his life.


Elder Walker

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