Saturday, December 31, 2011

First E-mail from the MTC from Craig!

Hola mis familia, 
oh man, I only have 23 more minutes. I've been trying to figure this 
thing out for 7 min. Also, this keyboard is disgusting, greasy, the 
shift button harly workds, and i can barely see the letters.... 
Anyways, I am having a great time in case you guys want to know. The 
mtc is great! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. 
For the plane ride the first day, I sat next to that elder whom we met 
in the airport. I see him everywhere so apparently he's on the same 
schedule as me. William Lovell sat in front of me. After I sat down on 
the plane i closed my eyes and the next thing I knew, we were landing. 
I guess i was tired. I still am. I probably will be everyday. Yep. 
When I got off the plane, guess who was there to greet me? It was none 
other than Elder Holland!!! OK, that wasn't exactly true. But we did 
see him and he said, "welcome home elders." Little does he know that 
we are just beginning. The first day was different because I was just 
meeting everything and checking out the whole MTC. Also, my teacher 
only speaks in Espanol. 
Everyone keeps saying that I should just wait until sunday, then 
everything goes faster and time flies. Yesterday (friday) was really 
hard because we had to teach an investigator in espanol!!!! It's only 
been two days! It was like first riding a bike. My teacher Hermana 
Jardine pushed our bikes down a hill with no training wheels. It was 
intense. However, after all the awkward pauses of thinking how to say 
stuff and what to say, I feel it was a sucess because we invited him 
to come unto Christ by teaching him how to say an oracion. We made an 
appointment for Monday and we'll follow him up to see if he has been 
praying. I feel like my espanol has quadrupled since being here. 
Apparently, our teacher said that we are two days ahead of schedule! 
cool! My district and companion are great. My companion, Elder Knight, 
is an exact replica of Tanner stoker. He looks and talks like him. 
Their personalities are the same. 
My time is shortening by the second - literally. I wish I had more 
time because I have more things to say. Yo se´ que Dios es nuestro 
Padre Celestial y podemos regresar a Dios a medio la expiacion de 
Jesucristo. Yo se´ que Jose´ smith estaba un profeta cierto. En el 
nombre de Jesucristo, Amen 
-Craig Walker 
P.s. My p-day is thursday 

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