Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

YEs in deed we had a white Christmas!  Evans was baptized.  Miracle.  Ya know he is such a special guy.  Very emotionless, but humble.  Had to be baptized more the once, due to someone learning how to baptize for the first time, yet the spirit was so strong there!  so strong!  Then on Christmas his confirmation.  He received the holy ghost.  When he came back he had this HUGE grin on his face.  PRICELESS. 
We have many other investigators, but it seems as many are firing us during the holidays.  Lots of cancels, but we continue to stay strong.  It is also hard to get ahold of people this week.  Everyone is ignoring us, but in the meantime we´ve received lots of contacts.  The whole town is a ghost town this week.  Everything, EVERYTHING shuts down here for the holidays.  I feel like I´m on that movie with Will Smith, I am Legend.  Not a soul in the street or noise.  It was a very peaceful Christmas. 
Christmas has taken on a new meaning out here on the mission.  I mean all the presents were great that you sent mom, thanks, you did a great job this year, very simple and creative, but nothing beats the gift of serving all day then ending on a skype call with your family.  You all looked great, healthy, and happy.  Best gift ever!  Even after 5 months we can all just be our goofy selfs around each other, I love it and am so blessed with the family I have!  My companion even loved the Walker show, she thinks were hillarious haha.
We were fed by many members and friends.  Best part was at the Wolfart´s house.  They´ve become our best friends here in Zaragoza.  They are a half German half Spaniard family.  Good friends of the Uchdorfs actually.  The spirit is always so strong in their home.  They  gave my companion and I the opportunity to play Santa Clause (Papa Noel) this year.  It was so fun and the way they celebrate is so different. 
 I realized this week that a mission is the best marriage/family prep course you can get.  I feel like a mother taking care of a bunch of children, all of Heavenly Father´s children.  But I love it and am learning to be more responsible.  It´s really made me appreciate my own mother a ton!  So thanks mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Well I know the church is true.  I know my Savior lives and loves each and everyone of us.  How great it would be to be at the birth pight of our Savior that night.  Craigy,  GOod luck!!!!  I know you´ll do great and be a better missionary then both I and Cameron.  You´re way more prepared, since you were the one that pretty much gave me the mission prep low-down and had to explain everything to me in class haha.  You will make a swell missionary.  So no more advice from me.  Just know that it´s hard and you´re going to have to work, but you have to know how to make it fun or you´ll go crazy!!!  So find joy in the work, yea for simple joys in life :)
-Hermana Walker
ps i will have to send photos next week because there is no outlet here on the comp.
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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