Monday, December 26, 2011

New and Last Area

Dear Family,

My week was an excellent one. I am really excited to be in my new ward. It is a wonderful ward even though it is in one of the oldest parts of Rio. We are in the very first stake in Rio, but even though many missionaries have already worked these parts, there is still much more work to do! 

I met my new companion in the bus station and we were really excited. He treated me really well. He had cleaned off my desk and made a bed for me and everything. Elder Nascimento is really special. He is one of the most famous elders because wherever he goes, he baptizes well. I am excited to learn a lot from him. I have already noticed that he is really sincere in everything he says. He really teaches the people and not the lessons. He teaches to build their faith and not just to convince them that we're right. He always offers to help. There was one day that we literally spent hours helping people carry groceries and other things up the giant hills and stairs, but it really pays off. They take the time to listen to our message after we help them. These contacts are much better than regular contacts because they are already willing to accept our message. I love Elder Nascimento.

The first problem I noticed was the bad habits in the house. The house has and had a few elders who were going home, so a lot of elders didn't follow the missionary routine. The house was a mess. There is a ton of stuff to be thrown away. We will have to change things little by little. My desk was being used as the kitchen table and had little ants all over it. I changed that quickly. It can hurt a little bit at the beginning and I have to be a little  annoying, but it is well worth the fight. Last night I had a very special moment when one elder who is going home next month thanked me for the changes I am making in the house. I'm glad they can feel the difference. After all, The home is the only place that compares in sacredness to the temple. We can have a good time and still do all the things we're supposed to do. 

We are preparing a young woman to be baptized. Her name is Gerlane and she has already been to church with her friend who is a member. She readily accepted the invites and was going to be baptized on Christmas, but when we got there Sunday morning, she was sleeping. We never actually talked to her, but her friend said that he had woken her up and talked to her. He said she didn't want to go. We trusted him. Turns out, he lied. She called us at church crying and asking if she could still be baptized. Unfortunately, there wasn't any more time. It was hard for us too knowing that she really wanted to be baptized. It will be even better next week. Think about it. New Year, New Gerlane. Perfect. 

There are so many more investigators that we are working with including a less active family and a non-married couple. The couple will get married soon and we are really excited. They are elects! We are going to do a family night with them tonight.

I'll have many more details next week.

Lesson of the week: the two most important words: Thank You. It goes a long way. The little things we do make a big difference in the lives of others.

Love you all,

Elder Walker

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