Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 19, Soy un perdedor

Querida familia,

I'm a loser.  I went this whole week without writing my memories down to share with y'all.  My minds blank right now, this whole week was a blur.  We worked 24 7, did several services, and fasted.  

The highlight of my week was a fast that we did.  Not because it was fun either.  On the contrary so many bad things happened to us, I wondered why we were even fasting ha ha.  But after we fasted and proved our obedience, the Lord payed us.  Many investigators came to church, and all FINALLY brother Luis is going to be baptized this week.  I've been fasting and praying for 3 changes now that he'd keep the Sabbath Day, not work, and go to church.  And finally hes committed himself to rest every Sunday, every week, until he dies!  So hes ready to make this covenant with the Lord, and endure to the end.  The beautiful part is seeing the whole family at church (That same family I married in November- see past photos ;).  I couldn't leave Peru without converting at least one entire family unto Christ.  And now I have. :D  And not me, but the Lord.  He has simply given me the privilege in being the instrument in this family's conversion.  And it makes me happy.  :)  Nothing.... honestly nothing feels better than this.

On top of that I'm leaving this area a lot better than I found it.  There's still much work to do, but I'm hoping Ive helped my companion change for the better too.  I look forward to the best and know he´ll be an amazing missionary if he'd just forget about what others think and lose himself in this great cause.  I'm leaving him a few baptismal dates so I'm leaving him with good fruits and work to do. :)

That's all.  I promise I'll bring more "funny stories" next week.  Sorry I'm not that funny he he....  but stay tuned!!  Good news to come!  Get excited!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Wafer

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Happy

Querida familia,

HaaaaaaAaAaAaAaAaPpPpPpYyYyYyYy  DADDYS DAY!!!  Happy bday Daddy!  Hope you got all your little hearts desires, have all you ever dreamed of, and that you lalalove life.

As for Elder Walker.  Well it was another one of those weeks.  So I think Ill just answer moms questions again to take up space haha.  Oh and we had interviews with Mr prez and room revisions.  The interview is always awesome and I always leave a new man.  But revisions are the WORST.  AHHHH.  I can't stand revisions.  I don't have any apostasy but if I have even the slightest thing like a dragon ball z sticker they'll take it and mark me down for not working.  And if there's one dust bunny or footprint on the floor, we still get marked down for chamboning.  Oh the dayss when I could just lounge in my filth in my room and play video games in my dirty underwear and yell at mom to do a room check next week...... huhhh.


What families are you teaching?
Lots.  99% need to get married.

  What is your favorite thing to look forward to each week?
Pday.  lol.  and football on Saturday.  And ward activities.

  What is your favorite Peruvian dish?
HA!  Well if I had to choose....  Papa rellena.  Its a mashed potato re molded with meat, vegges, and sauces in the middle.  That's how you need to do your baked potatoes :)

  Did you make it to the temple (New Year’s Goal to help strengthen your companionship)?
No....  Id rather not say why haha.  In the end, the assistants said no.  But next week si :)

   What is the habit you’ve learned as a missionary that has made you a better you?
Diligence.  The #1 trait described in the scriptures.

  What is the thing you’ve learned the most about working with people?
That Im lucky I was born in a sane family.

  Do you do any service (describe)?
Duh!!  Everyday!  But service service I do once a week.  Wednesdays in the morning.  Usually carrying bricks or bags of dirt up a hill.  I usually try to avoid those services haha but somehow they cheat me and I get sucked in.

  Do you pay someone to wash your clothes or do yourself?
Yes, there's no time to do laundry.

  If yes you have someone, how does this happen?
Once a week we bring them a fatty bag of dirty laundry, and pick it upo the next day.  We pay an old cholo grandma to do it.

  What is the money down there called?
Soles.  1 dollar for 2.9 soles. 

  How is it to the dollar?

  What is the new thing you are learning this week?
The same thing i learn every week.  Patience haha.  I learned a lot about the veil and faith this week.  read ether 12.

  What have you done for your companion this week (service)?
I do a million things for him.  :)

  What is the greatest change in people the gospel makes?
The greatest change, is that they're happy.  Overall they just change as people and smile a lot more.  It shows.

 What talents are you able to share?
Piano, English, rapping, dancing, you name it.

  What are you glad you learned as a youth?
I have a whole list haha. 

  What tactics are you using to help gain the trust and bond with the ward?
Many.  Mostly activities and service.

  Any emotions this week?
Just the usual.  Stress, tired, happy, peace, depression, anger, etc.


Yess.  Especially seeing my convert familiy, familia Soto Lara, active and the husband going to be baptized next week.

Have fun reading all that!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Merry Fishmas, Feriz Año Nuvevo, 2015 . . . Here we go again January 5th

Querido familia,

Hellllllllloooooooooo Walker Family!!!  I hope you're all excited for this new year as I am!  Its gunna be full of work, fun, snakes, blood, sweat, tears, happy moments, not so happy moments, chambonadas, empenadas, and last but not least, at the end a sweet one way vacation to Las Vegas. ;)

I hope you all know you sinned on New Years too.  The Holy Ghost goes to bed at 10.30.

New Years Goals!!  Everybody's gottem.  But!  A goal not written is just a wish.  And all wishes disappear in time.  Therefore, write your goals down and put them on your wall, or ceiling where you can see them every night before you go to bed.  In fact, that's a great idea!  (Revelation!)  Everyone who's reading the email, grab any slice of paper nearby right now.  Look.  Don't be lazy.  Alright now each one of you write down your 3 goals for this new year.  You can write more, but I want you to write 3 main goals. 3 main changes that you want to see in yourself, in your life, and in your family/home this year.  Think about it.  And pray about it too.  I'll leave you some time now to do so.

Whew!  There we go.  Well I hope you all really did write your goals.  If not, then thanks for nothing.  2015 will be just like any other year for you haha.

But My new goals are 1.  Work Extra Super Flippin hard and baptize 30 people, including a few familys.  2.  Get rid of my old self once and for all by the time my missionary service ends.  and 3.  Start college ;).

Love you all.  Miss you all like crazy.  But you're all in the Lords hands and I trust hes taking care of you.  2015, lezgo!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Pictures:  my pritty Christmas tree
my pritty Christmas tree growing
President bearing his Christmas testimony in front of the whole mission
The view from my roof at night
Talking to strangers
From my view
Feliz Navidad...;)
Our new dolphin mascot!!
Suppose to grow "600%"!
No pasa nada
 Feliz Año Nuevo
Don't worry 9 pm


Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm dreaming.... of a (Dec 29)

Querido familia!

Hooo Hooo Hooooooooouu!
What an amazing week it's been :)  Sad to see the Christmas cheer come to an end, but in other good news, I'll be back for the next one ;)

We worked all Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday we had the huge mission party and feast in the offices!  I got to see all of my good friends, eat super yummy food (real hotdogs and real cheeseburgers), play futbol/dodgeball/other fun stuff, win the mission talent show, and watch the movie Remember the Titans (en español :P).  Then Christmas I got to talk to you guys!!  I honestly enjoyed this skype call more than all the others I've had.  A lot of things have changed at home and in the family.  Weird.  But I'm still the same :D sort of.  But thanks for all your advice, love and kisses.  I expect even more on Mothers Day ;)

Well that's about it.  Had many awesome lessons this week.  Had 17 lessons Saturday and Sunday to make up for Christmas. x)  We also did Christmas caroling, Christmas futbol activities, and other goodness.

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, but most importantly remembered Christ this special time of the year.  But now, back to real life HAHA.  Have fun at all your boring jobs and boring lives.  Happy New Year.  Just kidding.  But seriously.  It's crazy that this year is already over.  If you read back to my first email this year, I remember saying, "2014... This is going to be the longest and hardest year of my life... but the most worth it."  It has been worth it.  Just as this year flew by fast, so do our lives and the things we do.  It's important that each one of us search for the purpose of such a short life, and what matters most.  There IS a purpose in this life and there IS life after death.  That knowledge has made me happier than anything this world offers and even happier knowing I get to spend it with my family if we're faithful until the end.  That same promise it to all of your families and loved ones if you too believe in Christ and are faithful to the end.  As we start this new year, think in the things that really matter, and BUILD on them.  The small things we do throughout the year decide the ending.  Start small.  Dream big.  Change your future.  Be happy.

I love you all, I miss you all, and promise I will never miss a Christmas around the tree with you again.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


It's the most, trunkiest tiiime, of the year (Dec 22)

Querida familia!

Merry Christmas!!!  Feliz Navidad!  Happy New Year!  Deck the Halls!  Jingle some bells!  Woo!

Well let's start with the bad news and then we'll get to the trunky part.  Well technically it's all trunky.  Meh.  Woo!

Changes.  Well, there weren't changes.  Nuff said.  Spending Christmas with my fatty Elder Sosa.

Other news.  Turns out EFY music was officially banned months ago.  I had no idea.  Not that I was sleeping in the zone meeting...  So I've only been transgressing then ;) but now its a sin I guess.  The sweetest sin....

For Christmas, bought myself my first pair of church pants in Peru.  My old ones have many holes in the trasero from sitting on various objects during lessons.  But they're still good so hopefully they last till October :)

NAVIDAD!!!  I can NOT wait!!!  .....Till navidad 2015 hahaha.  jk.  This Wednesday, the whole day well be in the offices playing, jumping, skipping, singing, frolicking, just spreading Xmas cheer.  The whole mission will be together until 5 in the afternoon.  Then We are going Christmas caroling as a ward. :)  Woo!  Navidad is going to be crazy.  Each night There are more and more fireworks.  Here in Peru, the whole town EXPLODES with fireworks!  Way cooler than anything we do in the states.  Its totally Illegal, but no one here even cares.  Even the police shoot off fireworks.

But most importantly, lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas. :)  PIE!!!  jk. ("Lights Please") Many people forget that the true meaning of Christmas is the story of a baby, born in a manger.  A new star fills the sky as the Son of God is born into the world.  And they shall call Him Jesus.  He is the Christ.  The Messiah, Redeemer, and Savior of the World.  This Christmas season take a time to remember Gods greatest gift to the world: His Son.  That through Him, all mankind- men, women, children, black, white, diseased, poor, young, old, everyone and their families, can be together forever if they follow Him.  Follow Him, and you'll find a happiness the world cannot offer nor buy.  I invite all of you to take one minute and watch this video here:

To end this epistle, read these verses too: Helaman 14:2-8, 3 Nephi1:13, and John 3:16.  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Mama Noel?
Goodbye Elder Sanshez
Pinning rat
Companion with rat