Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Happy

Querida familia,

HaaaaaaAaAaAaAaAaPpPpPpYyYyYyYy  DADDYS DAY!!!  Happy bday Daddy!  Hope you got all your little hearts desires, have all you ever dreamed of, and that you lalalove life.

As for Elder Walker.  Well it was another one of those weeks.  So I think Ill just answer moms questions again to take up space haha.  Oh and we had interviews with Mr prez and room revisions.  The interview is always awesome and I always leave a new man.  But revisions are the WORST.  AHHHH.  I can't stand revisions.  I don't have any apostasy but if I have even the slightest thing like a dragon ball z sticker they'll take it and mark me down for not working.  And if there's one dust bunny or footprint on the floor, we still get marked down for chamboning.  Oh the dayss when I could just lounge in my filth in my room and play video games in my dirty underwear and yell at mom to do a room check next week...... huhhh.


What families are you teaching?
Lots.  99% need to get married.

  What is your favorite thing to look forward to each week?
Pday.  lol.  and football on Saturday.  And ward activities.

  What is your favorite Peruvian dish?
HA!  Well if I had to choose....  Papa rellena.  Its a mashed potato re molded with meat, vegges, and sauces in the middle.  That's how you need to do your baked potatoes :)

  Did you make it to the temple (New Year’s Goal to help strengthen your companionship)?
No....  Id rather not say why haha.  In the end, the assistants said no.  But next week si :)

   What is the habit you’ve learned as a missionary that has made you a better you?
Diligence.  The #1 trait described in the scriptures.

  What is the thing you’ve learned the most about working with people?
That Im lucky I was born in a sane family.

  Do you do any service (describe)?
Duh!!  Everyday!  But service service I do once a week.  Wednesdays in the morning.  Usually carrying bricks or bags of dirt up a hill.  I usually try to avoid those services haha but somehow they cheat me and I get sucked in.

  Do you pay someone to wash your clothes or do yourself?
Yes, there's no time to do laundry.

  If yes you have someone, how does this happen?
Once a week we bring them a fatty bag of dirty laundry, and pick it upo the next day.  We pay an old cholo grandma to do it.

  What is the money down there called?
Soles.  1 dollar for 2.9 soles. 

  How is it to the dollar?

  What is the new thing you are learning this week?
The same thing i learn every week.  Patience haha.  I learned a lot about the veil and faith this week.  read ether 12.

  What have you done for your companion this week (service)?
I do a million things for him.  :)

  What is the greatest change in people the gospel makes?
The greatest change, is that they're happy.  Overall they just change as people and smile a lot more.  It shows.

 What talents are you able to share?
Piano, English, rapping, dancing, you name it.

  What are you glad you learned as a youth?
I have a whole list haha. 

  What tactics are you using to help gain the trust and bond with the ward?
Many.  Mostly activities and service.

  Any emotions this week?
Just the usual.  Stress, tired, happy, peace, depression, anger, etc.


Yess.  Especially seeing my convert familiy, familia Soto Lara, active and the husband going to be baptized next week.

Have fun reading all that!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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