Sunday, January 11, 2015

Merry Fishmas, Feriz Año Nuvevo, 2015 . . . Here we go again January 5th

Querido familia,

Hellllllllloooooooooo Walker Family!!!  I hope you're all excited for this new year as I am!  Its gunna be full of work, fun, snakes, blood, sweat, tears, happy moments, not so happy moments, chambonadas, empenadas, and last but not least, at the end a sweet one way vacation to Las Vegas. ;)

I hope you all know you sinned on New Years too.  The Holy Ghost goes to bed at 10.30.

New Years Goals!!  Everybody's gottem.  But!  A goal not written is just a wish.  And all wishes disappear in time.  Therefore, write your goals down and put them on your wall, or ceiling where you can see them every night before you go to bed.  In fact, that's a great idea!  (Revelation!)  Everyone who's reading the email, grab any slice of paper nearby right now.  Look.  Don't be lazy.  Alright now each one of you write down your 3 goals for this new year.  You can write more, but I want you to write 3 main goals. 3 main changes that you want to see in yourself, in your life, and in your family/home this year.  Think about it.  And pray about it too.  I'll leave you some time now to do so.

Whew!  There we go.  Well I hope you all really did write your goals.  If not, then thanks for nothing.  2015 will be just like any other year for you haha.

But My new goals are 1.  Work Extra Super Flippin hard and baptize 30 people, including a few familys.  2.  Get rid of my old self once and for all by the time my missionary service ends.  and 3.  Start college ;).

Love you all.  Miss you all like crazy.  But you're all in the Lords hands and I trust hes taking care of you.  2015, lezgo!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Pictures:  my pritty Christmas tree
my pritty Christmas tree growing
President bearing his Christmas testimony in front of the whole mission
The view from my roof at night
Talking to strangers
From my view
Feliz Navidad...;)
Our new dolphin mascot!!
Suppose to grow "600%"!
No pasa nada
 Feliz Año Nuevo
Don't worry 9 pm


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