Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm dreaming.... of a (Dec 29)

Querido familia!

Hooo Hooo Hooooooooouu!
What an amazing week it's been :)  Sad to see the Christmas cheer come to an end, but in other good news, I'll be back for the next one ;)

We worked all Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday we had the huge mission party and feast in the offices!  I got to see all of my good friends, eat super yummy food (real hotdogs and real cheeseburgers), play futbol/dodgeball/other fun stuff, win the mission talent show, and watch the movie Remember the Titans (en español :P).  Then Christmas I got to talk to you guys!!  I honestly enjoyed this skype call more than all the others I've had.  A lot of things have changed at home and in the family.  Weird.  But I'm still the same :D sort of.  But thanks for all your advice, love and kisses.  I expect even more on Mothers Day ;)

Well that's about it.  Had many awesome lessons this week.  Had 17 lessons Saturday and Sunday to make up for Christmas. x)  We also did Christmas caroling, Christmas futbol activities, and other goodness.

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, but most importantly remembered Christ this special time of the year.  But now, back to real life HAHA.  Have fun at all your boring jobs and boring lives.  Happy New Year.  Just kidding.  But seriously.  It's crazy that this year is already over.  If you read back to my first email this year, I remember saying, "2014... This is going to be the longest and hardest year of my life... but the most worth it."  It has been worth it.  Just as this year flew by fast, so do our lives and the things we do.  It's important that each one of us search for the purpose of such a short life, and what matters most.  There IS a purpose in this life and there IS life after death.  That knowledge has made me happier than anything this world offers and even happier knowing I get to spend it with my family if we're faithful until the end.  That same promise it to all of your families and loved ones if you too believe in Christ and are faithful to the end.  As we start this new year, think in the things that really matter, and BUILD on them.  The small things we do throughout the year decide the ending.  Start small.  Dream big.  Change your future.  Be happy.

I love you all, I miss you all, and promise I will never miss a Christmas around the tree with you again.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


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