Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

So we finally got to have our delayed Thanksgiving dinner.  I think the most we did and had on Thanksgiving was a turkey sandwich!  The Churches, the senior couple, invited the whole district over all ten of us for a big dinner!  It was so good.  Mom I made your mashed potatoes and everyone loved them!  We´ve been so busy it´s hard to keep up with ourselves.  Today we played sports to let out all of our energy before everyone in our district is transfered.  Yes everyone is leaving except for my companion and I and one set of Elders.  I am SOOOO sad because I have really come to love these people and working with them.  All day my heart ached.  But I know that right when we get comfortable with people that´s when the Lord likes change. 
Funny story of the week, gas alarm went off at 9am during personal study.  Hermana Preston goes to just unplug it, then back to her studies.  haha.  Hermana Dalton and I were like um there´s a reason that the alarm is going off.  So we evacuated as it went off again.  I ran back in with my breath plugged to open windows.  We called our Dueño and the Elders.  The Dueño came over and thought we were blonde or something because he checked the place, nothing wrong.  Come back in he says.  Hermana Preston kept saying I think it´s all the hairspray from Hermana Fuentes.  We laughed at her and said no that can´t cause it.  Well sure enough we tested it and it was going off from hairspray in the room.  hhahaha, it was Hermana Fuentes because everytime she walked by it would go off.
Exciting news.  Abel and his wife, who are rich, invited my companion and I to a Spanish ballet.  We called President and he said as long as it wasn´t during procyliting hours, it is so we can´t go.  But they showed it to us on video instead, very nice of them.   They also took us out to fancy Spanish restaurante´s this week.  Very nice.  My companion says they favor me because they invited I and my parents after my mission to come back and go to a show in town with them.  haha.  They´re nice.
Miracle story of the week.  Evans, the one who was in the hospital sick but had a baptism date next week, is better!!!!  He received a priesthood blessing and we told him as he made the time to read and pray we knew he would be healed so that he can come to church and be baptized.  Well that next week after the blessing he never read and actually got more sick.  Then one day we went to go visit him and he wasn´t there, he was better.  It took us days to find him but once we did he said he had read and prayed his last day in the hospital. Then the next day he was feeling better so he was released.  WOo-Hoo!  I know miracles happen as long as we exercize faith and act upon our faith.  Faith without works is dead.  I meet so many people a day that say there is no God.  Well I am here to testify that there is and he loves us.  Nada es por casualidad.  Nothing is a coincidence.  I´ve seen way too many blessing and miracles through this work.  I meet Athiest more than once a day that ask, Well what about evolution etc?  I´m sorry but there is a reason God doesn´t want to give us all the answers right now.  THis life is a time for testing our faith, a time for experiences, a time to prepare to meet our Father and Heaven and His son, our Savior who is Jesus Christ the Lord.  Simple as that, having faith in them.  God is the father of our spirit´s and he knows us better than anyone else because he made us.
 I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is true!
-Su Hija
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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