Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toma mi mano

Dear familia,

First things first. Christmas. I think it´s better to skype. I have already found many, but they might change my area this next week so we´ll see about that. But the plan right now is skype at 10 your time 2 my time. If that changes I´ll let you know.

Right now, I feel a bit grateful for the thing I have. And for the letters that you guys write. It really does help. I was just talking to a new Elder (Van Horn). He is from Seattle and is a new convert from about a year and a half ago. None of his family are members and really don´t support him. In all of his 12 weeks, he hasn´t recieved one letter and to top it off, he´s having a terrible time with his companion. I feel for him but I also know that it will make him stronger and into someone that God wants him to be.

The Christmas Season is now starting everywhere. When it rains here, it snows in the mountains right above us. I hear christmas music every so often. Yesterday, all the members (and investigadors) in Cochabamba and a few from La Paz and Santa Cruz came to the temple. We heard about 10 choirs sing while the missionaries work hard passing out stuff, talking, greeting, getting references, and basically doing missionary work all around. I felt like I was listening to middle school choirs the whole time. I was really funny when the tried singing songs in Engrish. Ok, I would say the last choir moved up to High School level when the sang Halleluia by Handel.

``Don´t you know that Leapords don´t change their spots?´´
``Don´t you know that I don´t work with leapords, I work with humans and they change everyday.´´
Remember the words of President Monson that people can change. We have to help them, but before we can, we ourselves have to be helped. Yellow and yellow don´t make green, but yellow and blue.

Chau chau
-Elder Walker

This is me singing Phil Collins at the top of my lungs this morning.
``Como me apena al verte llorar, toma mi mano siéntela. Yo te protejo de cualquir cosa. No lloras mas aqui estoy.
En mi corazón, tu vivirás. Desde hoy será y para siempre amor. En mi corazòn, no importa que dirán. Dentro de mi corazòn estarás, siempre.´´

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