Tuesday, December 11, 2012

merry christmas darling...

Dear Family,
All the lights are up and WOW What a crazy week.  It seems like missionaries are always on the go...on the go on the go..onthe go.  And just from that to the colder weather and all the millions of eating citas we have had WE GOT SICK!!!!!  yes first my compy and the day later me.  3 days in bed no work!  It was miserable.  bueno better now then in 2 weeks i guess.  we received a blessing from the elders...thank goodness for the Priesthood!!!  So much for training as well.  I was supposed to train again, but at this rate with none of the Hermanas getting their visas and me going home...my guess is it ain´t happinin!!  ha.  Also so much for music....my i-POD got fried from the voltage here in Spain.  After a good year and a half it just couldn´t take the conversion of the voltage and went crazy one day ruffley the next and now it doesnt even turn on...sad. In the next couple of months we are doubling and the sister will be training 2 at once!!!  AHHH!!!!  so glad i won´t be here.  Also we randomly ran into Americans from utah that are members and they treated us to lunch!  First time in my whole mission....they were hilarious!  they just got off their cruise.

Anyway, President sent me this poem this week with a couple other remarks and I thought you all would enjoy it!!!  It explains a little of what I am going through....

President Pace

Sister Walker,

You are terrific! Thanks for your kind letter and kind words. I think you are right about Hna Johnson. I have never heard her say anything bad about anyone or anything. Really a remarkable attitude.

You are a choice daughter of our Heavenly Father. You are a wonderful missionary. You are a great worker and have blessed so many other missionaries and investigators. I am attaching below a poem that I have enjoyed. You don't having any problem with "hoeing to the end of the row", but I thought you might enjoy it also.

Sister Pace and I love you so much and will always be grateful for the privilege of knowing you and serving with you. You are going to do great things in the service of the Master throughout your life.

Pte Pace

Hoe to the End of the Row!

Bill Brown made a million,
Bill Brown, think of that.
That boy you remember,
As poor as a rat.

He hoed for the neighbors,
Did jobs by the day.
And Bill made a million,
Or near it they say.

He worked for my father,
You’ll maybe recall.
He wasn’t a wonder,
Not that, not at all.

He couldn’t out-hoe me,
Or cover more ground,
Or hoe any faster,
Or beat me around.

In fact, I was better
In one way that I know.
One toot from the kitchen
And home I would go.

But Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

We used to get hungry
Out there in the corn.
You talk about music,
What equals a horn?

A horn yellin’ dinner,
And tomatoes and beans,
And pork and potatoes,
And gravy and greens.

I ain’t blamin’ no one
For quittin’ on time.
To quit with the whistle,
That ain’t any crime.

But as for the million,
Well, this much I know.
Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

- Anonymous


Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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