Tuesday, December 11, 2012

up down turn around

Dear family,

I really don´t have much on my mind to write about especially in comparison to the last couple weeks. But thanks for your prayers, help, and other stuff you guys do for me. It really does help the work along.
There was a holiday (or something like that) this week here in Bolivia. It was called ``dia de peaton´´. I really liked it. Cars, trucks, taxis, etc., are forbidded in Cochamba for one day. There were blockades throughout all the streets so no one could drive. It meant that everyone was on bikes (some on their motorbikes which i didn´t like) or walked. It was cool seeing everyone on the streets. Very peaceful. I also got on camera. The T.V. station filmed my companion and I walking. But it´s not like it´s anything new for us.

In Marissa´s final days of the mission, she´s probably feeling a little bit on the trunky side. How do i know? Because I´m sitting next to some Elders that are going home in December or January (it´s seems like everyone I know in the mission are going home and i don´t know anyone) and they are trunkier than the fattest tree in the world. All they talk about is going home. And it really doesn´t help that they´re playing techno music in the backround of this internet place. I just hope I´m not like that in a year. Marissa, finish it off strong!

You know what´s weird, the more I share the gospel, the more desires I have to do it. The less I share it, the less. Maybe it does make sense. But the thing is, when I just start talking to people in the streets, buses, houses, etc., I want to just share it with everyone. Then there are some days when I don´t really feel like it, and thats when I start losing the desires that I once had. Sounds pretty simple, but at the same time, it´s really deep if you ask me. It´s like light and truth. We gain light and truth by being obedient and applying the things we learn in our life. Everyday, we´re gaining and losing the light and truth by doing or not doing the things of God. Think about. Re-examine your life to see if everything you do is in harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And that´s the way the cooking crumbles
Elder Walker

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