Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hamsters can swim . . .

Querida familia,

Thanksgiving!!!  How exciting if you actually have friends.  And money. And food. I have none of those so I passed it eating a bag of Oreo with milk filling out the area book.  Whoop.

I got called to migracions again this week,little to my surprise that after 1 year I FINALLY GOT MY VISA!!!!!! Whoop.

The wife and daughter of my family were baptized last Saturday. Such a special day :)  I shed one tear bearing my testimony for added effect.  I gave them a picture of the temple as a gift but sadly will already be in Vegas before they get sealed in the temple... But the husbands getting baptized next month so stay tuned :D

Sorry this letter sucks.  I ate Way too much aji hot sauce last night and payed for it this morning.  Still suffering, but when I get better, thinking Ill go for another round of aji tonight... Whoop.

I love you.

Con Amor,
Elder Wafer

Fam soto lara. My favorite family yet. Very spiritual baptism, wish you could all be there.  The husband will be baptized next month...

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