Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 57

Querida familia,

Helloowwwuuuu.  Buenos Dias from Lima Peru.  Merry Thanksgiving to all this week, I will be enjoying a nice chicken rice and potato dinner.  Feliz Cumpleaños to Craigy.  Same day I turned 13 months :)

It's weird being old now.  The time passes by super fast.  In the moment, it seems like forever, but when it's over, I just think wo!  I can't even remember what I just did an hour ago.

My companion is still super lazy, but hes a cool guy and I'm enjoying my time with him.  Funny but sad story.  We programmed a sweet Family Home Evening activity with an inactive family.  They were telling us they'd prepare all this yummy food and stuff to do.  The day comes, and and my companion and I have prepared a nice message and some sweet games with a giant Godzilla as the prize.  We show up at the house ready to knock and just hear loud reggae music.  Uh oh.  Look inside and the family already started their own family home evening without us.  The entire family was drinking and partying inside.  My compy and I just look at each other- Ummm....  Do we knock? I don't know, you knock!  My hands are full!  Fine... I'll knock...  But they never answered.  Surprise.  

If you guys haven't seen it, you should watch the video on youtube about the Mormon Message - armor of God.  As the scripture says in Efesios 6:13, In this world we don't fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, society, and the opposition of evil spirits.  I was pained all week for that family and wondered just how it is they got to where they're at.  We've got to be ready for everything and anything.  The moment we let our guard down- FAH!!!  Satan strikes like a cobra- PSSS!!  And we're wounded and infected.  You all have to put on the armor of God.  Read your scriptures, pray everyday.  But always wear your shield of faith.  A shield big enough to rebound any blow that comes at you.  It's stupid how easy some people forget who they are.  Be proud of who you are.  Don't let anybody, thing, or temptation take away your faith and the special unique person that God made you.

Ok I think I'm done ranting haha.  Sorry about that.  But in good news,  this week was the wedding!  AHHHHH!!!  It was tho gorgeous.  It was in the offices with President, and my awesome family, familia Luis and Yovana Soto-Lara, got married.  Yovana will be baptized this Saturday with her daughter and Luis the 13th of December.  They're future leaders of the church, I just know it.

Wow I have written WAY too much.  Have fun reading all that fun stuff.  Hasta la proxima semana!  Hasta la pasta!  Pasta Lasaña!!  (Hasta Mañana LOL)

Con Amor y besitos,
Elder Walker
Photos:  teaching brother Soto Lara how to tie a tie
wedding!!!! ahhhh!
cake fight!!
district baptism
ice cream, come n get it kids


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