Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here we go again

Querido familia,

As I am low on time (surprise) this will be a short letter.  But it's ok because nothing happened this week other than being trunky, trunking out a little more, and finishing the week with trunkyness.


Its not my fault though...  Elder Forward all week has been non stop telling me what he's going to do the week he gets home.  And without announcement, he brought his family to church yesterday for his farewell at church.  It was a very spiritual meeting, as members and many of his converts from all across Peru came to hear him talk.  And I'm not gunna lie, but during the prayer as I sat next to his family, it all just hit me and I lost it haha.  I balled thinking about sitting next to you guys in a year.  But it gave me a renewed attitude to work harder for this last year.  I still hope I can make you all proud.

Mommy thanks for the package!!  I loved the letters from all my friends, but I still didn't get sister Swaffords jokes hahaha.  But I loved all the support and the pictures especially.  My companion was super happy to have a pair of pants.  My son didn't bring hardly anything with him....  But now he can play football in something other than jeans x).

This month we will always be marrying and baptizing a family so I REALLY hope they don't change me.  That's right changes are today.....  wooo  tune in next week for results!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


 There were some kittys abandoned outside of where we play football on Saturdays.... the Lord gave them a home :)
 Elder Forwards Farewell bonfire.  2 shirts were sacrificed that day, his n mine.
Uh oh 1 Yearrrrrrrr the burning of the shirts; on fire 
 Awesome package, thanks mommy.  Me in my broken bed.  supposed to be on top of the wood.
A family baptism in my district
Elder Forwards family came to church....

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