Sunday, October 19, 2014

Airplanes, aw Ecuadorrr

Querido familia,

Can I pretend like Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?  I could really use a wish right now...

Well just to clear things up, I only went to Ecuador for like 5 seconds hahaha.  I took a one day vacation to Ecuador to fill out one piece of paper for my visa.  So... I'm back now.  Still in Peru.  Ya.

Recently things haven't been so chill lately.  A lot of turbulence in the mission with disobedience, one of them being my zone.  Me?  I'm all right, I just want to work!!  But I keep getting slowed down by conferences or phone calls or whatever bonus responsibility as a District Leader haha.  But other than that, everything's actually going great!  My companion and I have been praying and looking for golden families that are ready to receive the Gospel and Put Christ as the foundation of their family, and we've had much success in finding about 10 new families in the last 2 weeks that have much potential to get married and baptized next month!  Of course, not all are going to end up in the water, but we've had many spiritual experiences and many are progressing at a good pace for November. :)  Just pray for us that Satan wont somehow ruin these awesome families that we've found!

My recent convert, Michel, told me a pretty fun story this week that I thought was saweet!  He works as a janitor for a company right now, but there's an unusual number of women that he works with.  Well the ratio actually being 50 women to 2 men.  lol.  But the story goes that at lunch the other day the supervisor was trying to burn Michel for flirting with the women and taking it in wrong directions, but Michel confessed that he doesn't think like that about women anymore.  The supervisor didn't believe him so Michel told him that he keeps the "Law of Chastity".  LOL everyone just stared at him cause nobody had ever heard of a law of chastity.  He explained what it was and they asked him, "What are you, gay?"  "No, I'm Mormon!!"  They all kind of laughed at him, but in the end all the women respected him 10 times more for his values, and several actually wanted to date him!  Say What?!  Blessings!!!  The story was hilarious, but for me I was just hit to the heart to see my convert faithful to his values- not just at home but in front of others without shame!  And even more blessed for doing so.

God is faithful  when we do what he tells us.  I am sure of that 100%.  He never forgets the promises hes made, as it says in D&C 82:10 "I the Lord God am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  Trust in the Lord.  Do not doubt if trials come your way or if you don't immediately feel the blessings.  He will ALWAYS come through.  Its a question of faith, trust, and patience/time. 

Con Amoor,
Elder Walker
My dentist office

Zona Canto Grande

Old friends and converts
Back from Ecuador :(

Elders going and coming back from Ecuador


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