Monday, October 20, 2014

I've been here before.....Bautizmos! Before and After

Querido familia,

Well, let's just get it out of the way.


Ok I'm done.


Ok that's it I promise.
But apart from all the excitement, Ill save the trunky letter for next week ;) so stay tuned.

Many things happened this week.  Well, many things happen every week, I just never remember them when I walk into internet.  I'm always so excited to tell you all everything during the week, then I sit down on the computer and can hardly remember my login.

Good news, I went to the dentist this week!  :)  It was only supposed to be a checkup on my gum problems, but then I asked her while I was there if she could clean my teeth, and she did :)  No harm done, and it only cost 30 soles (10 dollars) cause she gave me a discount.  There may have been some mega mooching involved and offers to take the dentist to Las Vegas.  But hey, like father like son, right?

I have been SUPER stressed this week.  We had 5 amazing baptisms!  But the cargo was all thrown on me as their district leader.  My companion tells me every morning that I talk in my sleep and teach lessons.  This isn't good.  Sleepy time is the only time I escape from the pressures of missionary work.  Now its infecting my subconscious.  I shout too, yelling at my companion while he's sleeping because he's not saying anything during the "lesson".

Speaking of sleep, I think I'm getting fat.  Last Friday while I was sleeping at 2 a,. I was dreaming about my welcome home party when in my dream an earthquake hit- BWAH!!  I woke up and my little wooden bed just shatters and- PAH!!! I fall to the floor with my mattress and curl up in a ball confused.  I get up... there was no earthquake.  My little bed just exploded and fell apart for no reason.  The only logical explanation is that I've been eating too much rice and potatoes, and now my bed can't even support my weight.  So now I sleep on the floor.  Tomorrow I'll probably wake up falling to the first floor.

Well that's my spiritual message for the week: eat your vegetables, get a metal bed frame, and take your dentist to Vegas.  The baptisms were amazing and wish you all could be here to see them.  It hasn't been easy, but being a missionary is great.  And it's even better because I know the work I'm called to do is true, and only feel more blessed as time goes by and I see the work of God´s hand in my life.  I love you all, miss you all, and pray for you all.  Stay strong, and Ill see you in ONE YEAR! :D   *warning* trunky letter to come next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
8 angels :)  One of the biggest and best baptisms I've seen.  Each one is standing next to the one he baptized.   Yaaaaay

rub a dub dub

Note the differences? :)


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