Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the road again (week 49)

Querido familia,

Well, after much hard work, as you can all see in the fotos, my vineyard is now flourishing.  And just as it begins flourishing, I receive a call Tuesday- "Elder Walker!  What do you want??  Pack your bags and come to the offices immediately.  WHAT?  Nah.  Si!  Come right now and don't ask questions!  But- boooooooooooooooop........"

So... without a visa I'm officially in the Ecuador Mimomamo mission!!!  Yayy!!  It was REALLY sad to say goodbye to Peru.  But now I'm officially ecuadoriano and eat bananas todos los dias.

Well more information to come next week.  Stay tuned for more news about Ecuador!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Bienvenidos a Ecuador, my new home!

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