Sunday, October 5, 2014


Querido familia,

Hooooooola.  Yes today is Saturday.  Why?  Because Monday is LA LIMA NORTE COPA MUNDIALLLLL!!!!!  Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!  The teams are by zone, and looking at my zone..... well I'm prepared to have fun watching from the sidelines.  haha.  But its a Pday thuper thpecial, so I'm excited.

I'll admit I have had another stressful week.  Being District Leader, everyone waits 'till you do something.  I guess through either not knowing or just pure laziness, everyone looks to you to tell them what to do or when or how or STOP.  JUST DO IT.  Between missionarys and ward members, I'm not sure how many diapers I change daily.  Kinda stinks.  lol.  But its nice because with me we get results ;)

With investigators, we have to many!!  I love all my investigators and try my best to juggle them with my other responsibilities too.  But the highlight of my week was teaching la familia Marcos-De la Cruz last night.  The husband wasn't there, but the rest of the family and my convert Michel (my baby;)) was there, and together we had a thuper thpiritual lesson about Christ.  I didn't even have to invite them to be baptized, they wanted to!!!  They said many things that made me want to cry haha, including that they know this is the true church of Christ.  WOW.  boom.  I was speechless.  The only thing that worries them in that her husband is pure Catolico and their not sure how he´ll take it.  But its a beautiful family,  and I'm excited to report more good news next week. :)

More thpiritual stories and fun to proceed next week.  I hope you're all taking care of yourselves and staying beaudiful.  I pray for all you everyday.  Sorry to hear that grandpa passed away.  Kind of wish I could be there with the family at the funeral, but we all know I have work to do here.  I'm certain he´ll accept Christ on the other side.  The spirit world is really a wonderful place, and I just pray he's happy.  Someday the whole family will be reunited too.  Thanks to Christ and his Gospel, the families can be together forever.  I wonder if he's already met grandma?
I love and miss you all.  Tell me how it goes.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Ps you guys didn't fall for my email last week.... You aren't any fun.
Ecuador!  Lalalalalala
Chicken foot anybody?  Yum, yum


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