Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We are as the army of Helaman

Querido familia,

I'm officially tired.  After 2 more baptisms this week, 2 ward activities,a wedding, and... well I can't even remember what else we did this week.  The work of the Lord is amazing.  Besides all of the boring moments or trials that still come your way even if you don't do anything to deserve it, the fruits of the labor pay off.  Tomorrow is my 11th month anniversary (booooo) and I'm now rounding the corner for my year mark.  I can't wait, because I know I'll be super trunky.  Just kidding.  But I do spend a lot of time reflecting on this last year..... but I'll save my boring sob stories for next month.  Just be ready.  :)

There was a lot of weird turbulence in my zone this transfer.  My zone leader, Elder Lopez, is the most hypocritical ZLs a missionary will  ever see.  I say this because he's been on my back this whole transfer and is the reason I've been so stressed haha.(So now you know why all of my letters this transfer have been lame) I've been working harder than anyone in the zone and had more success than any of them, yet he chooses to focus all of his complaints on me and is constantly checking in on our district.  Why am I telling you all this?  I don't know.  I guess I needed someone to cry with me.  Nah I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  They say the mission is preparation for real life so I'll probably get some boss in  the future that does the some.  So I should probably learn now to not pull jokes on him or call him things like a big angry banana.

The most beautiful part of the week, was of course the baptisms.  There was a ward talent show first (don't get mad at me if you find any embarrassing fotos in facebook) and then right after the baptisms of 2 beautiful daughters of Zion.  More to come in another email I'm sending.

Well, enjoy your week, cause I enjoyed mine.  :)  I love you all, miss you all, and am praying for you.

Con Amor,
Elder Quaker

como padre como hijo; mom wanted a foto of us both.....

Selfie, Peruvian Missionary style:-)


Mas hijas de Dios


Yay for Sister Stefani and Sister Rosmery!

Stefani is the sister of michel (last weeks baptism) and was a little difficult, but after 6 weeks, finally entered the waters of baptism for a quick swim!
Rosmery is a single mom whos kids have been members for a few years.  She never wanted to listen to the missionarys until we caught her in the street playing tag with her kids haha, we were instantly patas and 5 weeks later she became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Aly aly alejandro

this was actually 3 weeks ago lol... enjoy




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