Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Want to Be . . .

I want to be the very best, Elder there ever was.  To catch them is my real test, to baptize is my cause.  I will travel across Lima, searching far and wide.  For people to understand, the power from above!!
A free chicken and rice dinner to those who can name that tune.

I myself would actually love a chicken and rice dinner, as I haven't eaten a real dinner for 2 weeks.  LOL.  #lifeofamissionary.  This last week has been a lot easier, and I'm not even sure why.  I definitely feel your prayers back home and have had a lot of success this week with investigators.  This last Wednesday we (my district) bought a pizza to celebrate our victory over Satan.  But instead of eating it, we decided to say a prayer that  the pizza would guide us to someone to share it with.  After touching 5 or 6 doors, the pizza was already cold and our hearts were too. :(  But Elder Sanchez remembered one family that they contacted over a week ago and wanted to go to them.  What?  No pasa nada!  Vamos!!  Ok.  We went, and it just happened to be their birthday!!  Wooo!  We shared the cake (pizza) and after had an amazing spiritual lesson with a family ready to receive the restored gospel  of Jesus Christ.  It was a miracle!  The magic pizza showed the way.....  Thank you magic pizza.

I guess we can all learn something from this.  Always bless your food before you eat it.  hahaaaa.  Nah the real lesson, is that God is faithful, and the Holy Ghost will always guide you.  True charity and love, dwell in sacrifices.  And as you sacrifice time, effort, and even a hot juicy pizza on a cold tired winters night, the Spirit is 10 times as strong and 10 times worth the original prize before you sacrificed it.  Really, all blessings are predicated on laws of sacrifice.  Sacrificing our will for the Lords.  The moment we cut off our obedience to his commandments and Will, is when the blessings stop.  But when we dedicate time to the Lord, He'll dedicate time to us.  When we dedicate our efforts to Him, he'll ease our burdens.  When we dedicate our love and possessions to Him, he'll give us more than we could ever want.  That is the promise.  So this week I admonish all of you to sacrifice something.  Share a super yummy sandwich with your friend.  Take time to visit someone lonely.  Turn off the TV and play with your family.  Take the time.  And after ask yourself, was it worth it?  Loving another person, you will never lose the reward.

This love, I feel it teaching these people here in Peru.  Amongst all the burdens, stresses, and things Ive felt, it all come together when I see these families and the warmth their souls bring me.  Next week Ill include more details about my investigators, but of all of them, my favorite right now is Michel (in the photo I sent).  He seems like he'd be a rebel or a hard person, but hes the opposite.  Hes my baby!!!  Somos patas!  He accepts everything we teach him, reads all that we leave, and considers us family.  Yesterday was his birthday and one of the coolest days of my mission.  Mom and Dad, were visiting this family next year when you come lol.

I'm getting kicked off now... my new zone leaders are so cold...  But I love you all!  And hope you all have a great semana!!!  Take the time to love another, and feel the lovvvve.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Elder Sanchez.   LOL!  I'm sure Ryan practiced his art work.
My Baby, Michel de la Cruz, one of my all time favorite investigator to be baptized the 13th!!

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