Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Mi querido familia,

I think I've officially hit half of my potential as a missionary.  I'm at a point where I could relax now and just surf through the rest of the mission because I have enough training to carry me through.  Or I could get EVEN BETTER! :D  Many missionary s hit a certain point where they're comfortable and just stop trying.  That's the biggest mistake any missionary can make; to get complacent.  I'm no complacent.  I was chosen in the furnace of affliction and refined in moments of temptation.  Marissa is right, momentum builds with consistency, so I'm going to consistently get better until being the best is yesterdays option.

Why I say that? I don't know.  Ever since I was called to be a leader and move mountains, I feel like I'm carrying mount Everest and have dropped it several times.  But faith can move mountains.  I learned a lot about faith this week.  Elder Forward changed my life when he gave an example of faith during a lesson.  I put a pencil on your desk.  Now I want you to move that pencil with your faith.  MOVE IT!  BELIEVE!!!  AHHHHHHH!  ....Why didn't the pencil move?  Oh wait, you mean I have to move my hand and pick it up??  Is that still faith?  Yes. Boom.  Mind blown.  Many times we think faith is something you imagine or some magical force that works miracles.  It is magical, but not so much like that.  As Joseph Smith said, ""Faith is the moving cause of all action." -Joseph Smith.   Your faith is what causes you to do anything.  Eat, drink, sleep, talk, get a job, save a life, move mountains, etc.  So if you just do something, just simply DO it, you've exercised your faith.  Thus our physical bodies and spiritual bodies are more connected than we know.  Really, the body would be dead without the Spirit.  Faith is a spiritual force that causes any living thing to do anything.  And we reap what we sow.  And knowing that what we choose brings the reward, what kind of things do you put your faith in?  Does your faith consist of just watching TV, playing video games, sleeping, working, or doing whatever you want?  Or do you test your faith and move mountains?  Do you take time to love others, work hard, clean the house, go the extra mile, get better, go to church, take time in the day to do something for God?  Where is your faith?  As Christ taught, "By their fruits ye shall know them."  Your fruits are shown in your daily achievements and life accomplishments.  What are your fruits?  Do you have any fruits?  If not, plant the seed, water your faith, and start now.  And in the end you'll have a beautiful fruity tree of fruits and fruitiness.  Start now.

I'm out of time, but I give a shout out to my investigators michel (its a guys name lol) and stefani who will be baptized this Saturday.  I love them more than anything in the world and Michel is my best friend here in Peru.  They're ready to change their lives and live life peaceful and happy with their family and keeping the commandments till the end of their lives in the celestial kingdom.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
MMMM, cow heart + intestines.  enjoy.
anticucho + pachacumba.  prebecho.

Yeayeeeee!  Elder Forward and Elder Quaker

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