Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Querida familia,

This week we had interviews and room revisions- yayy!  Good thing the assistants didn't let us know 'till the night before at 10pm.  booo.  It was definitely more enjoyable as a Zone Leader.  I had the honor of riding with Sister Erickson and revising every room of my zone.  It was fun at first but then I got tired of going through so many suitcases.  Also funny to see the apostasy and things missionaries try to hide.  

Funniest part was that we finally finished all rooms, but she still wanted to see our room.  Our room was THE WORST!  haha.  I promise you, mom, I clean my room and make my bed.  But as Zone Leader there's been NO time for such shenanigans.  I spent all the day before just cleaning the montaña of mouse poop in the kitchen.  I can say I've at least left the room better than I found it...
Bueno.  But overall, pretty embarassing to burn a bunch of missionaries for not cleaning a bathroom mirror, when we didn't even make our bed.  :l

Yet, life is goooood.  Just livin' that chill missionary life.  2 of our families that were teaching came to church yesterday- SAWEET!!  I'm looking forward to 8/4/2 in April!  That's the missions standard of Excellency.  Both great families, one already married and the other soon to be married.  Sad part is my comp might not be there to see it xD.  More deets to come next week.

Elder Guzman has been driving me nuts lately.  In a goodish bad way.  He's hilarious with his shenanigans- I love shenanigans!  But TODOS LOS DIAS SIN FIN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  He thinks he's the funniest guy in the world always making noises or telling dumb jokes.  LOL and it is super silly.  But TODOS LOS DIAS AHHHHHHHH.  But I am enjoying my time with him. :)  One of the companions I've gotten along with most in all my mish.  I'm hoping to stay another transfer with him.

About your questions mamma llama-
Speaking of Easter, what do they do in Perú?
Weird Catholic Holiday called semana santa.  Basically Satans favorite week of the year when everyone gets drunk, doesn't work, and do apostasy parades all week.  Sgunna be great! 
 How does it differ from here?
Well, I'd say you can already imagine how.  They don't even believe in the Easter Bunny :..(  What a sad life...
  What traditions do you like?
 Didn’t I send you jelly beans to celebrate with your companion?
Nope.  Oh ya actually yes, but that was a month ago... I already ate them :3

Love you, BYEE!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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