Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Querida familia,

Sorry Mom, but today actually marks 17 months lol.  Next month we can start the 6 month countdown.

Yaaaayyyy another baptism this week! :D  boooo no fotos.....  lol but just know that it went beautifully as all my other baptisms.  I love Spiritual experiences that come like this along the way.  They make all the muck I wade through for a month worth it.

This week we finally found out who the chambon is and who the ruler is.  Soy yo Señor?  Is it I, Lord?  Nope, I'm still on the right hand. ;)  My comps slowly gotten lazier and it's driving me nuts now haha.  To avoid bad feelings, I always spice things up.  If he doesn't want to work, I'll tickle-torture him or spray him with this disgusting grandma perfume we have (No idea why we even have it).  If he's sleeping, I'll simply throw a water balloon at him.

Fun fact.  A dog bit me in the butt this week.  Scared me so bad I kicked it and it rolled down a hill.  The dogs ok, I'm more worried about teaching lessons with half a butt.

Other weird thing that happened, I met a gringo this week.  He's from the States!!!  From Ohio.  I think his name was Max.  He met a girl on New Years here (lol) and decided to stay.  He's getting married and plans on living here all his life because he likes the cost of living.  I might just get to teach and baptize him, weird!!!  I was just baffled by the fact he's going to live here....  forever....... and ever.................

Welp.  Out of time.  I love you all and enjoyed reading all your cartas this week :)  Glad to hear everything's going amazing back in the Celestial Kingdom.  Keep hazing lo justo.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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