Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Madness

Querida familia,

As my leaders always say, "Welp, do you want the good news or the bad news first?"  Let's just start with the good.

MaRcH MaDnEsS!!!!  As a zone we put a beautiful goal of 23 baptisms and 23 rescued (23 Michael Jordan!!).  Each companionship has someone on date to baptize and last week we already had 6 dunked.  My hard labor and tears are finally paying off.  This zone hasn't had more than 10 baptisms for many months now, and we finally changed that.  Plus this week we'll have our own baptism :D

Ya pues time for bad news.  I won't be there for the baptism....  The most surprising news I've had in all my mission.  After just one transfer, Elder Quaker is getting changed....  I won't even get to harvest all our sowing :..(  like I said.  #sower4life.

I feel weird inside.  It could be normal good news, or it could be just terrible.  Idk. Ive been the most obedient in all my mission this change and we haven't had problems in the zone.  If anything it was perfect!  Sigh.  March Madness.  Only the Lord knows.  There is a change in assistentes but I highly doubt it.

I'm super sad to say goodbye to my home zone again.  This is where I was born, and I thought I'd be here for a LOT longer.  (you're welcome Mom)  Well,come what may.  Elder Waffles ain't no quitter, I'm going ruler till the end!!!
March Madness.  Wooooh.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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