Sunday, May 17, 2015

Feliz dia de Mommys

Querida familia,

Happy Mommys Day!!! :D  Hope you had a special day mama.  Sorry my only gift was singing a bad song over skype haha but enjoy!

I.. am... tired.  We have 5 meatings this week!!!  5!!  Rediculous.  I went to bed everynight at 1130 and woke up early 6 everyday.  Tha'ts why I was kind of tired when skyping, but bueno, it was fun.  I'm still loving being a zone leader.  It's a lot of work, but I'm doing a good job and we're having success.  This last month my zone ended with 14 baptisms, just 1 short of the goal of 15.  8 of them were my own baptisms haha.  But this month the goal is 16, and I've already told everybody that if we meet the goal, my daddy is going to invite us to pizza. ;)

Investigators.  After last month, we're kind of dry haha. I have a grandma that can't read and an 11 year old scheduled for baptism the 23rd haha.  Sgunna be siick.

Bueno, that's it.  Today we should be going to the GRAN JAVILLA!!  It's like a mini mini disneyland.  But it also supposably has the world's fattest pig.  Hope ya'll have a beautiful week.  This is your favorite missionary, son, and llama, Elder Walker.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS The answer to last weeks question-  Did Unicorns exist?!  Well, seeing as everyone was stumped by such a hard question no one answered, Im going to leave you all stumped and give you another week to respond. :)
So tell me.  Did unicorns exist?  The answer is in the bible.

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