Friday, May 22, 2015

Weel 80

Querida familia,

Hola!  Tudu ben en Peru.  Instead of writing another boring letter this week, Ill just answer moms survey and attach my itinerary.  ENJOY! :D

What do you usually eat for breakfast and where?  Lunch?  Dinner?
Breakfast I buy bread from the panaderia and throw ham on it with maybe some hot sauce.  Lunch,l members.  Dinner, maybe a horse-meat hamburguesa in the street.

Do you take your laundry or is it picked up?
I drop it off at the stake center weekly during the district meeting.

Do you ever take taxis or buses?
Taxis only during changes when we have suitcases.  Buses, all day errday.

How are your feet holding up?
Theyre holding up and putting down great.

Do you still have your pedometer?  How many miles do you walk daily?
Si, its still sitting on my counter for the last 19 months waiting to be used for the first time.  Tomorrow Ill use it....

What is the most unique service you have performed?
Delivering chickens.

If we were to bring an extra suitcase, what do the people mostly need?
An estra suitcase for what?  My stuff I wanna take back?

What do you do all P day?  When do you go back to work?
Usually just eat a yummy lunch like mcdonalds or pizza to make up for all the rice I eat in a week.  Then play football or sleeeep.  Back to work the next day.  JAJA!  nah, 6pm maximo.

Do you look for random ways to serve people?
Si.  Always help grandmas carry their corn up 50 flights of stairs or small stuff for investigators.

What are the different sounds you hear there?
The states are super calm and quiet compared to hear.  This is one thing I wont miss about Peru.  In the morning, theres always cocks crowing or dogs barking.  Theres constantly bus and car noises regardless of the hour of the day.  Even worse is the sound pollution- everyone blasts their terrible regaton /weird salsa mariachi music.  Whether it be your neighbor or a car parked in the street.  Theres always music coming from somewhere.

What is your favorite culture thing different from ours?
Nothing really haha.  I enjoy Xmas and New Years.  They really know how to celebrate those days.

Are you wearing a sweater?  Did you have one made there?
Not yet, only on cold days.  But were already in winter here, muy pronto me llevare.  I do have 4 given to me from latinos.  2 handmade.  1 from macchu picchu.

Take a picture of your shoes.
Yes mom.

What do you wish you had more time to do to help the people?
I wish I had more time to put activitys together in the ward.  Stuff to get the whole ward and investigators excited.  I want everyone to be converted together.

What modern  conveniences have you learned to get along without?
A phone.  Music.  Videogames.  Facebook.  I really was more addicted and wasted alot more time than I realized before.  Lifes alot easier and free without those worries.

Any advice for new missionaries?
Take innitiative.  D&C 58:26-29.  God wants missionaries that work; that are smart.  The glory of God is intelligence (D&C 93:36).  So be intelligent.  Dont wait or depend on anyone else to learn or get the job done.

I forgot last week haha even though I had already made the itinerary.  Here you go:
Monday- see you and cry my face off at the testimony meeting.
Tuesday- You come to the cambios and watch how its done, then Im youre forever! :D  Then we can eat lunch and probably go play football if you want in one of my wards.  Eat dinner then head to the hotel.  Hit the jakuzzi!!!
Wednesday- Macchu Picchu and where ever else youd like to go.
Thursday- Templo, Mall, playa, meusems, souvenirs, Llama farms, Water park, Haunted House.
Friday- Areas.  In this order: Canto Grande, Canto Chico, almuerzo con familia Fuentes.  Then Deseret, and we finish in Progreso playing futbol.
Saturday- IM OUT YO!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
PS  This is Ryan's Mom-I am taking an extra suitcase with supplies for the children and any other needs Ryan mentions.  If you would like to help, contact me.  Thank you!

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