Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Surprise May 23, 2015

Querida familia,

Surprise!  Elder Walker here.  I'm writing today and won't be on Monday because of the MISION PERU LIMA NORTE COPA MUNDIAL 2015!!!  Sgunna be sweeeet.  A huge tournament of every zone; zone against zone.  We also made soccer jerseys as a zone.  I'ts a sick black and lima green polo that says XBOX.  A little trunky, but I'll send a pic next week so you can see how bodacious it looks.

Bueno, not much to write this week.  We have the baptisms scheduled today at 6, the 67 year old sister El Saborrrr and 11 year old Jesus.  Elder Walker the baptist will baptize Jesus to fulfill all justice.  Pictures to come.
We fasted as a zone this week.  I received my witness that fasting can cure almost any problem.  I had lost hope for my zone awhile ago that the breach between a few missionaries would never heal until  the changes.  But I guess it was revelation to teach unity a zone focus and thus last Wednesday we fasted and went wonderful.  The Spirit was there, and the zone is totally focused and united again.  The breach just disappeared.  We fasted as a zone, for the zone, and for the goal of 16 baptisms.  We can do eat!!!

Got your package mom!! :D  Sadly, it got eaten alive by some latinos as soon as they gave it to me.  But I managed to save it and pretended not to see the awesome avenger shirt and decided to wait till my bday.  Or can I open it now??  But I am wearing the awesome fluffy socks ;) my toesyz have never been more cozys. :D  I cant believe I'm going to be 20.....  Goodbye joventud :,(

Love you all and hope you enjoy the cabin... schedule the next one for late October!!!  I hope you are all still looking for missionary moments and keeping the faith.  I enjoy hearing your spiritual stories or missionary moments.  Inspire me.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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