Sunday, June 14, 2015

20 Years of the Best

Querida familia,

I dont know about you... but I'm feeling 20!!!

Bueno.  Mom was right.  I got transferred, and now I don't know ANYBODY. Fastastico.  Just like last year.
But so far, it's already been an amazing Bday!  My convert familia, Andy and Jacquelin, called me in the morning (don't even know how they got my number!!) and came to visit me. :D  We ate pizza and mountain dew for breakfast- I told them it was a classic american breakfast.  Plus because everyone that knows Elder Walker knows that the only thing he ever wants is a pizza.  We shared stories and jokes.  They're still active in church and Jacky is still the 2nd counseler in Relief Society.

This month also marks 2 years ago when I got my mission call.  Loco.

Now I'm in the barrio Infantas, Comas stake.  Everyone's new here in the zone, I don't know anyone....  My companion Elder Torrez is from Cochabamba Bolivia (Beni Cochabamba if you know Craig).  He's into the latest hot card game "MAGIC" and enjoys talking to himself.  But I love him to death.  Makes me laugh.  And in other good news, I'm not zone leader anymore!!!!!!  Woohooo!!  "It means no worries, for the rest of your days"!  Honestly surprised me that I'm a junior cheeseburger again.  But I feel very relieved.  I can finally worry about just baptizing familias and do all the things I couldn't do all the time that I was a leader.  I get to my house everynight waiting to call someone- but wow... theres nothing to do.....  I'm going to bed!!  Wahoo!!!  Most sleep I've gotten in my life.

I had a super spiritual experience this week.  Long story short, we were teaching our new investigator, Domingo who has 82 years old.  My companion asks him a question and out of no where Domingo starts to shake and have an epileptic attack.  WHAT?!  WHAT DO WE DO??  haha the CCM never prepared me for this.  My companion runs out to call a taxi while I try to comfort him.  In that moment of helplessness, all I could think to do was to pray.  I cried feeling unworthy and helpless, but I laid my hands on his head and gave him a health blessing through the Melchizedec Priesthood which I hold.  He went limp after I said Amen, and I thought he died.  NO I killed him!!!  I thought hahaha.  But he started to cough, still shaking, and we stuffed him in the taxi to take him to the hospital.  It wasn't immediately that he calmed down, but eventually he did.  We finally arrived and the doctors took him in.  I have never seen anything like this in my life.  But what I do know is that in my moment of weakness and despair, God heard my pray and answered my cries.  Domingo should be dead right now.  Yet by a miracle and God's tender mercies, he's not.  I saw a miracle this week.  I refuse to doubt and say it was a coincidence.  He heard me.

Today I also say goodbye to my convert Freddy.  Early tomorrow he has a flight to Puebla Norte, Mexico, where he'll serve a full time mission and save many more familias!! :D  Hes coming to spend my birthday with me and say goodbye.  He truly is my best friend in all of Peru.  If anything was worth it these 2 years, it was him.  Love you Freddy, return with honor ;)

Sorry I can't bore you all anymore with my stories, I'm getting kicked off by my meddling zone leaders hehehe.  I love you all more than you imagine.  I'll spend this birthday with my friends here in Peru, but will be thinking about you all day.  See you in 4 short months.    I still got work to do.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


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