Monday, July 27, 2015

Woohoo July 27, 2015

Querida familia,

When ya'll get here, first thing were getting is a Peruvian massage.  And pedicure.  Cause my feet are disgusting.  We've been working so dandy this week, bah dut dum dum dum I'm lovin' it.  Arriving home tired is the best part of the day!  I feel so lucky to finish my mission in this area because its so blessed.  The ward helps just enough so investigators keep coming, and our area is full of people to teach!  Last night we had 2 baptisms and will have 3 more next week- a whole family from the jungle!  And more goodness the following weeks.

Last night was the baptism of Deyvis Juarez and Gian Franco.  It was so beautiful!!  Deyvis is such a changed man!  He keeps every commandment to the dot.  He reads and prays everyday, attends church, and is already going to receive a calling.  I love him so much.  Gian Franco too!  Gian Franco is a 13 year old that we've been teaching who was actually supposed to be baptized next week, but decided he wanted to do it yesterday!  His Father recently had passed away and his step-mom abandoned him.  But we taught him about God¨s Plan of Salvation and he felt so relieved and happy to know he can see him again after this life.  When I baptized Gian, he just fell straight down into the water ha ha and came out with the biggest smile.  In his testimony, he said he knew his Heavenly Father was watching him as he went down into the water, and in that moment made a promise to always keep His commandments.  Yea, I totally cried.  So beautiful!  Cant wait till you can meet these people!

Also, the familia Vargas recently moved here from the jungle a year ago.  They don't really have friends, they're like 80 years old I think.  They're friends are dinosaurs.  Brother Julio and Sister Rosa.  They're grandson, Jeimy, lost his mom and dad a few years ago.  But they already feel like family here in the church and will be baptized next Sunday!

In other news, my digital camera is back in action!!  Wooo!  I got it to work and just bought rechargeable battery s.  Fotos soon to come.
We also watched an old lady die this week of old age.  Super weird.  We gave her a blessing but she passed away.  Never seen that before.  yuffff.  My companion was used to it.  Apparently his job before the mission, to make money for the mission, was working in a cemetery cleaning dead body's.  Makes sense.

Welp on that nooote, have a nice week. :)  and see you in 10!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


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