Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yup- September 28, 2015

Querida familia,

Yup, this is it.  My last week of service as a full time missionary.  It all feels weird and coming too fast...  it took forever to get here and now I feel like Im out of time!!  I dont like this feeling, make it go away haha.  I went yesterday to say goodbye to Canto Grande and also set up a get together tuesday night with the members and my converts.  Itll be awesome. :)  Wasnt as sad as saying goodbye to progreso, but even so many of my best friends and familias are there, so get excited to meet them, eat exotic animals and plants (mom likes potatoes so shell get to try a special potatoe here called tokush), hang out, and play futbol too!!  GET EXCITED!!  

This last week, just my luck, room revisions.  I was hoping to not have to clean my room before I go hahaha.  Its so hard to teach too becuase everyone just wants to talk about how many days I have left or they want me to take them to Las Vegas.  Hmm, hey dad do we need any housemaids or babysitters or yard service?  Ive got a list of about 250 candidates if youre interested.  All they need is 250 visas, a plane ticket, and 100$ each to get started.

Welp, not much to say, just excited to see your beautiful faces and smother you in the biggest, wettest, sloberyest kisses and tackle hug you till we all dog pile on dad hahaha.  Im not sure how much Ive changed.  Ive lost even more weight, not sure if im taller.  Definitely handomser.  But Im still the same Ryan you gave birth to so thats all that matters.  Let the final countdown begin.


Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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