Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

From Cameron:
 Dear family,

I am very excited to be writing you this week. A lot has happened this week. We started the week with 8 possibles that could be baptized this week. One by one we went to them preparing them to be baptized.

Edmilson. A man we found a couple weeks ago and took to church. He wants to stop drinking and really has problems. His family said that he often disappears and then tehy find him a couple days later passed out on the street. He  is miserable. So we put it in his head that he cannot drink anymore. I stated very clearly that he knows the locations and people and circumstances that cause him to do this. He had to do anything possible to avoid these circumstances. It must be really difficult. He disappeared on Wednesday and didn't show up until Thursday night. I will keep trying to help him, but there is only so much I can do for him. He must learn to overcome this obstacle for himself. I can teach him, but he must apply.

Marina. She is still having difficulties with her "answer". We didn't get a chance to visit her last week, but we promised ourselves we would visit her. After trying on four different occasions we finally made a visit Sunday before church. I feel like she knows it's all true. She reads and fulfills all the invites. She has gone to church several times now and is very well integrated with the members. Elder Gallacher bore an awesome testimony to her along with a personal experience that helped her. I hop she realizes that the way to be happy is found only within the doctrines of the gospel.

Cristiana (and Lidiane). We haven't had much contact with Lidiane because she hasn't been home, but Cristiana is making wonderful progress. We have been teaching her and her family, but only she went to church (all by herself). This week we laid down the message of the restoration of the gospel which is the Joseph Smith s. We also gave her a Book of Mormon. We expressed to the family the importance of the book. If we know the book is true, we also know that Jesus is our savior, Joseph Smith was a prophet for translating the book, and the church is true. We also laid out the way to know it was only through prayer, but not just any kind of prayer--sincere prayer with real intent and with all your heart, having faith that you will receive an answer from our Heavenly Father. Cristiana read and prayed that night. We showed up the next day and she gave us a note and told us to read it later when we have left. The note stated her prayer experience. She felt a strong answer feeling a presence at her side and she knew it was true. We're working on her baptism date...

Viviane. She is the daughter of a recent convert. A couple of weeks ago I felt that I should work more with the recent converts. We went straight to her house and we invited the daughter to go to church. She went. She fell in love with the church so quickly that she accepted baptism without a doubt. She loved how sincere the members were towards her (which they are). It was so simple. When the people are prepared, they are prepared. We did the baptism on Sunday and many of the members stayed for it. The spirit was so strong. We put a DVD of the mission on which has some really cool baptism presentations. Many started crying. The brother who went up to welcome her into the ward could barely get his message out because he was crying. The importance of baptism is truly incredible. If anything changes lives, it is through our submission to God through ordenances like the baptism. How grateful i am to end my fifteen weeks without baptism with a baptism like this.

Similar to an experience mom shared in her email, there are many investigators who ask how we can go without seeing or talking to our families for so long?  We always explain that there are some things more important. That we trust that they are well and we know the Lord is taking care of them. Not that we don't miss them, but we know the good that will come out of such an experience. The two most important years of our lives.


Elder Walker

P.S.Tell everyone to pray for Rio to have a temple in the upcoming conference!

From Marissa:

Dear Family and Friends;
Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentence, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.  That is why I am here and that is what I have done!  BAM!  We have our first baptism!!!!  Yep we committed our investigator here in Provo UT to baptism!!!  Our other investigator is hard though.  He doesn't understand the importance of God in his life.  Anything we tell him he doesn't seem to care for or agree with.  We finally told him we can't teach him unless he puts faith in us to have an open mind and open heart because we don't do the converting the spirit does.  He agreed to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  Then it dawned on me yesterday as we watched the movie "The Testaments" what we need to teach him this week.  God is important because he not only created us but sent his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to atone for our sins, teach and lead us the right way, love us, and show us that we can make it through this life.  He showed us how to find eternal happiness and that is what this church is all about.  Our Savior knows our griefs he knows our sorrows and cares for us.  God used His power to send us His son so we would not be miserable living in our sins.  The healing power of the atonement does miracles.  I have seen it in my own life.  With our power we can do much, but with God's power we can do miracles!  It doesn't hurt to have simple faith in Him and His son.  For that single event of the atonement makes God important and shows His love for us. 
Tuesday Gerald Lund spoke at the devotional which I said the prayer at so I got to meet him.  One of my favorite authors!  I was complimented by so many that that was the most beautiful prayer ever!  Many people close to me here say I have the gift of giving prayers...never heard that before.  Some think the food gives you digestion problems but it's like a buffet every meal for me!  I've gained 5 healthy pounds!!!!!  That was my goal!!!! 
I realized with the ASL signing missionaries here that I really do know a lot of sign language.  One of the deaf sisters just needs a friend so we sign together all the time and I listen to her problems concerns, and just help her because she is injured too.  I've come to know my Savior more and am happier on this journey as I follow his ways.  Teaching how he would have taught.  Although I have realized how easy signing comes to me Spanish is an area I will have to work harder on.  I'll tell you what Craig if you're sitting around on the couch be studying and highlighting Preach My Gospel.  I wish I did more reading before the mission.  I could have been way more ahead of the game cause there is so much to study and do.  Mom and Dad I think the mission will re-teach work-ethic to Craig since he has seem to have forgotten what real work should consist of....serving others ALWAYs :)  the language is coming though and I know the more I work harder and be obedient I will see miracles.
Our zone was complimented this week from the branch presidency on our unity.  Our Spain visas are still not here but I am happy.  I found out that my return date is December 26th 2012 which is awesome and works out perfect for school!!!!  The Lord does miracles for His missionaries!  My neck from the accident is sore somedays but not unbearable.  It has actually helped me to have good posture throughout the day because it hurts when I slouch.  Blessing in disguise.  Aw that's so sad about all the butterfly stuff in the room I've had that since I was in 6th grade but sure ya'll can get rid of it.  Maybe keep the butterfly pillows for me their cute.  Yes it is safe to send packages still.  Please send just the hair-ties, bobbypins, another copy of me as sleeping beauty, and in my pink suitcase is my plain white T and gray cut off sweats I want.  Thanks!
Love you all and am so proud to hear about your accomplishments!!!!   Can't wait to see the new pictures of Em's room and the office and bathroom.  Have a beautiful week!!!!  Don't forget to write :)))) 
Con amor,
Hermana Walker
PS tell Grandma I love her dearly!

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