Sunday, September 18, 2011

August 15, 2011

Week of Father's Day in Brazil.

I am going to be transferred tomorrow. I can't manage to sit still. I will be going to Nova Friburgo, the city that was flooded in January. My new comp will be Elder Branco.
The week flew by without me noticing. We did our best to help people accept baptism, but right now isn't their moment, and I pray that the new elders in the area will continue working with these people

Edmilson doesn't really want to be baptized. We worked with him a bit, but he insists that he will continue going to a different church. I took this to be a sign that he is not yet prepared to be baptized nor to stop drinking. I was reading the 12 step program that the church offers to help people with addiction. It is actually really good stuff to help anyone overcome bad habits or become more perfect.

Cristiana is having difficulties understanding that the book of mormon and joseph smith are inseparably connected. Knowing one is true is knowing the other is. We taught the family the plan of salvation. They liked it. We tried to get a wheelchair so we could take the dad to church (he can't walk). I think the best way to help her is take her family to church to help her get used to it. It really comes down to the fact that she doesn't want to change religions. I know that one day she will accept the truth. I pray it will be soon.

Marina is simply delaying. We visited her and wanted her to be baptized, but she honestly just wants to be baptized on her birthday. We can tell she wants to be baptized (she never said it directly, but she already decided who will baptize her). She finally came up to us at church and said she wants to be baptized next week by elder Gallacher. Unfortunately We are both leaving the area. Right when we start having success we are taken from the gold mine. 

I pray for the success of the new elders. I tried my best to set it up for them. The worst thing on the mission is to show up to a ward that hates missionaries, has nothing to work with, and a dirty house with unpaid bills. We have left a ward with a lot of potential and a good teaching group.

The church is true. Love to all


Elder Walker 

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