Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marissa at the Madrid MTC

¡ESPAÑA!   oh españa.  ¡Me gusta España! 
Hombre, we´ve already been here 3 days and it feels like home.  The flight went by fast!  I finally caught up on sleep.  The first night President Earl said we wouldn´t remember a thing he told us.  He was right haha.  I was so tired and loopy to the point that my eyes kept going cross-eyed no joke.  So we were able to go to bed early at 7pm.  While the other Hermana´s slept 12 hours I woke up at 2:15 am and couldn´t fall back asleep worth the life of me until 5am so I just wrote in my journal and read my scriptures.  The next night I was out and slept like a baby.  So I feel great now! 
Madrid rocks!  The president is so relaxed on everything we do here and our schedules. We kind of make our own schedules and everything is so flexible since our time here is limited.  It´s like a little missionary vacation here.  The food is amazing.  We´ve done 2 temple sessions already.  This is by far THE most gorgeous Celestial room I´ve EVER seen.  The artwork and chandeler´s are to die for.  I did both sessions in Español and for the most part understood everything.  It was a really neat experience. 
A bunch of missionaries came in yesterday so it went from 10 missionaries here to like 30 missionaries.  My companion for a day from Italy is going to France and spoke very little English and no Español ha.  So we tried communicating by what little English she new, a little American and Italian sign language mixed with pictionary.  Very interesting combo.  She has to ¨wash her teeth¨ after every meal.  haha.  There are people from all over Europe, Romania, France, Italy, New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, America and Portugal.  Crazy, you can imagine how cool temple session was having it in over 5 different languages and compromising for Spanish here and there.  I was very touched my the spirit in my areas and experiences there.  What a blessing and opportunity this has been.  You won´t find a greater place on this earth!  Lot´s of Portugeese here Cam.  A nice lady told me how pretty I was in the temple in Porugeese from Portugal and I understood her a little.  Lot´s of Portugeese here Cammy Poo. 
Then we were able to go down town on the metro to see all the fun sights.  Lot´s of cool pictures and bizarre things to see.  King of Spain´s house, opera house, cathedrals everywhere.  It was cool we actually did a lot of missionary work everwhere esp. in the cathedral.  I was handing out pass along cards with the temple on it everywhere and telling others to come see our catherdral or temple so to speak.  It worked!  Gave them the address then enjoyed just talking to people everywhere I went to get the Español going.  I know more than I thought.  Was stopped by a crazy guy as I put a pass along card in his violin case.  That was bad and I couldn´t understand how bad it was because I don´t quite get every word yet so I just smiled and waved as I walked away because I could tell it wasn´t nice haha.  But this has been so much fun I´ll try and send pictures.
I know the church is true!  I know Joseph Smith restored this church to the earth, but most importantly, my Savior lives!  I love him.  I love sharing the truth.  Hope you have taken things off your load mom and dad and are enjoying life.  Don´t worry about your missionaries because God´s protecting them.  I pray for you all every night and love you very much.  I have never felt closer to my Savior then ever before and finally satisfied with where I´m at in life.  Love you, hope you have a good week!
Hermana Walker

D&C 121:9

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