Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cameron September 5, 2011

Dear World,

This week passed by so quickly. It started off very well. We were getting ready to work when we get a call from one of our investigators. She said that her mom was wanting to be baptized and that we should go visit her. (her mom was also an investigator). Turns out she had a meeting at her son's school where they talked about preparation for disasters. If the flooding happens again in Friburgo, they are preparing the parents to react in the right way. This part really touched her because really anyone could die in such an accident. She said jokingly to her daughter that she will be baptized this week. We showed up there and left a message about being prepared spiritually. She resisted. We insisted, and she accepted. It was cool to work with her because she was set in her decision. Her son fell last week because he didn't want to be baptized and he still didn't. He tried to convince his mom not to be baptized, but she was set on being baptized. On sunday, the water was so cold that she almost didn't get in. I don't blame her. The last few days have been really cold. Luckily Elder Branco was the one doing the baptism. I got the comfortable role of taking pictures. Fátima stuck her big toe in the water and immediately took it out. Then she went down to her knees and once again sprang out of the water. We are so fortunate to have wonderful members who were there to help her and give her courage to enter the water. She finally got in and was baptized. But right after the baptism she didn't hesitate to leave the water.

Our beloved Rocha is still reading the Book of Mormon. After two weeks he is now in 2 Nephi chapter 14. Unfortunately he still hasn't decided that going to church is important. Although I am loving his progress in the book. It's about time he did something more than just read. He needs to put his faith into action. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted. When we get him to church this next Sunday, we will baptize him the week after.

The other two missionaries in my district pulled off 4 baptisms and 3 confirmations. I am so proud of them. Our district is holding up the zone. It's funny because our areas have a reputation for very few baptisms. Just goes to show that with a little bit of faith and work, there can be miracles anywhere.

Congratulations to Craig for his call. Cochabamba, Bolivia. I have no idea where cochabamba is, but i'm sure you will learn all sorts of indian languages and dialects. If it's close to Brazil you might also pick up a bit of Portuguese. 

This next week we will be having a conference with Jairo Mazzagardi who is a seventy from here in Brazil. I will have lots to share next week! 


Elder Walker

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