Sunday, September 18, 2011

From Marissa August 15, 2011

Hola!  Como estan??
Well still Visa-less but to be honest I'm okay with that.  I am just LOVING my MTC experience.  The travel agency told us that if they are not here two weeks before we go into the mission-field that we will most likely not be able to go to the Madrid MTC and might even be re-located in a temporary state-side mission.  I'm happy though and that's all that matters!  :)  They said we might get to visist Madrid and go to the temple our last weeks in the field so we'll see! :)
I am soooo mad ya'll went to Little Mermaid without me.  You know how bad I wanted to see that musical.  Little Mermaid was always my favorite as a kid!!!!!  Oh well I get to participate in the greatest work known to man-kind right now!!!!  Soooo be a little jealous.  Glad to hear my Rhonda the Honda is lookin good!  That makes me feel better that he said it will last even to little Emily.  Glad to hear her play of Tangled went well.  Wish I could have seen it...that would have been hillarious to see Craig and Ryan.  Just tell them I'm making fun of them still 300 miles away haha.  Tell Mimi I said Happy Birthday and wish I could be there to give her a hug!  That's awesome that Emily has Mrs. Mitchell!!!!  That breaks my heart about Grandma but good thing we know about God's plan for us!  I love teaching about the plan of Salvation.  I am very passionate about it and feel it is my best lesson when I teach it.  Tell Grandma I love her and her spirit will be missed her upon this earth!!!  She has been such a good example growing up and so fun to have around.  I love you grandma God be with you til we meet again :)
Mom and Dad- which classroom and building did you used to teach at??  So I can get a picture of where you both met!  haha.  I would LOVE to teach here after the mission and think I would be good at it.  I am loving the Spanish language.  Our lessons have been getting better and better.  We practice on all the new people or people from the "outside world" as they come through the's a lot of fun!  As a district we've labelled everything with sticky notes and can only talk Spanish during breakfast and dinner.  It's been fun!  I've never laughed so hard in my life!  We all come up with the funniest one liners in Spanish.  We've started a quote wall. 
Everyone in the district likes to make fun of me cause I repeat every Spanish word the teacher says out loud.  That's just how I learn.  haha.  They also like to make fun of me at meals because I eat so much.  me estamago es muy grande!  I ate 3 entrees, a house salad, 2 cookies, and a popcicle.  I just get so hungry.  They were all like.."where does it go?"  haha.  As a district we all work so hard and get like no sleep so everything seems to be funny all the time.  It's hillarious!  We'll get loopy and on laughing highs because the days are just so long but the weeks fly by!  It's so funny though all the inside jokes we have.  A lot of the Elders said they want to room with my brothers at BYU when we all get back.   They've become like brothers and I love them dearly.  They do everything I tell them it's great I feel like a queen.  "oh elder will you get me some ketchup?"  haha.
So that's crazy the missionaries there say my accident.  What were they doing?  My deaf friend it's so sad, she'll come bawling to me all the time because she's almost lost all of her hearing.  She's so sweet and caring for everyone.  Such a Christ-like example to me.  None of her family has written her yet either.  Me and all my Hermana's in the district are getting along so well.  It's like I've known them my whole life.  Some of us decided to room when we get back to Provo.  I feel a little more relieved now about that situation when I return haha.  It will be nice to have people my age to room with since I'll be an old hag when I get back.
Well I love you all.  Thanks for the love and letters.  We as missionaries NEED it!  so thanks.  The language it really coming I'm so close.  I just struggle with subjunctive but how grateful I am for the gift of tongues!  The church is true, I know it with my whole heart, might, mind, and strength!  I cannot deny my testimony of this everlasting gospel!
Have a great week and don't forget to WRITE ME!!!!!!!!  haha :) 
Hermana Walker

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